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This is a DIY version of commercially available carbon fiber trekking poles. The end product cost less, and they can be easily customized to suit your individual needs. I thought it would be fun to see if I could make my own Carbon fiber trekking poles on the cheap that... Read more »

Year In Ideas 2008 @ The NYTimes is a little tricky to navigate, but there is a lot to see, including our old favorite – the crow vending machine! In June, Josh Klein revealed his master’s-thesis project to a flock of crows at the Binghamton Zoo in south-central New York... Read more »

Stefan sent in this circuit bent video mixer. I really like the effects it generates, I only wish there was more information on how it was made. [Thanks Stefan] This is a DIY videoprocessor with Audio In which reacts to Audio in via RCA or through the build in microphone.... Read more »

Next to an intersection with the main road to Mulanje works a group of men with basic tools. One of them was actively welding with a scratch built arc welder. Wire was wrapped around a group of metal plates, and the whole thing was housed in a basic wooden frame.... Read more »

Michael Wright explains his remake of the mysterious apparatus found off the coast of Antikythera island - The Antikythera mechanism is an ancient Greek clockwork machine found in a shipwreck, that has taken more than a century to decipher. Wright’s handmade reconstruction is the first to include all the known... Read more »

Ricky disguised his syphon-based tree-watering system as a gift - There are many benefits to decorating with live Christmas trees, but the daily watering can become a bit of a hassle, especially if your tree stand is difficult to reach. It’s also impossible to travel for any extended period of... Read more »

From the MAKE: Flickr pool Greg’s using Arduino to create an auto-drummer - Yesterday, I got my drum playing robot working with chop sticks screwed into rotary solenoids. It’s powered by two 9v batteries wired in series and controlled by the arduino through transistors. I showed this off at the... Read more »