Blynk is a new platform that allows you to build interfaces for controlling and monitoring your projects from your iOS and Android device. Read more »

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When you’re working with projects involving vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges will show you the pressure in the chamber being evacuated. There are many different approaches to measuring the pressure in a vacuum, but we’ll focus on one of the most common, called the Bourdon pressure gauge. At the heart of... Read more »


There's no need to 3D print a simple shape for a prototype or proof of concept. Just use cardboard! Read more »


Learn how to model sphere molds in CAD so that it minimizes undercut. Read more »

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We’re revving-up for the launch of our fourth annual Maker Camp on July 6. Maker Camp is where you need to spend your summer. It is for anyone who is interested in DIY, making, creating, crafting, hacking, tinkering, and learning, especially kids. You’re invited to join us online or at your local... Read more »


The application deadlines for participating in the 6th annual World Maker Faire New York (September 26/27) are fast approaching. Enter now before it's too late! Read more »


Build this mint tin backpacking stove that can boil 1-2 cups of water and is made with commonly available parts. Read more »