In the past few years, a flurry of new materials has hit the desktop 3D-printing market, enabling makers to do much more with their machines. Flexible materials are a popular option, enabling stretchy, bendy, and rubber-like creations. As with all filaments, there are many different manufacturers and variations. Here’s what... Read more »


In the shadows of Mordor, a sword that alerts you when Orcs are near is a pretty great thing to have. In real life, Sting (Biblo Baggins’ magical sword that turns blue at the detection of Orcs) would be pretty unnecessary. And boring. That’s where WarSting comes in. WarSting is... Read more »

  It’s that time of year again when people throw up a tree and decorate it with personalized objects for celebrating Christmas. Instead of using the same mundane store-bought multicolored spheres, more people are turning to 3D printed decorations that have a more personalized aesthetic. The revolution of 3D printing... Read more »


The punk rock revolution democratized the tools of production in a way that is now echoed in everything from desktop manufacturing to crowdfunding. Read more »


This Christmas, one bakery chose to boldly go where no gingerbread man has gone before. Black Market Bakery in Costa Mesa California has created this incredible homage to the original Star Trek series with their faithful gingerbread recreation of the NCC-1701 U.S.S. Enterprise. The attention to detail is incredible. Any Trekkie... Read more »


Christmas is almost upon us, so here’s a great way to create an (almost) entirely 3d printed Christmas present for other humans. What you’ll need: – Strong magnets. I’m using some rare earth magnets I bought from eBay. I’ve chosen 10x2mm cylindrical ones, but rectangular would do just fine, you’d... Read more »


  Heathkit is a name that almost all electronics hobbyists are familiar with. Either you were old enough to be seeing the kits come out new, or you were like me and grew up with the kits as staples in every lab and garage. For those who are unfamiliar, Heathkit... Read more »


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