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100sailboatonclearlake11 copy

Robert van de Walle's $100 sailboat, built with materials from a hardware store, is our summer sports contest winner. Read more »


In this episode of Maker Hangar, I give you some tips on how to be successful when flying your tricopter. You also see some video from my tricopter when I brought it on vacation with me and flew it around. In the next episode you’ll get an intro on the Maker Trainer 2, stay tuned! In... Read more »


Some of the more in-your-face pieces of wearable technology are macetech’s RGB Shades and LED Matrix Shades. They’re shutter shade sunglasses with a twist: the front surface is crammed with individually controllable LEDs. It’s an attention-grabbing effect, and the person wearing the Shades can see through the LED array just... Read more »

Leah Nice

I’ll never forget the first time I heard about Lilypad Arduino. I was astounded and said, “You can make LEDs light up and you stitch it with conductive thread? How does that work?” It wasn’t until years later, after experimenting with the board that I finally got to meet Leah... Read more »


The Commodore 64 may be long out of production, but it still lives in the hearts of many enthusiasts. Some people might write new games for this computer, but YouTuber “Staring Lizzard” decided to instead design and build a stand-alone emulator. Physically speaking, this is really a work of art.... Read more »

Bike Sketch

A reformed software exec wants to fix bike commuting with his low-cost, low-maintenance cutting-edge bicycle. Read more »


Customize your own version of LEO the Maker Prince! Read more »