Here is OddBot’s next attempt at making a low cost DIY IR tracking system. I really like how he shares his successes and failures during the entire build process. This is a great resource for learning about IR LEDs. My newest array, with navy blue IR LEDs works better as... Read more »

In December, I finally jettisoned the skis I got when I was a nanny/construction worker for the year after college. Michael needed them to turn into a Kite Buggy. Right now it is operating successfully as a sled/buggy, but the kite is already functioning. Finally able to get your skis... Read more »

MG writes- The other day I wrote about how the GeoEye-1 satellite would be taking images of President Obama’s inauguration from 423 miles up — in space. This could have only worked on a clear day, so that clouds weren’t blocking the view. Good news: It was a clear day,... Read more »

Tom Taylor’s Microprinter, a web-connected receipt printer for daily notifications via Waxy… Tom writes- The microprinter is an experiment in physical activity streams and notification, using a repurposed receipt printer connected to the web. I use it for things like reminders, notifications, and my day at-a-glance, but anything that can... Read more »

From the MAKE: Flickr pool Another laser project from Flickr member Phozon, this time packing the diode, power, and switch in a minty package – Another lunchtime LASER project Read more »

Not your ordinary laser printer – A few years back a good friend of my said to me “I have this great idea, lets mount a paint ball gun on an X,Y turret and make a huge inkjet printer!” After a little research we found that it had already been... Read more »

Steve Davee, whose Maker’s Notebook hacks we’ve covered before, sent us a progress video. Here, he shows the LED binary indexing cover he introduced in the Maker Faire video, and a second project, to put a membrane keypad and LEDs in a cover that will eventually hook up to a... Read more »


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