P1000095 (Medium)

Using junk to build animatronic bots is whimsical and amusing. These cobbled-together bots are just filled with personality. Read more »


Grab your drone and some Halloween decorations and have yourself a spooky time flying around the neighborhood. Read more »


Not all big art is physically large. Sometimes small things can produce an environment that escapes the physical confines of the display. Read more »


Intel CEO Brian Krzanich launches a build-off reality show for Makers. Read more »

P1000106 (Medium)

By waving a special paintbrush in front of this wall of lights, you're painting light onto its surface. 2,500 little lights shift colors as artists brush them on. Read more »

Grendel - 2 person wolf costume

With nearly 200 maker exhibits, Day 1 of Maker Faire Atlanta 2015 was full of hands-on learning and LOTS of fun. With a hurricane in the Atlantic, we were all worried about the weather, but it was a great day in downtown Decatur, and we expect another great day on Sunday! We were... Read more »


Create this very creepy DeepDream costume with little more than makeup and some taxidermy eyeballs. Read more »