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Do you know why we share videos of Eepy Bird doing their Diet Coke and Mentos show every chance we get? Because it is fun every single time you see it. There’s something inexplicably fun about the incomprehensible mess they’re making and how much fun everyone has watching it happen.... Read more »


This hack is easy and safe — use a 9V battery, vinegar, and salt to permanently etch designs on pots, pans, or any other metal surface you'd like to mark. Read more »

Sam Herman, 10, models a Fresnel Lens Recycle Bin, one of the many interactive exhibits made in his father’s Physics Bus.

Photos by: Becca Henry, Jeffrey Braverman, and Gunther Kirsch Read more »


SeeMeCNC's 17-foot-tall PartDaddy wowed crowds at World Maker Faire. Read more »


Einstein’s Workshop, based in Massachusetts, has had enormous success teaching 3D design to children as young as 8 while getting them excited about math and programming. Their secret? They’ve developed an educational CAD program called BlocksCAD. The interface is easy for developing minds to grasp, with interlocking blocks and sliders,... Read more »


Herb Deutsch brought the most famous of the early synthesizers, the Minimoog, to World Maker Faire. Read more »


Rebecca and Cameron Stern of Stern Design Works create jewelry, sculptures, and toys through a mix of traditional metalsmithing, 3D printing, hand painting, mixed mediums, and plant derived epoxy resin. Read more »


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