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There is something about Halloween decorating that brings out the creative energy in people. It’s not quite the same as Thanksgiving and Christmas. At Halloween you get to really let your imagination run wild with all the fantastic and spooky things you can do to creep out the neighborhood kids.... Read more »

Tinkernut’s Motion Controlled Ultrasonic Lamp takes uses sound to detect motion

The Motion Controlled Ultrasonic Lamp is great for beginners starting out with the Arduino Uno. It may or may not detect ninjas but will illuminate and follow most everyone else. Read more »


Japanese Temari handballs are beautiful works of art that were traditionally built using strips from old kimonos back in the 7th century. They have since transitioned from being a child’s toy to precious works of art. Read more »


Teachers are looking for projects to get their kids into the Maker movement! Today, we share project sets carefully selected by a few of the many groups who care deeply about making. Together, each of these sets take a stab at something of a “curriculum” — or, if that word makes you... Read more »

Comparison left resin - right fdm

I had several unique design problems when I began my entry into manufacturing. My biggest problem was that I was completely new to industrial design and manufacturing; the first CAD drawing in my life was also my first serious attempt at designing a manufacturable product, mc squares. My vision for... Read more »


Make Halloween props on a table move without anything touching them. Read more »


Okay, I might have just found my disguise for Halloween this year! This totally cool costume was create by Martina Jurin from Liège, Belgium. I love it because it fits three very important requirements: 1) Cheap and easy to make. Materials include cardboard and paper mache and paint. Knowing me I... Read more »


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