3D-print these soft, flexible spikes and light them up with full-color programmable LEDs Read more »

You may not immediately recognize the name Cypress, however the chances are very good that you’re familiar with their products in one form or another. The items that their PSoC has been used in is simply too long to list — from Sonicare toothbrushes, to Adidas shoes, and even the... Read more »


Need a phone cover in a hurry? Apparently, sheltering your phone is as easy as deflating a balloon, as Youtube user woosung an demonstrates in this handy tutorial video. Read more »


The long running patent infringement lawsuit between 3D Systems and Formlabs is over. The two sides settled, agreeing to dismiss all claims and counterclaims and for each side to pay its own legal costs. Additionally, Formlabs will pay 3D Systems an 8% royalty on Formlabs sales. This development brings to... Read more »


The infamous Creeper is a character from the wildly popular video game called Minecraft, and it chases gamers continuously exploding nearby. Despite their devastating effects, kids of all ages love to hate the character and its logo has appeared everywhere from student sketches to intricate works of art and even... Read more »

Image from whitehouse.gov

This week the White House has released a video showing state of the art scanning and printing processes being used to create the first ever digitally fabricated presidential bust. Working in conjunction with Smithsonian Digitization Program Office and USC Institute for Creative Technologies the President was digitized.  The Mobile Light Stage was... Read more »

Worn out rubber bicycle grips can easily become fancy new leather grips, just using a belt from your closet. Read more »


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