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More sci-fi cosplay badness from prop-maker, costumer, and MAKE pal Shawn Thorsson. I haven't played Dead Space 2, yet, but I enjoyed the first one, and I have to say that protagonist Isaac Clarke's "Engineering RIG suit" looks exactly the same to me. And Shawn's version is pretty spot-on. Lots... Read more »

I'm beginning to suspect an October conspiracy: While last week's Flickr pool submissions, on average, had a distinctly orange hue, this week they are distinctly black. And I'll give dollars to donuts that next week, sure as clockwork, we'll start to see actual jack-o-lanterns. Our featured image this week is... Read more »

Gareth’s 2010 post about Petaluma, CA, propmaker Shawn Thorsson’s insane HALO costumes was one of our ten most-trafficked posts of the year, so when Shawn sends in a link, we sit up and take notice. This time it’s a ray gun propcasting project featuring one of the pistols from Mass... Read more »

One of the most popular posts of last year was about Shawn Thorsson’s amazing Red vs. Blue Master Chief Halo costumes. We got to see some of the excitement these costumes generate firsthand, especially in kids, when Shawn (and friends) showed off the costumes at last Saturday’s Open MAKE/Young Makers... Read more »

Shawn Thorsson, of Petaluma, CA, has done it again. We wrote about his Predator costume a few weeks back. Now he’s made a whole freaking army, or at least a squad, of Red vs. Blue Master Chief costumes. A three year effort. Insane, indeed. And by insane, we mean awesome!... Read more »

Shawn Thorsson of Petaluma, CA, built this awe-inspiring Predator costume out of upholstery foam, liquid latex, and — wait for it — duct tape. He hand-sculpted most of the features, used a LED belt buckle for the beast’s wearable computer, and formed its wrist blades out of aluminum. Excellent! It... Read more »

Shawn Thorsson explains the build process for his props and costumes at Maker Faire Bay Area 2011. First he starts with a digital 3D model, then cuts the pieces out with a CNC machine, assembles them and fine tunes with wood shaping techniques, then casts molds so he can reproduce... Read more »


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