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Gomez De Molina has an incredible imagination. He weaves these fantastic creatures into existence from bits and pieces. His taxidermy is whimsical, creative, and yes, illegal. If you look at many of these pieces you may be able to pick out some random parts of endangered species. Purchased off the... Read more »


Transform 44 cable fasteners and a half-sheet of plywood into a streamlined lounge chair that’s perfect for the nomadic maker. Read more »

Circuit bending and beats show turned rapidly tu

Justin Emerson, Brett Marshall Lefferts, and Thom Uliasz are out to shatter the mystery of electronic music making. The trio perform, run workshops and make and modify electronic instruments under the name Burnkit2600. Last year at World Maker Faire in New York Burnkit2600 laid down the jams, keeping the crowds... Read more »

Yep, that's a light staff - 'Darth Maul Urges  Intensifies' blogger 'Risknc' updates his Light Staff prototype, much to the excitement of the LARPing community. It is a 8-foot staff filled with High Intensity LEDs that put on quite a show. Read more »

The 3D printer accentuates the 3D printing process by making striking woven designs and textures

Oliver van Herpt has created an impressive 3D printer that can make elegant and complex clay pots in a matter of hours. Could this spark a boom in the pottery market? Read more »

A finished bulldog ring, created by covering the wax sculpture in silver, brass, bronze, or gold

Lost-wax casting methods have been dated back to c.3700 BC from known history. In a recent rise to regain this lost tradition, artists, like Daphna have begun creating sweet designs, like tiny animal rings. Read more »


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