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Takehito Etani’s Transparent Footprints of Invisible Giants makes use of a pair of cameras and video screens to view the sky above and the surface below.

Cameras built into the bottom of stilts let you see the world the way legendary invisible giants did. Read more »

Silhouette Milkyway

Here are a few impressive ways that Makers are building their way to outer space right now — and so can you. Read more »

Photo: John Sherman

Joseph Helble, dean of the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College, talks diversity in engineering classes, and how to achieve it. Read more »


Step up the sophistication of your pumpkin carving with these readily available and handy tools. Read more »


With a few household items, you can build a firenado that will put smaller fires and tornadoes to shame. Read more »


The Centennial Challenges program is one of NASA’s shining stars, and frequently has incubated the cash-winning contestants into government-contracted entrepreneurs such as the winners of the Astronaut Glove, Lunar Lander, and Power Beaming challenges. Read more »

Marching band and marchers at Maker Faire (photo: Andrew Kelly)

World Maker Faire isn't just about sculpture and robots and art and fire — it's also about the people whose lives are changed from attending. Read more »