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When you think back on your day and assess what projects you completed, don't discount the meals you prepare — they're projects too! Make: Projects has a Food section where you can share your favorite recipes. Here are a few edibles to whet your appetite. Read more »

Reversing the coil copy

Inspired by "How It's Made," here's a second step in my old DIY cord-curling process that makes the coil even tighter and is, just as importantly, a heckuva lot of fun to do. Read more »

Complete instructions for this episode of Weekend Projects can be found at Inspired by Charles Platt's "Stomp Box Basics" article (MAKE Volume 15, page 82), follow along as we build this Optical Tremolo Box, which reads a patterned disk with a light sensor to create a warbling audio effect... Read more »

50 grit pad underside

Last spring I got it in my head to make a concrete bowl with broken bottle glass aggregate. I had a bunch of blue and green glass bottles on-hand, and broke these up by submerging them in a big galvanized washtub and bashing them with a fence-post driver. I had... Read more »

Guitar Strap Gamepad

If you're playing Rocksmith (and I think you should be), and you're playing standing up (ditto), you have probably run into the "where do I put the controller" problem. The gamepad is required to navigate the menu system between songs, and if you play in a standing position you have... Read more »

minimug under testing conditions

Due to popular demand, I've decided to take my MakerGear Mosaic assembly guide one step further, past the physical assembly of the robot, and cover the process of getting through the first print. I've now completely built two hobby-class CNC tools, from kits, and assisted in the construction of two... Read more »

Glass-in-oil photography

I wanted an unusual shot to show off the results from my recent soda can label embossing project, and had some success using this unusual method. There is a classic physics demonstration, sometimes disguised as a bit of stage magic, in which pieces of glass are made to disappear by... Read more »