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ISS Commander Barry “Butch” Wilmore holds up the ratcheting socket wrench on the space station right after it was 3D-printed it (Credit: NASA).

During December the first ever tool was 'emailed' to the International Space Station and now, if you want to, you can print the same wrench on your own 3d printer. Read more »

If you like or need to ride a bicycle on streets that are shared with automobiles, you can always be a danger to yourself, but what I fear most is other vehicles. This can be dangerous during the day, but add in reduced visibility at night, and things get even... Read more »


It’s been nearly two years since the 3Doodler was successfully funded on Today, they have released their first new extruder since then. The 3Doodler 2.0 features a new slimmer lighter design and a new and improved filament drive system for smoother extrusions. The 3Doodler team took a lot of... Read more »


Every once in a while you hear a story that is so inspiring that you literally stand up and go do something after it is over. For me, one of those stories was the “eye writer,” a contraption built so a paralyzed artist could communicate and continue with his art.... Read more »


This gorgeous bird feeder was created by Rebecca Nickols using a recycled glass water bottle, some decorative copper wire, and a product made by Gadjit. It is a simple concept, a plastic feeder base that screws onto a standard two liter bottle neck. It will fit plastic soda or glass water bottles, but... Read more »

The handheld handmade marble maze game

The spending havoc and mayhem of the previous Christmas holiday season is now a distant memory. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day and the like have been enjoyed to the fullest and now the onslaught of January credit card bills will start cascading out of our mail boxes. Welcome to... Read more »


After examining the construction of an ordinary pencil, artist Rebecca Szeto took a trip to the hardware store to gather the necessary materials to build The Drawing Chair. Read more »


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