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Thomas Richner may need to consider a career change. His hobby of recycling cardboard into interesting items, like an R2-D2 and a Millennium Falcon show enough promise that, well, someone should hire him to keep it up! This incredibly intricate Millenium Falcon has actual retractable landing gear and details that... Read more »


By embedding explosives into lumps of clay and detonating them into molds, artist Adam Železný shapes clay into forms almost instantly in a series of ceramic pieces he calls "The Blast." Read more »


It’s easy to get making if you have unlimited funds to set up a great makerspace and outfit it with all the newest tools, but what if you had just a sawbuck to spend? What would you make and how? That’s the question that James Cunningham recently asked us on behalf... Read more »

Isn’t it fantastic when fun is aligned with learning? That seems to be the design goal behind the STEAM Carnival, a production of Two Bit Circus. Recently they staged their event at the Port of Los Angeles to a sell-out crowd whereat all the glory of what they do was put out for the world... Read more »


Natalie and Wolfgang of Vox & Dolly may have just stuffed all your teenage nostalgia into one plushy package with this beautiful Pac-Man electric guitar pillow. Read more »


What does one do who loves cats? You can always become a “crazy cat person” that has 20 or so felines running around the house. On the other hand, if you have a serious amount of skill and dedication to home-improvement projects, you can modify your house to accommodate their... Read more »

The scaled down Dahlgren cannon complete with ball bearings and black powder.

Imjur user designs a scaled down fully functional Dahlgren cannon. The cannon fires steel ball bearings using 100-grains of black powder. Read more »


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