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IEEE Computer Special Issue on Making

I was really excited when my wife’s copy of IEEE Computer arrived; it’s full of articles on makers and making thanks to the special section that Brian David Johnson (co-author of our Vintage Tomorrows and 21st Century Robot books) assembled and edited. You can download this issue for free. Read more »


Today at CES, 3D Systems made a few big announcements. The most exciting of which is the release of the 3D Systems Touch™. The Touch uses haptic feedback to allow designers and gamers to interact with items in a 3D space. To help make this a multipurpose device, they have also... Read more »


Quintron's new project turns weather into sound using an all analog synthesizer setup, and is streaming 24/7 over the Internet. Read more »


Recently I switched careers from designing industrial food and dairy equipment to teaching industrial technology in a high school. While planning this move and taking night classes, I read quite a bit about authentic instruction where the students engage in real projects that end with something tangible and with real... Read more »


Several groups have begun exploring 3D printed electronics, and Autodesk has just joined them Read more »

ISS Commander Barry “Butch” Wilmore holds up the ratcheting socket wrench on the space station right after it was 3D-printed it (Credit: NASA).

During December the first ever tool was 'emailed' to the International Space Station and now, if you want to, you can print the same wrench on your own 3d printer. Read more »

If you like or need to ride a bicycle on streets that are shared with automobiles, you can always be a danger to yourself, but what I fear most is other vehicles. This can be dangerous during the day, but add in reduced visibility at night, and things get even... Read more »


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