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At last year’s Maker Faire Bay Area, Nathan Johnstone of Abney Park debuted a violin at the Saturday night show modded by artisan (and MAKE contributor) Molly Friedrich. Later in the year, at the Steampowered convention, Nathan debuted the Von Slatt Strat, a guitar modded by MAKE, Volume 17 cover... Read more »

Jake von Slatt carries a purse — and he’s man enough to call it that. He’s also geek-maker enough to want to properly organize its innards with desired compartments. I’ve never thought of making additional organizing inserts with accordion folders, file folder stock, glue, and packing tape, but it sure... Read more »

Jake made this funky-cool workshop phone by uncasing a classic Bell System wallphone and refinishing and remounting the parts. As he points out, if you do a phone like this, you’d likely want to cover the terminal block for safety purposes. Workshop Telephone Read more »

I guess when you’re known for being a virtuosic fabricator of fabulous tech-mods in cyberspace, you’re kids aren’t going to let you slide by with a wriggling animatronic hand from Target for Halloween. Here, the day before flying out to deliver the keynote at the California Steampunk Convention, Jake von... Read more »

Over at the Steampunk Workshop, Jake von Slatt has more pics of the Brass Lion recumbent steampunkified trike. The Brass Lion – Steampunk Recumbent Related: Brass Lion recumbent tricycle Read more »

Jake looks to the future of making modern tech look like it’s from the past, and as usual, the attention to detail from his Steampunk Workshop is stunning. The inexorable march of technology has rendered my 4:3 aspect ratio 19″ LCD mod and my pump-less water cooled PC obsolete, so... Read more »

Herr von Slatt has posted a new piece detailing his dashboard revamp, rewiring, and new lighting for his ongoing steam-powered car project. In other Jake news, there’s a wonderful interview with him on Bostodelphia. Steampunk Car Project – Progress Report – Link Related: Jake’s steamcar project, initial survey – Link... Read more »


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