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This week the White House has released a video showing state of the art scanning and printing processes being used to create the first ever digitally fabricated presidential bust. Working in conjunction with Smithsonian Digitization Program Office and USC Institute for Creative Technologies the President was digitized.  The Mobile Light Stage was... Read more »

Worn out rubber bicycle grips can easily become fancy new leather grips, just using a belt from your closet. Read more »


Most engineers will immediately recognize the amusing double pendulum in action here from school. This simple display of physics in motion never fails to captivate. Any time there’s one out in the open, a crowd of people tend to gather around and watch. The unpredictable and chaotic appearance of the... Read more »


We've featured projects that demonstrate how to cut a wine bottle once all the wine has been poured out of it, but what about when you need to cut the neck of the wine bottle in order to bypass a deteriorating cork? Read more »


   This year’s most common question we get is “Which printer should I buy?”. Well, the true answer is a bit too long, and individual specific to attempt to answer here, but the general consensus around the Make offices is that you simply can’t go wrong with an Ultimaker.  The... Read more »

Have you ever seen a honeycomb shelving unit and though it looked nice? Perhaps you’ve even thought about building one. If so, this imgur tutorial, also seen on the “Honey Do This” site, shows  you how to put one together. If that wasn’t enough, there’s even a bit of colorful... Read more »


As an engineer I like robots. OK, sometimes I hate don’t like them when they’re misbehaving. Either way, I can say for sure that I love the idea of robots that we saw in, say, the Jetsons. They were envisioned as pleasant companions that were there to serve us. In... Read more »


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