This week I made the tinyCylon kit from the Maker Shed. It's a fun little project that has a lot of cool light patterns programmed onto the chip. Check out the complete build here: You can purchase a tinyCylon kit in the Maker Shed at Read more »

Having trouble with people snatching your stuff? Did someone take your lunch from the company fridge? Here is an inexpensive, sneaky gizmo you can make to keep those sticky fingers away. Read more »

This week I am going to show you how to hack a MAKE gift subscription card. Actually, it's showing you how to interface a 7-segment display with an Arduino. I just happened to make it into a gift card subscription. My idea was to give a MAKE subscription to a... Read more »

Get a bird's-eye-view of the world with this Pole Mounted Aerial Rig for photography and video. Read more »

Secretly shoot your voice across the room in stealth mode on the beam of a laser! Read more »

WATCH IN HD! Need to launch hot dogs, brats, and other stadium snacks into the upper bleachers at your local ballpark? Then build a Burrito Blaster with John Park. Based on the classic combustion-powered spud gun project, this cannon instead relies on an air power. Made with everyday objects like... Read more »

WATCH IN HD! Tell Cris Benton to go fly a kite. Hell return with breathtaking photographs taken from seemingly impossible vantage points. As a young architect, Chris wanted sharp images of his buildings upper reaches, so he pioneered the art/science of of aerial kite photography. Now a professor of architecture... Read more »


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