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Got some cooped-up kids with time to kill? Help them give their time an efficient execution with some balloon-powered paper plate racers. Read more »


Electronics and playing LEGO have always been passions of mine. As a child I had a monster collection of LEGO and drooled over my ‘Dick Smith Electronics’ catalogue filled electronics parts and kits (Australian version of Radio Shack/Tandy). As I enter my 40th year, I am finally bringing these two... Read more »


  Amazon launched a 3D Printing Store a few months ago, but only recently have they been promoting the Creative Expressions department, which encourages customers to adjust the parameters of the 3D printed items they order. Just move the sliders, above, and you can make that ring super big, more knotty, and... Read more »


It’s quite likely that most Raspberry Pis in the wild are running Raspbian, the stock operating system that’s based on the Debian distribution of Linux. And if you’ve gone through the Raspberry Pi NOOBs installation process, you’ll know that there are a few other choices for operating systems such as... Read more »


Is Maker Faire the perfect replacement for World's Fair? We certainly think so. Read more »


As you may recall, back in November Stratasys (the company that owns MakerBot) sued Microboards Technology, LLC (the company that makes the Afinia desktop 3D printer) for patent infringement. Specifically, Stratasys accused Afinia of violating four of its patents. This case is important beyond the fates of Stratasys and Afinia... Read more »

Bridging tests, the good and the ugly

Everyone who owns a 3D printer knows that failures are extremely common. They're just part of the process. There were some really interesting ones at the testing event though. Read more »


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