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Put your CubeSat into lunar orbit and see if it can send back data from the farthest reaches of space. Read more »


New hardware from the Raspberry Pi Foundation lets anyone incorporate the brains of a Pi into their own circuit boards. Read more »

Cameron M. Smith of Pacific Spaceflight / Copenhagen Suborbitals in the Mark I 'Gagarin' Pressure Garment. Photo: Jev Olsen, Copenhagen Suborbitals.

Meet the man who's building — and testing — his own pressurized space suit. Read more »

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Space is becoming increasingly accessible to more people thanks to plummeting costs, weight, and energy use of the technologies needed for freeflying satellites to sense and direct their orientation, communicate with the ground, and perform complicated computations in real time on orbit. The dawn of this new age of DIY satellite... Read more »

Oculus Rift demos. Photographer Leo Bakx

A photo tour from last weekend's first Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire in the Netherlands. Read more »

Venue of Maker Faire (9)

Maker Faire Shenzhen is bringing a whole new show to China's industrial city. Read more »

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Does what you make in Las Vegas stay in Las Vegas? Read more »