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Origami kits always intrigue me, but after folding a few animals I wonder what it’s all for. So when I discovered Finger Magic, I thought, origami with a purpose! Not only do the kits teach fresh origami like Small World-style elephants, 3D tulips, and butterflies, but some kits come with greeting... Read more »

Although 5×7 pixels aren’t a lot to work with, it’s easy to get lost in Olaf Val’s Mignon Game Kit. This minimalist handheld gaming system is hands-on in more ways than one. The first step is to put it together; second is to hack code for the Atmel ATmega8 microcontroller... Read more »

Need miniature aluminum girders for your next robot? Look no further than the lightweight MicroRAX building system. Parts include 10mm aluminum beams and braces, plates, brackets, and other connectors. They’ve even developed adapter plates to attach your ’RAX to VEX and NXT constructs, allowing you to merge multiple building media. The... Read more »

Ready for a challenge? Try one of the robotic arms from Lynxmotion. I got their AL5B arm kit, which sports a 5oz lift capacity, five joints, and a reach of 7½ inches. I assembled it in one evening, and I’ve been having a blast with it ever since. All arms... Read more »

Around my house I’ve renamed my MadeUSA “Big Bruiser” for the black and blue marks it leaves on my ankles when it runs into me during programming tests. Chalk it up to an occupational hazard. And besides, I got these bruises while having fun. This bot, which is strong enough... Read more »


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