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Tactical solar power is ideal for the zombie apocalypse, electrical grid failure and even camping!

Doomsday preppers, hoarders, take note… Electrical power can go down at any time due to natural disasters, overwhelmed power stations and, of course, various apocalypses. Still, in those times, some of the more thrifty individuals turn to gas powered generators to keep their frozen burritos cool and their favorite shows... Read more »


Does your car need a new paint job? Have you consider skipping the paint and reaching for the popcorn instead? That's what a student at The Braunschweig University of Art in Germany seems to have done to a Volkswagon. Read more »


It all started with a phone call from a buddy over at 2K:  “Do you know of anyone who can build four real-world props from an upcoming sci-fi videogame?” I quickly replied, “Are you talking about Evolve?” Before he could even finish saying “yes” I was already talking about how... Read more »


Hillhacks is an event that I’ve been working on with CCC for the past year. It’s a two week workshop/conference/temporary hackspace in Dharamsala, India in the Himalayan foothills and anybody is invited to join. Immediately following the event is the Dharamsala International Film Festival so attendees can unwind and enjoy a... Read more »

Strange Meadowlark’s Lego/Arduino Game Controller: because one size does not fit all.

Strange Meadowlark’s Lego/Arduino Game Controller is a collection of off the shelf parts and surplus that fit together perfectly. Read more »

raptor_demon’s Arduino Compatible Bathtub Controller: complete with soothing bubbles

raptor_demon creates an automated bathtub controller using Atmel ATmega328P microcontroller with Arduino compatability. Wireless water temperature sensor housed in a rubber ducky Read more »


    The CALL FOR MAKERS is now open for the Scranton Mini Maker Faire at Johnson College 10/4/14. So why Scranton? Scranton is well known. i.e.: “The Office” Michael Scott and his assistant Dwight famously rapped “The Electric City” in NBC’s ‘The Office’, the TV show that made Scranton, PA famous. Now Johnson College... Read more »


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