laser cut speaker enclosures

These speakers and their enclosures are very beginner friendly and are a great way to combine soldering and laser cutting. Read more »

6502 Computer case

Simon Jansen has been hard at work building a gorgeous case for his homemade 6502 computer. Dubbed the “Orwell,” the computer has been a work in progress for almost two years. The 6502 is the same CPU found in a variety of vintage computers including: the Apple ][, the BBC Micro... Read more »


Jonathan Odom proves his love for cold caffeinated beverages with this cold brew coffee maker he pieced together using 3D printed fittings. Read more »

beer fridge featured image

Learn how to remotely monitor your beer fridge on the web using a Raspberry Pi computer and a Nintendo Wii balance board. Read more »

invisible ink featured image

Have mini detectives, secret agents, or superheroes at home? Keep your creative kids entertained for hours with this fun DIY invisible ink recipe that uses ingredients straight from the kitchen! There’s nothing quite as fun as sharing secrets with your BFF using invisible ink. Crafty kids will especially love the... Read more »


DETROIT–When you are trying to send Hot Wheels cars through a giant loop, you can tell you’re getting a good run by the sound. If it’s consistent and quiet, like a drop of water sizzling on a hot skillet, you’re got a shot to make the loop. When you hear... Read more »

creepy crochet creatures FI

Caitlin McCormack creates detailed crochet skeletal creatures and then uses glue to give them shape. Her creations are creepy and beautiful. Read more »