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We are pleased to publish the first ever gift guide for the trebuchet and catapult maker! MAKE columnist William Gurstelle put together everything you need to get started making your own giant-flinger, or as they’re properly called… trebuchets and catapults! You might ask why we’re putting a guide like this... Read more »

Using a mixture of titanium dioxide, drywall plaster, aluminium powder and ground fluorite, Theo Grey of was able to smelt his own titanium, via a thermite reaction. The results are not pretty, and you probably don’t want to try this at home, but hey, DIY titanium! Yet I was... Read more »

Each year there is more interest in locksports, or hobby lock picking, until recently, the hobby of lock picking in much of the world has been a solitary pursuit with enthusiasts practicing their skills alone – but that’s changing. At technology events, hacker conferences and with groups like locksport more... Read more »

This year we’re pleased to have the first ever Kite aerial photography gift guide (KAP) on the web by Charles Benton, author of “Kite Aerial Photography Puts Your Eye in the Sky” from MAKE volume 01. Charles Benton is an inveterate tinkerer from Berkeley, Calif., where he serves as a... Read more »

In this Thing video, Steve Reeder of Motmot Shop in Vienna, demonstrates how to make pinback buttons. Buttons were one of the things I first got serious about making as a tween. I saved up my allowance money and bought a hand-held button-making machine. I even had something of a... Read more »

This awesome mod was built by Peter Dickison and is of course meant to look like a nuclear bomb from your average action movie. The metal working is great, let’s take a look at it in more detail, shall we? Here’s one of the many plans shown on the site... Read more »

This radiator chair doesn’t look particularly light or comfortable, but it is beautiful: (Via boingboing) Read more »


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