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A self-assembling robot from researchers at Harvard and MIT.

I have a thing for low-tech robots, especially when they’re made from everyday stuff. The body of this new little robot bug from MIT and Harvard, described last week in the latest issue of Science, is made from a five-layer sandwich of copper traces, paper, and shape-memory polymer — the... Read more »


One weekend remains to see an exhibition of STEM + Arts = STEAM, at Arts Westchester in White Plains, NY. Even when this exhibition is over, look for more STEAM art in your town! Read more »

Johnathan Keep’s Ceramic Delta 3D Printer: for when projects call for a clay medium

DIY ceramic 3D printer can be built on a budget with common and modified parts found on eBay and online retail stores. Johnathan Keep’s Ceramic Delta 3D Printer in an Arduino SBC controls the show allowing users to create objects using clay. Read more »

Remote Kill Switch Thumbnail without logo or text

With this remote kill switch, Jason Poel Smith shows how to build a transmitter to cut off the juice to any device from a distance. Read more »

Image: Vlad Trifa. See the rest of the pictures on Vlad's Flickr Page.

Since 2006 I’ve organized* Sketching in Hardware, an annual summit on physical computing tools. Forty of the smartest designers, developers, researchers, artists and educators I know get together for three days to talk about tools that make it easier to develop hardware products, responsive environments and digital art. Hardware is... Read more »

Wilfred - Manager from Simplifi 3D

Singapore Mini Maker Faire happened at 26 – 27 July 2014 located at Senja Cashew Community Centre. This is the third time where Singapore Mini Maker Faire has been organized. Here’s about the layout during Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2014.   Who are the vendors and makers there ? Have... Read more »


The We Make Health Fest is this Saturday 8/16 from 10am – 4pm! If you are in the Ann Arbor, MI area, stop by the University of Michigan Palmer Commons and check it out. Presenters from the community, University of Michigan and the University of Michigan Health system will be on... Read more »


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