As more and more users turn to design sharing sites like Thingiverse or Youmagine, the communities grow and more designs are available to the world at large. The only problem? Not all of the users uploading designs are sharing good content. While these sites have collected amazing works by extremely generous and talented... Read more »


In this episode, DiResta shows a simple way to emboss tool designs on the cover of notebooks. Read more »

Miriam Engle and Madison Worthy in Copenhagen with refurbished bicycles.

3,000 kilometers, six countries, two women on bikes, and one bright yellow Pelican case containing camera gear. We are Madison Worthy and Miriam Engle, and we’re biking from Copenhagen to Barcelona during the summer of 2015 to film a documentary about the European Maker Movement. Our documentary is titled Self-­Made,... Read more »

Les Claypool, pictured here in a monkey mask, popularized the whamola.

If you’ve seen any episode of South Park past season nine, you probably recall the catchy, goofy theme song. What you might not know is that Primus frontman Les Claypool not only composed those funky sounds, but popularized the easy-to-build instrument on which he performs the song. The Whamola (a... Read more »


If you ask someone what toy they most often played with as a child, they will most likely reply with some variety of building block set. It might be Lego, Lincoln Logs, Tinkertoy or K’Nex, to name a few of the more popular mass-produced toys. Instead of shelling out your... Read more »


Step back in time with me, and behold the program guide to the first-ever Maker Faire. I was there, way back in the year 2006, demonstrating clay animation with my museum colleagues. I cherished this guide, but it went missing a few years ago. I’m so glad to have found a digital version... Read more »


One project wins $450 in gift certificates, and the Grand Prize winner will travel to Maker Faire Bay Area next month with their project! Read more »