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Ball-in-cage switch

A ball-in-cage switch is a mechanical alarm switch that works on an ingenious principle. It has a single relatively unstable “open” position, in which a metal ball rests in a small divot in an insulating base, inside a cage made from two U-shaped metal staples that overlap one another without... Read more »

Complete instructions for this episode of Weekend Projects can be found at Learn the basics of modding a remote controlled (RC) vehicle for the purpose of making your own terrestrial rover. Mount one wireless camera onto your vehicle's chassis, and see how far you can drive it and see... Read more »


Faster than figurines, tougher than cardboard, and way more fun to make. Read more »

breadboard blinky prototype 02 with staples

Recently, we've been brainstorming ideas for a breadboarding workshop to put on at Maker Faire and other events. Hoping to save participants the tedium of cutting and stripping their own jumper wires (and the cost of providing readymade jumpers) we hit on the idea of using staples. I first read... Read more »

Etching metallized plastics

I have been hacking on some cheap R/C cars, lately, and wanted to etch metal films off of a few of the bits. I knew that the usual strong acid and base suspects would remove it, but many folks don't keep these substances around, for whatever reasons. I got curious... Read more »

The Thingiverse Heart Gears Phenomenon - A Physible Family Tree

Last September, I wrote about the Thingiverse “Cube Gears” phenomenon, briefly tracing the origin of user emmett’s Screwless Cube Gears through its evolution from Haruki Nakamura’s papercraft geared heart sculpture via user GregFrost’s printable Broken Heart thing. At the time, I really wanted to exhaust the graph of the cube... Read more »


Our own Sean Ragan created this fantastic Dodecahedron Speaker, which not only looks good, but also has some interesting acoustic properties. Sean wrote a full guide to building it and he even shared all the design files on Thingiverse. Read more »