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  These gorgeous 3D printed forms created by John Edmark appear to morph when their rotation speed is synchronized to strobe flashes or a video camera’s frame rate. A lecturer in art & art history and in mechanical engineering design at Stanford, Edmark’s cellular and kinetic works are inspired by... Read more »


A large funding has been giving to the organization Norway Makers for establishing up to 10 makerspaces in Norway. The Norwegian foundation, DNB Savings Bank Foundation, donated 430 000 USD for the project. The makerspaces will be established in science centers around the country in the next two years to come. Roger... Read more »


Artists have used many methods and techniques to create their one of a kind images and while some of those may be unusual (see Jackson Pollock), nothing compares to using a technique known as ‘fumage’- using fire to create impressions. More specifically, smoke from candles, kerosene or other source is... Read more »


Valentine’s Day comes to Maker land, too, but we celebrate it differently here. If you’re looking for a way to step out of the rising flood of roses and bonbons but still give Valentine’s Day its due, here are four cool ideas: 1. Print a 3D valentine It’s obvious, right? While old-fashioned... Read more »


The site Slightly Warped Curiosities has posted this wonderful, rare gallery of close-up photos of the Industrial Light & Magic spaceship models used in the first Star Wars trilogy. Anyone who scratch-builds models knows the importance of “grebble” — that’s the baroque surface detail–usually cool-looking bits “kit-bashed” from other models–added to... Read more »


  TEMPO, TEMPO! is a piece of kinetic art in the form of a metronome with an audible spark. Or, according to creator Sanela Jahić, it’s “a kinetic object which form a narrative about accelerating the production process and enhancing work performance in order to increase competitiveness and improve profits.”... Read more »


I am sort of a ridiculously visual person. Tell me something complex, show it to me in abstract, and I’ll struggle to understand it until steam shoots out of my neck bolts. Show it to me as literally as possible and I’ll never forget it. Learning guitar as a teen,... Read more »


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