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The new Raspberry Pi B+

Earlier today the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced a new board. Perhaps somewhat unexpectedly however, it's not a board to replace the current model B, but a B+ board, and it's what the model B should have been all along. Read more »


Part of taking a selfie is deciding how to manipulate the image before sharing it with the rest of the world. For artist Nathan Sharratt, this process may happen to include converting an image of himself to a halftone pattern and recreating it in candy dots. Read more »


Artist Mandy Smith and creative director Hal Kirkland have resurrected a gruesome little piece of history with an incredible interactive guillotine sculpture made from paper called "Paper Cuts." Read more »


Bilbao's post-industrial neighborhood Zorrozaurre is ground zero for an emerging maker culture and economy. Read more »

Change out PopPet's face plate and give her a new personality.

PopPet is a cute robot kit with changeable face plates so you can customize her the way you want. The kit is available through Kickstarter now. Read more »

  What’s your sign? Bring the cosmos into any room with this simple DIY LED wall art! Materials needed: plywood (select desired size) knowledge of the free downloadable program Inkscape any constellation star map pencil ruler electric sander drill + various sized bits black wood stain black spray paint 220... Read more »

  This retro radio project brings back old to meet the new. A trendy old radio that plays any music you want, not just the boring stuff that you can get through the radio waves! Using the credit card sized computer,¬†Raspberry Pi–the sky is the limit. To get the best... Read more »