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Printoo - Lighter than Air-1

Build your own balloon-based blimp with Printoo, a new paper-thin Arduino-compatible microcontroller. Read more »


Maker Faire Shenzhen concluded on April 7, making Shenzhen the seventh city in the world to host a Featured Maker Faire. Read more »

Pierre Grande from Cestas, France and his design "The Ark."

Almost two dozen makers from around the world participated in the first-ever Maker Faire Design Challenge, a competition to create a new kind of temporary information kiosk for use at Maker Faire. We're pleased to announce the winner, runner-up, and honorable mention entries. Read more »


We're now less than a week away from the premier maker event in the UK, the Maker Faire UK which will be held at the Life Science Centre in Newcastle-upon-Tyne this weekend. Read more »


Friction wheel mechanism, frame made of VEX Robotics Design System components. Read more »

caleb kraft

The MAKE team is excited to announce a new¬†addition to the team today: Caleb Kraft comes aboard as Community Editor. Caleb¬†will help oversee our online editorial and community presence and further develop Previously at Hackaday and most recently at EETimes, he has a vibrant history of generating exciting projects,... Read more »