The premiere Make: television is 8 weeks away. Here's a snippet of what you'll see in the show -- John Park transforming a shopping cart into a stylish easy chair, and then into a go kart! Make: television will premiere on Public Television stations and here on in January.... Read more »

This week I made the open source Trippy RGB Waves Kit by Mitch Altman. I like this kit because it's perfect for someone learning to solder, yet it has programming headers so the advanced user can hack it up. The original video was about 12 minutes too long. Too long... Read more »

Here's a quick peek at John Park demonstrating how to use a motor from an old VCR and use it to drive a automated cat feeder. Be sure to watch it in HD! Check it out above, or get the M4V and/or subscribe in iTunes. Don't forget, MAKE: premieres in... Read more »

In today's preview of MAKE: television, meet Reuben Margolin, a visionary Maker who creates elegant and hypnotic techno-kinetic wave sculptures. View the clip above, get the M4V and/or subscribe in iTunes. Less than 4 weeks until the premiere of MAKE: television! Stay tuned to for broadcast updates and full... Read more »

This Weekend Project is the USBattery from MAKE Magazine Volume 16. Conceal a flash drive in a AA battery! Read more »

This week I made the tinyCylon kit from the Maker Shed. It's a fun little project that has a lot of cool light patterns programmed onto the chip. Check out the complete build here: You can purchase a tinyCylon kit in the Maker Shed at Read more »

Having trouble with people snatching your stuff? Did someone take your lunch from the company fridge? Here is an inexpensive, sneaky gizmo you can make to keep those sticky fingers away. Read more »


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