Amythelamey spent 4 weeks (2-hours a day) cross-stitching her Metroid Samus shirt at a resolution of 80 X 140 stiches or pixels.

When I was young, I used to see my mom cross stitching different pictures over the years and figured this must be what old women (she was in her 30’s at that point) do to pass the time. I soon found out that this in fact wasn’t the case and... Read more »


Build a low power watch from off-the-shelf components and breakout boards Read more »


It has been 10 years since the greatest show and tell on earth began. 10 years of incredible sights, sounds, and smells. We’ve grown so much in that time that it is almost hard to believe! The Bay Area Maker Faire is not only the place where it all began,... Read more »


When Andy Proctor, a truck driver and web developer in the UK, was dissatisfied with his company’s tracking system, he hacked his truck. Called the iDataTruck, it tweets the status of his truck directly to his office. (Follow it at @iDataTruck.) “The company does have a tracker system,” says Proctor,... Read more »


Think back to your first wearable tech experience: maybe it was the communicator badges in Star Trek, the palm flower crystals in Logan’s Run or the man-turned-machine in Terminator. These devices could simplify communication, monitor life functions, or even transform physical bodies. We all loved it, and we’re still seeking it. We want... Read more »


And an opportunity for those who want one. Tell us about your pioneering Internet of Things project! Read more »


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