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Chocoholics, take note! This kit allows you to make your flavor fantasies come true. It’s got everything you need to make basic, agave-sweetened chocolate, but I used honey instead and added lemon zest to create something out of this world. Ruffled paper cups are included, so the presentation is worthy... Read more »

The great thing about this kit is the variety of skills you’ll learn. Not only do you end up with a warm-sounding tube amp, but you also learn how all these audio components are produced, as well as proper soldering technique, orientation of polarized capacitors, spacing of large-value wirewound resistors,... Read more »

Open the cool aluminum briefcase and remove your weapon of choice. Charge the pistol grip with a 16-gram CO2 cartridge. Fill the lower shaker chamber with gin, maraschino liqueur, lemon juice, Creme de Violette, and ice. Thread the shaker top and valve onto the lower chamber. Inject CO2 into the... Read more »

The Molecular Cocktails Starter Kit is the perfect gift for the mad-scientist mixologist in your life. It comes with the tools, chemical compounds, and information needed to create gels, liquid-filled spheres, foams, and UV-reactive glowing drinks. The included book contains chapters on foundational techniques derived from molecular gastronomy, as well... Read more »

While not exactly a “kit,” Cultures for Health has everything you need for making sourdough bread: 15 starters from all over the world, clear instructions, and a great selection of useful bread-making tools, like cookbooks, dough scrapers, bread bags, and baker’s blades for scoring that classic ridge down the middle... Read more »

I’ve made corned beef every St. Paddy’s day for years now, and have finally perfected my cocktail of pickling spices. Turns out I could have just gotten Leeners’ Corned Beef and Pastrami Kit; theirs is just as good. The kit comes with absolutely everything you need except the brisket (including... Read more »

Bacon is enjoying the limelight these days, showing up in everything from chocolate to donuts! If you really want to hop on this fat fad, brine your own. It takes a week, but is incredibly simple and delicious. This kit’s recipe book covers bacon, Canadian bacon, and pancetta. Note to... Read more »


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