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There's something about the process of joining two pieces of metal together that captures people's excitement and curiosity. Outside of a romantic idea of welding masks, torches, and flying sparks, I had no idea what I was getting into. Now that I've taken a few classes, I've learned enough to... Read more »

"And that's just the beginning, there are all types of materials that work with the laser cutter. In addition to cardboard and paper, you can etch glass, cut acrylic, and engrave leather. You can even laser etch onto a chocolate bar." Said Zack, my TechShop Dream Coach who has been... Read more »

I was about five pages in when I discovered a major obstacle: I didn't have any of the tools the book required to do the suggested projects and experiments. I realized that despite my commitment to learning and my eagerness to get started, my goal of going from Zero to... Read more »


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