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Jake Von Slatt - Girl Genius Radio Theater Microphone

If you liked our recent post about commercial fabric-jacketed cables, come check out the cool DIY methods we picked up from Jake von Slatt, beautifully demonstrated on his most recent build. Read more »

Longtime MAKE pal (and Volume 17 cover-guy) Jake von Slatt shows us an easy way to hack an old pair of eyeglass lenses into a set of goggles for use around the shop, or when driving through the desert in an art car with no name. Good to hear from... Read more »

Jake von Slatt gives us a video tour of his finished propane and waste oil foundry furnace. I love the lamp post and lights. SO von Slatty! Final test of Jake von Slatt’s Waste Oil Foundry Furnace Read more »

One downside to being a big fan of a particular maker is how long it can seem between new projects on his/her site, entries of a multi-part projects journal, what they had for breakfast, anything. Certain builders, I go to their sites (or look at their newsfeeds) obsessively, and it... Read more »

Our pal Jake von Slatt has a great gift guide up at the Steampunk Workshop. Now, all you steampunk haters out there can calm down. This isn’t a steampunk gift guide, just a guide from a maker who happens to work in the style of steampunk (as Jake puts it).... Read more »

Every year, our pal Jake von Slatt does something pretty special for Halloween. Over at the Steampunk Workshop, he’s showing some of this year’s work in progress. Here’s a ghost marionette that he made from some 1″ x 2″ planking, a microwave carousel motor, some fishing line, a craft store... Read more »

I'll give dollars to donuts that Jake Von Slatt owns a Yaris because he likes to say "YAAAAAAAAAAARis" in a pirate voice. Anyhoo, Jake was tired of the 'Yota dealership hitting him for 50 bucks to replace the factory cabin air filter, so he hacked together his own from a... Read more »


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