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You've heard of broken basketball backboards, but what about Baroque basketball backboards? Read more »


I decided to build a bigger and stronger version of the helping hands tool using an adjustable floor lamp and some large spring clamps. Read more »


When I was a kid, a giant cardboard box was just about the best toy ever. My friends and I built forts, castles, and storefronts. We used them as sleds, cars, and rockets, and we even got inside them and rolled down hills. (In retrospect, the latter was probably a... Read more »

little tractor

Driving heavy equipment machines is incredibly fun but owning them outright just isn’t in some of our budgets. In that case, perhaps building your own mini machine may be the next best thing, which is what one YouTube user did with his Mini Dozer. Actually, Ryan M built his machine... Read more »


  Nixie tubes (or cold cathode displays) are awesome and although the technology isn’t new (they hit the market back in 1955) they are making a strong comeback in the 21st century thanks to the maker community. Ron Soyland has been making vacuum tubes for years and his love for... Read more »


Kate Hartman shows you how to choose sensors for your wearable projects in an excerpt from her book Make: Wearable Electronics. Read more »

Jason_Mechatronic’s Robotic Nerf Gun uses two motion sensors and servo motors to track targets while another pair of servo motors operates the trigger.

No matter how many ‘Do Not Enter’ signs that were taped to the door or how many traps were laid, our siblings still entered our rooms and caused chaos any chance they could. While violence is frowned upon in most societies, sometimes an upgrade in firepower is the answer to... Read more »


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