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Mr. Deep Immersion’s resume was created using a whole lot of talent and a 3D printer.

In the job market, you have to make a big impression. This guy did just that by making a giant 3D printed resume to apply for a position. Read more »


This DIY projector is perfect for offering you a visual guide the next time you decorate the top of a cake or a batch of cookies. Read more »

Decompiling the old Estimote Android SDK allowed you to see both the old and new fixed key values.

With their latest firmware release Estimote has closed the security problem that made their beacons vulnerable to hijacking. But some questions surrounding their SDK remain. Read more »

Welcome to Trondheim

The Trondheim Maker Faire kicked off this morning here in the town square in the centre of Trondheim, Norway, with over 100 projects on display. Read more »


When I saw one of these “thumb ring book holders” (aka a “book ring”) in my online travels, I knew this was something I wanted to make and try out. I have arthritis in my hands and arms so holding books and tablets in bed is always a struggle. For... Read more »


An ion thruster produces a flow of air even though it has no moving parts. A version of this seemingly impossible device is used on a larger scale to propel deep space probes for NASA. The advantage to this system over others is that you need only an electrical source... Read more »


California looks to become the first state to prohibit drones over private and public property. Read more »