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The new Spark Electron

Meet Electron from Spark, the new board that puts GSM cellular connectivity directly on the microcontroller. With its onboard cellular antenna, this diminutive board will offer a huge range of deployment options and alleviate the hassle of using a custom cellular breakout board with your micro controller projects. They’re offering two... Read more »


My DIY wearable gadget never sold — but it led to my first article, a kit company, and a career in electronics and science. Here's how a failure became a springboard to success. Read more »


3D printers are great for prototyping or for when you need one or two copies of a part, but the time it takes to print each one of those parts makes scaling difficult. But what if you could print two, three, or four parts in the same amount of time... Read more »


When Alaskan resident Bill Guernsey got into a serious plane crash and broke his back and fractured seven ribs, he knew he was going to be laid up for a long, long time. But rather than let that get the best of him, he decided to use the time to... Read more »


If you’ve got a bar, workshop, or breakfast nook in need of seating and you’re up for a serious weekend challenge, break out your power tools, because I’ve found the perfect project for you! If you’re ready to reach beyond beginner-level woodworking, now just might be the right time to... Read more »


Attention to detail is something all model builders strive to accomplish when working on their new builds, which is obviously apparent in each of Headquake’s RC vehicles. The hobbyist recreates every minute detail found on real vehicles and transfers the m over to his hand-built RC models.   Headquake’s builds... Read more »

ST’s STM32F3 motion controller provides tracking for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that drives the Gear VR.

  VR (Virtual Reality) headsets are all the rage for technophiles, which is amazing considering most major electronics companies haven’t released their respective wares to the market yet. For those who cannot wait for those companies (looking at you Sony, Oculus and Valve) headsets, perhaps they should take a look... Read more »


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