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Inside this awesome Diablo costume sits the talented designer Krizdel Ingreso.

It’s that time of year again when kids and adults alike don their costumes to celebrate Halloween. While store-bought costumes are great in their own right, it’s the giant, detailed costumes garner the most attention. As the saying goes’ go big or go home’ and the costumes in this roundup... Read more »


Bake a bloody thorax cake that oozes with every bite. Read more »


While not exactly the size of a small fish, the Universal Translator is a small single-board computer capable of translating between thousands of language pairs. Read more »

If you thought just flying a drone was challenging, try racing them through a wooded area

French drone club Airgonay designs a three-lap racetrack for racing drones in the French Alps. References to Star Wars ensue but the track is challenging enough to give professional flyers a run for their money. Read more »


At 2012’s East Bay Mini Maker Faire at Park Day School in Oakland, one room became resplendent. Silvery, shimmery sheets of mylar draped over its doors and all its surfaces. Kids and adults alike crafted the mylar into hats, gowns, spacesuits, and robot costumes. Stepping into the room transported me... Read more »

LittleBits’ flexible sensors and Arduino module let this glove’s wearer engage in a game of animatronic Rock-Paper-Scissors.

The snap-together electronics toy gets serious with advanced new modules, and the adoption of the system by serious companies like Quirky reflects some of the latest moves that littleBits has been making as its product line grows in scope and capability. Read more »


Glen A. Larson could be considered an American hero. He is the television producer responsible for bringing such gems as Battlestar Galactica and Knight Rider to the small screen. The Larson Scanner, named in his honor, can be used for your costume, bike, R/C car, case mod, or — as... Read more »


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