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David Carpenter’s Didact costume complete down to the smallest detail

If you’ve ever been to a comic, sci-fi or anime convention you’ve probably seen attendees wearing cosplay (costume play) costumes of their favorite characters. Some of those costumes are designed rather poorly while others look incredibly good and then there’s David Carpenter’s costumes, which are on a completely different level.... Read more »


Hexapods, mechanical creatures with six legs, can be one of the easier ways to make a walking robot. A hexapod was one of my first robotics projects, and it turned out great. Great for being around 4 inches tall that is! If you’d like inspiration to build something much bigger,... Read more »

Junophor’s steampunk Emergency Light makes use of disposable camera electronics

Steampunk makers have designed some interesting (and some bizarre) projects and devices based on the sub-genre of sci-fi. Everything from small mechanical spiders to the Arts et Metiers metro station in Paris have taken on a steampunk aesthetic and now we can add emergency lighting to the list thanks to... Read more »

A BB being fired out of an air gun. The flash was triggered as the BB broke the laser circuit

Getting the perfect shot can be difficult, especially when the subject or object is moving at a high rate of speed. Specialized equipment is often used, such as high-speed cameras and remote digital triggers to capture images at just the right moment, which carries a hefty price tag. Matt Kane... Read more »


Take a gander at what these industrial design students came up with in this riveting video from a GoPro workshop run by dutch designer Roel Wouter of Moniker at The ECAL University of Art and Design in Switzerland. Read more »


Track the speed of all the bits and bytes that pass over your local area network and transform that data into blinking tricolor LEDs, powered by the BeagleBone Black. Read more »

Anna Kaziunas France lights up a BEETHEFIRST printer.

The Make: magazine crew has landed in Youngstown, Ohio and we are busy setting up 23 3D printers for review! Led by our Digital Fabrication Editor, Anna Kaziunas France, (and 17 testers from around the world) we will start testing Friday morning, and will continue throughout the weekend. We’ve partnered up... Read more »