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Craft reader Adrienne tipped us off to this cool motorized yarn winder on Robot Party – if you don’t have a small child around to turn the crank on the ball winder, you might want to automate it. Read more »

Certainly there are lots of electronics and kits that have entered Makers’ lives lately. Some people already know how to solder, but many people are just getting started. Amy posted a comment voicing her frustration at learning the seemingly guild like skill of soldering. Below are my notes to Amy,... Read more »

The Local Application Control Bus System (LANC) is the protocol used by Sony camcorders (and some other brands as well) that allows external accessories to control the camera remotely. On most cameras, you’ll find a LANC port next to your camera’s other IO jacks—it’s usually a 2.5mm headphone-style jack, or... Read more »

Here is a great sculpture of Wall-E. The post mentioned in the watermark has been modified to remove the picture of the Read more »

New mashup Web site reveals the hole story behind Japan’s manhole covers / Ittemia(イッテミア)前線 While not the oddest fetish in Japan by a long way, there are some who travel the length of Japan enticed by the prospect of a compellingly designed manhole. But while even the most ardent manhole... Read more »

MAKE Flickr photo pool member Divine Harvester writes - Removed lipstick, cleaned out remaining plastic pieces. Mixed up some J-B Weld, squished it down in the body. Took the guts from a thumbdrive and shoved it down into the J-B Weld. Added a little more around the edges, leveled it,... Read more »

One of my first builds for the MAKE blog was the mint tin fume extractor. I was hoping someone would make a version and post it on the web, and it finally happened. Thanks for the link Phil, and a big Thank You to Shawn for posting a video of... Read more »


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