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Here's how I build a custom garage door opener with my cell phone and a Particle Core development board. Read more »

Years ago, Becky Stern did a post about the wonders of “super paramagnetic silicone putty.” It was a commercial product and I assumed it was beyond the ability of the average nerd to make at home. Wrong. It couldn’t be easier. This Instructable shows how magnetic putty is nothing more... Read more »


These moldable edge guards will keep your tools sharp and your fingers safe from harm. They're quick to make and can be remolded to fit new tools. Read more »

Walking the dog

Ohio-based artist Connie Bloom makes threadwork her artistic voice in her handmade quilts that utilize "drawing with thread." Read more »


Let these six DIY instruments inspire you to build your own and explore the unique sounds that come with custom built string instruments. Read more »


Shinji Nakaba uses precious metals and stones in addition to non-traditional sources for luxury jewelry, such as these carved pearls. Read more »

Power Up

Download the files and learn the steps to build your own enclosure for a 6-node Raspberry Pi cluster. Read more »