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The Pax Instruments T400 Temperature Logger

Scientists working in a lab are just folks. Like motor heads with cars, we have our favourite makes and models—except with scientists, it's all about the lab equipment. Read more »

A mini breadboard fits perfectly snug between the Yún's header sockets.

Want to sniff a remote control or other IR device's control codes? The Smart Remote Control will make quick work of that, combining an Arduino Yún with a simple solderless breadboard circuit. Read more »


The 2nd Annual Miami Mini Maker Faire highlighted the best of art and technology from South Florida. Read more »


  For a few years now, many of us in the 3D Printing community have been eagerly awaiting a highly-conductive filament that would allow us to print circuits as part of our 3D printed projects. Now a new kickstarter is promising a filament that is “1,000 times more electrically conductive” than... Read more »

Bird Feeder

Our annual guide to 3D Printing just came out! To celebrate, we’re going to spend a week focusing on 3D printing in the home. Each day we’ll focus on a different area such as the kitchen, bathroom, or workshop!   Today we’ll explore the yard and the many ways that... Read more »


Sometimes you just want fast prints for handouts, demos, or even while exhibiting at Maker Faire! Here’s the 3DP Test Team’s curated list of fast prints that work well on any machine and take very little time. Read more »


Don’t get me wrong, I love to receive compliments. I even fish for them sometimes; “Did you enjoy our concert?” “Did you like the stew I made?” But it really struck a chord when I read Salman Khan’s blog from the Khan Academy website. The point of the blog is to... Read more »


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