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I built this tiny broadcast room complete with live mics that broadcast to the local radio.  The structure is made of scrap steel and scrap plywood with a faux stucco paint job (paint and bead styrofoam) . The walls on the inside are strung making the entire structure a musical instrument.  The walls... Read more »

vladimir-thumb (1)

Vladimir has been making mathematical and geometric art for some time. At 3D printshow we caught up with him and he shares how 3D printing has changed his art work. Read more »


What do you do with a bunch of small fans? You combine them into one big fan. Read more »

El Pulpo Mechanico meets spectators (via Sociocide)

When art meets robotics, wonderful things happen, like fire sculptures – interactive robotic sculptures that shoot fire. America, the brave. Read more »

MFNY14_GuntherKirsch_LG-4 (Medium)

Visitors to LG's booth — made from and decorated with repurposed pallets — could learn to solder, race washing machine motors, and make decorative light and sound boards . Read more »

Western Front Show 40th anniversary resize

Vancouver maker, George Rahi of Publik Secrets, and members of the Gamelan Gita Asmara, here in BC (yep, that’s in Canada!) created quite the spectacle at this year’s Vancouver Mini Maker Faire. Not only did they make beautiful sounds, but George and others built all of their own instruments out of old... Read more »


What do you get when you have a CNC router and your significant other has a beautiful ring that needs to be stored? Possibly this extremely engineered ring box. The video below shows how it works, but be sure to check out the video at the bottom of the build... Read more »


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