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Toyota's Kevin Hunter introduces the Urban Utility concept vehicle

If cars define our culture, this event could be an indication of where our culture is headed. Read more »


A few years ago I was at an Open Make at the Lawrence Hall of Science, and as I listened to Garratt Gallagher of what was then called Hacker Scouts (since renamed Curiosity Hacked), a slide popped up of something I’d been imagining in my own head for months: a map of the terrain... Read more »


Interested in CNC routing but clueless about tooling? Can’t tell an end mill from a drill bit? Don’t be intimidated by CNC routing. Take the first step into machining by gaining a solid understanding of subtractive tooling basics.   Read more »

Vincent applying "I FIXED IT" stickers to a visitor's arm cast.

Got broken stuff? Don't throw it away. Get in the mindset to fix it instead! Read more »

Escher's Waterfall

The chance to build two perpetual motion machines in just two weeks? Not every project on Kickstarter deserves your dollars. Read more »

The Iron Man of Maine at Maker Faire NY 2013.

Cosplay artist, maker, tinkerer, and inventor Thomas Lemieux (aka The Ironman of Maine) made a huge splash at World Maker Faire in New York last year. Not one to repeat himself, this year he's coming back with a Stark Industries twist on another pop culture icon. Read more »

Members of Vocademy Making Cool Stuff!

Check out California’s newest Maker Faire, the Inland Empire Mini Maker Faire held at the Vocademy Maker Space in Riverside California on Saturday October 4th from 10:00am to 6:00pm. If you have a cool project you’d like to show off to the world then check out their Call for Makers... Read more »


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