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Raphael writes – “I thought it was sad not to use my SNES mouse anymore so I built an adapter to use it with with a Linux PC. The adapter is identical to the one used to connect snes gamepads to a PC. It’s now possible to play the Swat-the-Bug... Read more »

Raph writes "Since the first time I saw a projection clock, I knew one day I would build my own by converting a watch with an LCD display. Last week, I bought a watch in a dollar store and managed to convert it to a projection clock. I can finally... Read more »

Raphael writes "In order to practise at the arcade version of Super Mario Bros, I modified a NES to be able to run arcade ROMs. The result: A dedicated Super Mario Bros VS. console with switches on the front panel to tweak some aspects of the game (A user friendly... Read more »

Raph writes "While reading the make magazine blog, I visited a webpage explaining how someone built a fume extractor: Ultra cheap fume extractor. I immediately decided to build one too. I built mine a little differently. I did not want to have the fan right in front of me. Too... Read more »

Procure IR modules from an old VCR, Raphael writes "Some time ago, I came across the Lirc (Linux Infrared Remote Control) website and decided to build a serial port IR receiver. They had a list of suggested IR receiver modules, but I was unable to buy one, so I had... Read more »

Nice mod if you have an old Dreamcast laying around, Raph writes - "The image on a TV is always a little too blurry for my taste, and the quality of a VGA image is very superior. I had always dreamed to be able to use my SNES on a... Read more »

Raphael writes "Ah the NES! It's old but still great. And with a few mods, hacks, and tweaks, it can get even better. This page resumes what I have done to restore my NES games and improve my NES console, such as adding stereo sound outputs, a remote reset button,... Read more »


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