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Becky's latest wearables project, over at adafruit, combines three components from their FLORA sewable electronics ecosystem—the microcontroller, the accelerometer/compass module, and the RGB LED "pixels"—to create a no-solder sewable circuit that sparkles when you sashay! Read more »


Becky over at Adafruit is taking the wraps off an all new project, a capacitive touch sensitive plush USB game controller. At the core of the project is the Adafruit Flora, which is connected to eight pads of conductive fabric. The Flora uses Modern Device’s Capacitive Sensing library to read... Read more »

LED Ampli-Tie

Check out Becky's latest wearables project over at adafruit. With special guest appearance by Collin Cunningham. Read more »

Brake Light Backpack

Check out what MAKE alum Becky Stern has been up to over at adafruit, lately. Read more »

iPhone Light-Up Logo Mod

Are you a hardcore iPhone modder? That is, are you willing to disassemble your treasured device, put it under a microscope, and attack its tiny circuit board traces with a soldering iron? If so, then this new video from MAKE alum Becky Stern, over at adafruit, is for you. Read more »

Babel Fish Language Learning Toy from Adafruit

This sound- and RFID-enabled Arduino project with a crafty enclosure helps you learn foreign languages with RFID flash cards. When you bring a flash card near the fish’s tongue, you’ll hear the pronunciation of the word, which comes from .WAV files that you pre-load onto the SD card. Read more »


Inspired by Mitchell Silva’s Globars, our friend Becky at Adafruit created a DIY version of his illuminated bicycle handlebars. Read more »


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