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If you like taking selfies that render your likeness completely unrecognizable, then you may be just the assimilationist contrarian to make a hypnotically glitchy selfie with this experimental project Read more »


In a short interview, Greg Jackson from the ICRI (Intel Collaborative Research Institute) introduced us to “Pigeon sim”, an open-source software that is using the motion sensing technology of Kinect®. The software also works with the Leap Motion device (smaller Kinect) and Google earth enhanced with real-time data. Pigeon Sim is a... Read more »

Festo Main

Note: This fun project is provided by Festo as part of their appearance for Maker Camp 2014. Watch a video of Festo’s Fin Gripper in action here. Make yourself a gripper that is based on a fish’s tailfin! There is a lot to be discovered in nature. We can learn quite a bit from... Read more »


What do you get when you combine a 40 foot diameter geodesic dome with LED strips and acrylic panels? Apparently something really amazing, as seen in the videos below. This dome was set up at burning man, making for an interesting space where one can be enclosed in light or... Read more »

Spark's new business model.

Spark, which is known for its tiny development kit for creating Wi­Fi connected products, is launching a cloud-based operating system that will enable users to take their products from prototypes (its current primary user base) to mass manufacturing. The Spark Core kit has always had a cloud component, but the... Read more »


A few months ago, Sproutel, the company behind Jerry the Bear, the interactive bear that helps kids with Type 1 diabetes learn to live with the disease, decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign. When the campaign went live, today on Indiegogo, it had an unusual perk: for $3 million you... Read more »


  In a very quick but interesting interview, Joey confessed to us some facts behind his first invention and exciting news about his upcoming projects. Joey the youngest Intel employee told us that out of boredom, he first designed an air-canon with a ball-pen. He was coming back from school, when he thought  “why... Read more »