This year’s most common question we get is “Which printer should I buy?”. Well, the true answer is a bit too long, and individual specific to attempt to answer here, but the general consensus around the Make offices is that you simply can’t go wrong with an Ultimaker.  The... Read more »

Have you ever seen a honeycomb shelving unit and though it looked nice? Perhaps you’ve even thought about building one. If so, this imgur tutorial, also seen on the “Honey Do This” site, shows  you how to put one together. If that wasn’t enough, there’s even a bit of colorful... Read more »


As an engineer I like robots. OK, sometimes I hate don’t like them when they’re misbehaving. Either way, I can say for sure that I love the idea of robots that we saw in, say, the Jetsons. They were envisioned as pleasant companions that were there to serve us. In... Read more »

And then I got a turn

On November 22nd & 23rd I spent inspiring weekend at the Toronto Mini Maker Faire. Now in its third year, this was by far the largest with an estimated attendance of approximately 10,000 people. It was hosted at the Toronto Reference Library, home of some neat new Digital Innovation Hubs. The... Read more »


When we first discovered Precious Plastics, we thought the idea was noble. Precious plastics is a collection of  systems for recycling plastic locally. Each system is simple and single purpose to keep the design easy to recreate. All of the designs are open source and shared freely on his website. Others... Read more »


When you’re ready to step past the toys and into the tools of the drone world, you are likely going to end up landing on Iris by 3D Robotics. This drone boasts a full set of features and fantastic construction. The ability to set way points for autonomous flight is... Read more »


A “tiny house” is pretty much what is sounds like, and many could almost be described as a DIY RVs. Nearly all of this class of dwelling strive to make use of every inch of real estate available to them, but the “house truck” seen in the video below is... Read more »


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