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littleBits Arduino at Heart + Synth

Ever since I played with it at the RadioShack/littleBits event in NYC a few weeks ago, I became obsessed with Manny Alvear’s littleBits music player from RadioShack techspecs, and had endless fun playing Carol of the Bells over the holidays. I picked up some of the littleBits synth modules to... Read more »


Rich Olson at nothinglabs has released a very cool parametric speaker enclosure on to Thingaverse. You can load up the page, set the right specifications for the driver of your choice, and print a Death Star shaped enclosure of your very own. These look absolutely fantastic, and according to Rich,... Read more »


Ordinary kaleidoscopes must be pointed toward a light source to work. This one has built-in illumination, so you can hold it right up against a printed page. Read more »


In this episode of DiResta, Jimmy builds a puzzle box from wood, trying first with oak but settling on bamboo. Read more »

Software used for signal sampling with the Sound Card Oscilloscope.

Build an inexpensive homemade o'scope for visualizing signals on your desktop OS. Read more »


Pi Watch See On Kickstarter Omnuino See on Kickstarter LA Makerspace See on Kickstarter Desolenator See on IndieGoGo Read more »

Garage door status shown on an OLED

James wanted a way to monitor the status of his garage door without having to actually look at the door. Fortunately, he has a knack with electronics and knows his way around connecting different sorts of systems together with code. In the initial version of the project, James used an... Read more »


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