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Urban Studies – For Geeks, a Frat House and Lab, All in One –… Great article on NYC Resistor! Diana Eng is one of seven women in the collective. A former contestant on the television series “Project Runway,” she created a sweatshirt with a digital camera embedded in the... Read more »

These lovely images were created with PSCombine, a random image combiner program. From the site: I’ve written a program that randomly selects photos from my collection and then combines them with a random opacity and blending mode. Generally, I generate 5,000 random combinations then manually sort though them and select... Read more »

They usually work so well, it’s easy to forget about all the electronics crammed inside a compact fluorescent light bulb. MAKE reader Ollie AJ1O sent us a link to ham Michael J. Rainey’s (AA1TJ) “Das DereLicht” radio, a transmitter made almost completely from the parts of a defective CFL bulb.... Read more »

NYTimes Op-Ed Columnist Thomas Friedman – Time to Reboot America… …we’ve fallen into a trend of diverting and rewarding the best of our collective I.Q. to people doing financial engineering rather than real engineering. These rocket scientists and engineers were designing complex financial instruments to make money out of money... Read more »

The Make: television show debuts in only seven days! I had no idea what to expect when they asked me to host the Maker Workshop segment of the show. Well, the entire crew is wonderful and incredibly hard-working, which made it totally fun and rewarding. Everybody was willing to pinch-hit... Read more »

OK technically the creator “Sheyr” calls it the FuG-01/ET but regardless, it’s a really sweet looking stock case mod based off the classic game Castle Wolfenstein (which I remember playing WAY WAY back on my Atari 800) For more pics and details check the story below. Besides the side-mounted telephone... Read more »

I bet it smelled good when instructables user rstraugh etched the brick pattern on this gingerbread bridge. Read more »


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