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Bernard Hiew’s Vintage Sign Board with Running Lights brings back the nostalgia of going to the movie theater long ago.

Back in the day (think the ’20s and ’30s) movie patrons would dress in their finest clothes and head on over to a night at the theater, which was considered an extravagant affair. In fact, people of the time referred to them as “picture palaces” and had uniformed ushers who... Read more »


A guy by the name of Ed has created a beautiful custom gaming laptop that contains an Xbox 360 and an XBox One, thus solving the backwards compatability issue of the original system. Gamers can now play both new and old games with a simple flip of a switch while... Read more »


When welding on bits and bobs around the shop, it can be quite useful to have a full range of angles at which you can clamp your object. There are special tools, called 3 way vises that can tackle this task fairly easily, but then you still have to deal... Read more »

Figure D: Although neon lamps with ornamental electrodes aren’t being made anymore, the old ones last for decades.

Vintage components that add character to your creations. Read more »

Party Photo

Here are some ways you can set up a designated photo area or DIY photo booth at your holiday parties. Read more »


Love the look of wood mixed with metal? This simple tree ornament is a great way to use up spare materials kicking around the shop. This project can be created by makers both young and old. The wood cutting can be done with a scroll saw (for the younger, less experienced makers),... Read more »


If the picture seen above doesn’t scare you, or at least freak you out a little, the videos at the end of this post should do the trick. As seen on, Melisa Ng has come up with a 3D printed mask that I hope doesn’t show up in my... Read more »


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