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At Open MAKE: Tools, mechanical wonders, painted circuitry, legendary lost gold, lockpicking for kids, and other fun stuff. Read more »

Tim Hunkin shows off one of his two favorite tools (the other is a pair of vise grips), an angle grinder he's using to quickly disable a padlock.

Photo by Gregory Hayes

You are sorry if you missed Saturday's Open MAKE at the Exploratorium, which had the theme of "Tools," because it was totally fun. Read more »

Musical Tire Swing

Photo of the Musical Tire Swing by Alasdair Allan. Last weekend, Alasdair Allan, Kipp Bradford, and I attended Maker Startup Weekend as mentors; we taught the participants about Arduino, electronics, and other hackery, and generally had fun helping out and watching projects reach completion. Our own Dale Dougherty kicked things... Read more »


As you may already know, David Lang, our Zero to Maker columnist, is involved in the OpenROV project, an open source camera-equipped R/C submersible, designed to look for water-burired treasure. They're taking the ROV prototypes up to Hall City Cave in Northern, CA tomorrow for some preliminary dives. How exciting! Read more »

I just got back from New York City where Eric Stackpole and I spent the weekend exhibiting and talking about OpenROV at the Open Hardware Summit and World Maker Faire. Although it wasn't quite as big as Maker Faire Bay Area, it was an unbelievable gathering of makers and creators... Read more »

In honor of Plastics month here on MAKE, I'm excited to chime in with some of my recent Zero to Maker exploits into the world of silicone. For the non-maker (or "pre-maker," as I like to say), working with plastic can be revelatory. It opens your eyes to the wonders... Read more »

So far on my Zero to Maker journey, I've spent a lot of time with the technical aspects of making, with a heavy emphasis on learning the necessary skills to help boost my robotics knowledge. However, this has caused me to overlook one of the most important groups of makers:... Read more »


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