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(Image via Travelmuse) Mother Earth News has an introduction to blacksmithing here. Check it out; via the comments, here’s an introduction to building a forge out of a brake disc: Also check out purgatoryironworks 35+ other videos here! Read more »

(Image via Ecofriend) Isn’t spending $4200 on a desk made out of an actual airplane wing more important than a few month’s rent? If so, get yours here! Otherwise, anybody know of a good place to find a few abandoned chunks of airplanes? Read more »

Image via Ecogeek Here’s a vertical farm that seems a bit more DIY-able than others, using shipping containers, for strong, cheap, stackable infrastructure. You can learn more about Organitech here. It’s not clear how production-ready they are, but this seems like an approach just begging for tinkering… Via Treehugger,) Read more »

Via Ecofriend: Old and broken down auto parts are nothing more than trash for some, but for people like Armando Ramírez they are no less than treasure. The artist transforms these objects into sleek, black and silver chess sets. The horses, pawns and everything that you see on a chess... Read more »

Here’s the simplest design I’ve found for my favorite type of turbine. Check out Otherpower for a discussion on sourcing suitable motors, and see Makezine’s plans for the Chispito for a traditional blade design. Read more »

(Image via) The New York Times put out photography tips, and Lifehacker made them better. My favorite, from Lifehacker: Get a cheap, DIY lens hood or flash filter: A lens hood–like the kind you can print yourself–prevents glare, flare, and other light tricks beaming in from just around your lens... Read more »

Why cut down a perfectly good pine when you probably have old hard drives, cardboard, or some other material just waiting to be a tree sitting around your house? My favorite is the Mountain Dew can tree: (via Ecofriend) Read more »


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