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In case you missed it, here are some of our favorite moments from Maker Faire Bay Area depicted in the greatest of internet forms: the GIF. Read more »


The Vampire Flashlight combines the popular Joule Thief hobby circuit with a few common components to power "high flux" LEDs with batteries considered "dead" for most applications. Watch how with this latest episode of Weekend Projects! Read more »

The completed Satan's Toothbrush sword

Oh, the world of steampunk… I’ve always known about the term ‘steampunk’ but for the longest time I never looked deeper into the phenomena that has hypnotized so many ardent crafting artist, geeks, cosplayers and designers. My complete neglect of this fascinating movement changed last month through a chance online... Read more »


Making your own flashlight can seem like an intimidating project, and the examples online of custom, lathe-turned titanium-bodied flashlights don’t help with that impression. However, making a basic but functional flashlight doesn’t have to be hard. This flashlight can be completed on a modest budget with commonly available parts and... Read more »

The location for Maker Faire Hannover in Germany

Maker Faire Hannover opened Saturday July 5th on a warm summer day. It was the second year for Maker Faire Hannover, located at the Congress Centrum, with two exhibition halls, several conference rooms, and outdoor activities and tents. Maker Faire Hannover is organized by Heise, a German technical publisher. Inside... Read more »


Maker Faire Silver Spring  is accepting applications to come share your skills and talents at their annual Maker Faire! The event which happens on Sunday September 14th is completely free for anyone to attend. If you want to have a booth though, you’ve got to register. Here are the important dates... Read more »


A must-read for any makers considering prototyping product ideas. Read more »