Another day, another awesome project email from Craig Smith. Craig wrote in to share with us some details about the faux molten lava effect he achieved on his Mustafarian Panning Droid he showed off at the Celebration IV Star Wars convention. Read more »

The ever-industrious Craig Smith sent us a message with some photos of a jig he built to hold his belt sander in place for hands-free sanding of items. Read more »

Craig Smith of Firefly Workshop (South Milwaukee, WI) With my crystal radio projects, I recently made a dual coil variometer tuner. Connected to a diode, crystal earphone, antenna & ground wires (no batteries) I tuned in 1540 KXCL Waterloo Iowa from 270 miles away here in Milwaukee. The coils were... Read more »

The awesome Craig Smith is at it again. He continues to explore the venerable crystal radio, now focusing on miniaturization. And that, of course, means on thing: Mint Tin Crystal Set! Craig writes… I’ve made a half dozen battery-free crystal radios in about eight weeks. But I always wanted to... Read more »

Make: Online regular Craig Smith wrote in with a clever fix for his durable no-name electric drill: Six years ago I bought a cheap off brand cordless drill for work. My namebrand loving co-workers give me grief for it, but it does the job year after year at a fraction... Read more »

Craig Smith (South Milwaukee, WI) writes: With all of the junk I accumulated, I thought it would be neat to make a crystal radio as a low impact project in the evenings. I unwound the coated wire from a small useless 115V brushless motor that I almost tossed out several... Read more »

Make: Online staple Craig Smith of the Firefly Workshop in South Milwaukee, WI, wrote in with some great sentiments about living the maker lifestyle. To me, MAKE: has not been a neat project here or there in my spare hobby time. It has been a way to solve everyday needs.... Read more »


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