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Travis Deyle wrote in about Snackbot, an in-progress human-robot interaction project at Carnegie Mellon: Back in May 2008 it was announced that CMU professors Sara Kiesler and Jodi Forlizzi (from the HCI Institute) and Paul Rybski (from the Robotics Institute) were awarded $500k in Microsoft’s Human-Robot Interaction funding to develop... Read more »

I was giving a subscription to MAKE this year to a friend for Christmas, so I printed out one of the print-at-home gift cards to announce it. Here’s my Flickr set showing how you can add LEDs to a card using conductive thread and a watch battery with holder. It’s... Read more »

Gorgeous snow art in Seattle via Wooster Collective. Read more »

The sensor module for BugBases is out! – The BUGvonHippel. BUGvonHippel is a breakout board module which includes a female USB 2.0 port… BUGvonHippel -  We’ve talked about it before, but it’s finally here!  Named after Prof. Eric von Hippel at MIT who inspired it’s creation, the BUGvonHippel further enables... Read more »

Star Wars maven Bonnie Burton interviewed Larry Lars, the creator of this wonderful Star Wars LEGO nativity . Read more »

Nobody was sure what exactly had happened to Christopher Robin after he’d left the Hundred Acre Wood, but they were thrilled with his gift certificates to the Maker Shed and the MAKE and CRAFT magazine subscriptions. Your friends will be thrilled, too! There’s still time to give gift subscriptions and... Read more »

Super Electrofluorescent Profanity Machine via Giz. The Super Electrofluorescent Profanity Machine, or Four Letter Word (for short), is a bit of electronics cobbled together out of vintage Cold War-era Soviet vacuum fluorescent tubes and custom driver circuitry. It was designed and built by me. The device does two things: the... Read more »


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