Arduino boards and military hardware don’t generally go together. For a piece of hardware that is no longer in use and will be on display, however, it makes a great method for lighting control. In this case, the lights go to an F-16, beautifully restored for the National Museum of... Read more »

A light table can be a very nice for designers and illustrators. Here's how to make one under $80! Read more »


A man by the name of James Bruton has been working on a 3D printed costume for a couple months now, and his designs are finally starting to come together. With a Lulzbot TAZ 3D printer with a dual extruder and whole bunch of plastic filament, Bruton has created a... Read more »

Image via Satish Kapalavayi.

Have a BeagleBone Black? Here are a few project ideas you might want to consider building. Read more »


If you're a fan of shows about nothing, then you may be hard pressed to find anything more entertaining than this old television that's been outfitted with an aquarium featuring a model of the set from Seinfeld! Read more »


Ok, it isn’t a single tool. It is the best though! If you know someone who has been wanting to get into electronics, you’ve absolutely got to get them the entire kit. This thing comes with everything you need to get started. There are tools for disassembling your items, like... Read more »


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