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Olivier built a skin for his custom DIY drone that transforms it into a Millenium Falcon clone. Read more »


My old spice drawer had many issues: – out of space – tins not airtight – arbitrary alphabetical organization – no labelling for spice-impaired – selection had grown from base pantry ingredients to a “collection” Research led to a better organizational principle: botanical taxonomy as in Order-Family-Genus-Species, per the International... Read more »

If you happen to be a villain of some type that has a 3D printer lying around your lair, command your minions to start printing one of these immediately. This skull keycap looks menacing in blue, but the red version is more likely to strike terror into your enemies’ hearts.... Read more »


WiFi connections might not be quite as good as physical cable, but they do offer the ability to move your computer around without physically rewiring or reconnecting things. Unfortunately, these connections are usually limited to, at most, a couple hundred feet. On the other hand, if the signal is properly... Read more »

If you saw my last “glowing table” post, you hopefully thought it was very cool, but possibly out of your league abilities-wise. Here’s another idea that’s much easier to make, and won’t require you to have a CNC router. On the other hand, it won’t help you learn geography, but... Read more »


Girl and women makers are more likely (than men) to discover making through various paths Read more »

3D printers and steampunk don’t generally go together (feel free to correct me on this), but for some reason this one fits in quite nicely. It’s based on a Printrbot Go, which is built into an unstained folding wooden case. John decided to stain this case, and after adding a... Read more »


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