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Photo: John Sherman

Joseph Helble, dean of the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College, talks diversity in engineering classes, and how to achieve it. Read more »


Step up the sophistication of your pumpkin carving with these readily available and handy tools. Read more »


With a few household items, you can build a firenado that will put smaller fires and tornadoes to shame. Read more »


The Centennial Challenges program is one of NASA’s shining stars, and frequently has incubated the cash-winning contestants into government-contracted entrepreneurs such as the winners of the Astronaut Glove, Lunar Lander, and Power Beaming challenges. Read more »

Marching band and marchers at Maker Faire (photo: Andrew Kelly)

World Maker Faire isn't just about sculpture and robots and art and fire — it's also about the people whose lives are changed from attending. Read more »


Maker Faire Milwaukee was a huge success with robots and fun galore. Read more »

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It may seem that Maker Faire is just a jumble of awesome projects. Actually, these things are placed very intentionally and with great care. Read more »