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Launching the rocket glider.

Come see a demonstration of the Air Rocket Glider and the all new Compressed Air Rocket launcher v2.0 At World Maker Faire NYC in the Fly Zone, and while you are there, build and launch your own paper rocket that you can keep. Read more »


Two giant Phoenix sculptures hang from the ceiling of Cathedral of St. John the Divine in Manhattan through 2014. They measure 90 and 100 feet long, weigh over 12 tons combined, and are made entirely from discarded material, tools, and machinery from construction sites in and around Beijing, China. Read more »


Learning how to repair antique clocks seemed like a good way to commune with the master automaton-makers of old. I didn’t expect that it would turn into an occupation that would allow me to leave my cubicle-based job for good, but a few factors made it possible. Read more »


Make: Contributing Editor Alasdair Allan visited Maker Faire Trondheim last weekend and caught up with Frode Halvorsen, the general manager of Trondheim Makers. As one of the organizers of the faire, he showed off their advertising campaign, a Raspberry Pi and MaKey MaKey-equipped bus stop ad that lets pedestrians play Pac-Man.... Read more »


Bre Pettis will be leaving his position as the CEO of MakerBot in order to lead up a new division at the parent company, Stratasys, called “The Innovation Workshop.” Jennifer Lawton, who has been with the company since 2011, will be stepping into his place as CEO in 2015. While... Read more »

With driver

Maybe you like racing games. Many people do, and some buy an off-the-shelf wheel and pedals to enhance the experience. For some though, this isn’t nearly good enough, and in this case, Redditer Veriix decided to build a fold-away rig to use to get approval from the rest of the... Read more »


Gomez De Molina has an incredible imagination. He weaves these fantastic creatures into existence from bits and pieces. His taxidermy is whimsical, creative, and yes, illegal. If you look at many of these pieces you may be able to pick out some random parts of endangered species. Purchased off the... Read more »


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