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In this episode of DiResta, Jimmy restores an old draw knife he found in a rusty pile of antiques at a flea market. Read more »


Catch up on your robot trivia. Robots have been around for longer than you might think, and their evolution is developing exponentially. Read more »

The Hackheim Interactive Sandbox.

The Hackheim Makerspace, based here in Trondheim, has a big presence here at Maker Faire Trondheim and have brought a number of projects along to the faire. Read more »

Photos: Tim Anderson

Your excrement contains the nutrients to fertilize and grow the food that feeds you. Learn about the science behind this age-old cycle. Read more »

gyro 1

Gyroscopes really are amazing devices, and as a home machine shop project, they really don't come much better than this. Read more »

Mr. Deep Immersion’s resume was created using a whole lot of talent and a 3D printer.

In the job market, you have to make a big impression. This guy did just that by making a giant 3D printed resume to apply for a position. Read more »


This DIY projector is perfect for offering you a visual guide the next time you decorate the top of a cake or a batch of cookies. Read more »