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Nixie tubes are interesting pieces of equipment. They have a "retro-futuristic" look that has great appeal to electronics hackers. Read more »

featured image witco art

Philip Bradley shows how he created two mixed media works inspired by the mid-century WITCO furnishing designs of the '60s. Read more »

Each dinosaur head holds one pair of safety glasses and one set of earmuffs.

This tutorial will show you how to make dinosaur safety gear racks for storing your earmuffs and safety glasses. When not in use, they still look cool! Read more »


There are many types of battery chemistries, and each one has its own different characteristics. So which one to choose? We’ll cover the basic features for each battery type in order to help you decide which one is right for you. Read more »


Have you seen Jimmy DiResta’s Jimmy Tips videos? I’m a DiResta fanboy, so I watch every video and show that he does, but also being something of a tips collector, I particularly love this series, which is now nine episodes long. You probably already know DiResta from his popular and... Read more »

image thingy

While looking for a way to strengthen cannon barrels, Bessemer discovered better ways of making steel. Read more »


Polyform released a new addition to their line of sculpting clays: Sculpey Medium Blend. Read on to find out what we thought. Read more »