Charles Clary turns his childhood nostalgia into striking works of art in a series of sculptures constructed from intricately cut layers of colored paper. Read more »


My name is Pierre-Alexandre and I’m a french student. I wanted to do a summer internship at Make:, thanks to the advice of my uncle Bertier, who organized Maker Faire Paris. I did it this last summer, and here’s how it was: I arrived in Sebastopol on Monday 12th July.... Read more »


Here you see me make a spoon using a chunk of Bubinga wood I had leftover from a project. Read more »


Whilst building lots of robots to fulfill a recent Kickstarter project, I had the need to program a thousand or so Arduinos, which would take forever if I were to program them all individually. Situations like this are the perfect opportunity to work on those meta projects which can be just... Read more »

Student-built cubesats are released from the international space station's Kibo module. Credit: NASA

Registration is now open for NASA's first in-space challenge competition, offering the agency’s largest-ever prize purse. Your journey into lunar orbit begins at Moffett Field in January. Read more »


A makerspace is being organized for Silver Spring, Maryland - a suburb of Washington DC. Read more »

The adult citrus root weevils feed citrus leaves, but the larvae do the most damage. US Dept. of Agriculture photo by Keith Weller.

Biomimicry finds models in nature--organisms and ecosystems--that are doing what we want our designs to do. BioBrainstorming is a technique for quickly finding lots of potential models. It involves first asking the right question, based on function, then looking on AskNature.org, going for walks outdoors, talking to biologists, and other... Read more »


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