There’s a common argument that you can’t make anything useful on a 3D printer. That’s not exactly true, and these 3D printed hand bolts aren’t just useful, they also add utility to the hardware you already have in your shop. I can’t take full credit on this design — I first... Read more »

Bar top computer arcade

Take an unwanted desktop PC and build a bartop arcade gaming cabinet out of the parts. Read more »


If someone said they had created a “Stair Bear,” I would think it would be brown and furry (or possibly dangerous). This one is neither, but I would have a hard time resisting such a great rhyme to name this four-wheeled (or is it 12-legged) contraption that is able to... Read more »


Backyard blacksmith Phil Baumhardt discovered some vehicle trash and turned it into Viking treasure. While scavenging for materials, he discovered a pair of suspension leaf springs, likely thrown out during a trailer or vehicle repair. He recognized that they were made of high carbon steel, the same metal used in... Read more »

Mini Maker Faire Saint-Malo_Darnel LINDOR-87Final

Never underestimate the sparks that can fly when a small and dedicated group of Makers set their minds to something. Such is the story of the rapidly growing Maker community in France. It all started with one French maker’s trip to World Maker Faire New York in 2011. Bertier Luyt... Read more »


ATTENTION ALL DRONE PILOTS! Have you dreamed of drone combat? Would you like to see how your drone stacks up against the competition in a drone-to-drone fight? Now is your chance to join Game of Drones with Aerial Sports League’s Combat Games for this year’s 10th annual Maker Faire! Free admission,... Read more »

Dan Rosenstein designed and built a bunch of Raspberry Pi robots running Windows 10 IoT Core

Microsoft has officially opened access Windows 10 support for the Raspberry Pi 2 as of last night — coming through on their February announcement that they’d be offering the OS for the diminutive computer. With the installed release, you can now build and deploy apps from a Windows 10 PC running Visual... Read more »