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Next year is going to be a big year folks, we’ll see more investment and emphasis on alternative energy than ever before, this will be our “space race” and our “moon landing”. The children of today will be the ones who will shape the next decade and the next century.... Read more »

Ken Moore, a user experience designer at Google, created a very convincing Theremin simulator using a Wiimote and a Roland JV-1080 synth. I’ve seen a few Theremin simulators that use accelerometer data, in both Wiimote and iPhone form, but this is the first I’ve seen that does a good job... Read more »

The Cincinnati Junior Makers group started as a bunch of bike riding fathers with young kids. The group used to go on rides hauling their cherubs around on bike trailers and tagalongs. Now the kids are old enough to ride on their own, but not quite up for the challenge... Read more »

MAKE: Tokyo Meeting 02 was held on 11/8 at Tokyo’s Tama Art University, and the MAKE: Japan events just keep getting bigger, better, and wonderfully wilder. Here are a few highlights gleaned from the massive influx of pictures, video, and bloggings that this event inspired. Here’s a video featuring four... Read more »

Looking for a stocking stuffer that you or the giftee will use for years to come? Want to only spend $16 bucks or less? Check out the Pocket Reference collection at the Maker Shed store. These little books are like “Pocket Googles” but you can actually find something with them!... Read more »

How to make water bounce from Edison’s desk. Using a high-speed camera setup in the lab, GE scientists captured details of water droplets dancing on amazing superhydrophobic surfaces developed in GE Global Research’s Nanotechnology lab. Tao writes - Hello everyone, I have some exciting videos that I want to share... Read more »

On this episode of Bre Pettis’ “Things,” Adam Mayer shows off the Model 15 teletype machine from the 1930s he’s been working on. Things – Adam Mayer Explains The Teletype Model 15 Read more »