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Make Halloween props on a table move without anything touching them. Read more »


Okay, I might have just found my disguise for Halloween this year! This totally cool costume was create by Martina Jurin from Liège, Belgium. I love it because it fits three very important requirements: 1) Cheap and easy to make. Materials include cardboard and paper mache and paint. Knowing me I... Read more »


This post is sponsored by Freescale. Among the rows of makers under the trees at World Maker Faire New York, a friendly man with a bowtie played the guitar, showing off the advanced signal processing ability of the Freescale microcontroller that he’s working with in a project dubbed MonkeyJam. It’s... Read more »


A garage door opens. The camera pans in. This could be Cupertino, 1976, but it's not. It's today, at your neighborhood makerspace. Read more »


Swivels and a weight give flexibility and stability to this contemporary design. Conventional mobiles are mostly made with hook-into-loop connections, which restrict movement. This mobile uses swivels, which allow the parts to rotate full circle, independent from each other. Read more »

Painting a galaxy floor is a great DIY idea for lovers of outer space! Read more »


Kyle Scheele found a dead opossum. Really really dead. Really, it was only an opossum skeleton, but it was fully in tact. He had already been considering a project in the area of typography, and this just seemed like a perfect opportunity. He started arranging some of the bones into... Read more »


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