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After struggling to use a little laser-cut spirograph, Nathan of HaHa Bird decided that the problem was scale-related and resolved to remedy the situation by building a massive version to use on the street, and it worked! Read more »


Configure your BeagleBone Black (or other Linux SBC) to automatically connect with a wireless network by following these few simple steps. Read more »

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 2.18.17 PM

While running through this year’s tests, we grabbed this closeup peek at the various machines’ extruder heads doing their thing. Read more »


If you’ve ever been in a rubber band fight, time spent reloading can also be time that you’re getting hit with a spongy projectile. This rubber band Gatling gun should allow you to dominate the battlefield for quite some time before reloading. Although it’s not an extremely simple project, one... Read more »


Eleanor Kent, an artist who innovated methods of making art from new technologies, died recently at the age of 83. Read more »

David Carpenter’s Didact costume complete down to the smallest detail

If you’ve ever been to a comic, sci-fi or anime convention you’ve probably seen attendees wearing cosplay (costume play) costumes of their favorite characters. Some of those costumes are designed rather poorly while others look incredibly good and then there’s David Carpenter’s costumes, which are on a completely different level.... Read more »


Hexapods, mechanical creatures with six legs, can be one of the easier ways to make a walking robot. A hexapod was one of my first robotics projects, and it turned out great. Great for being around 4 inches tall that is! If you’d like inspiration to build something much bigger,... Read more »


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