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Boot Beep – The story of the Mac’s boot chime, with source code written in 68000 assembly language… Andy Hertzfeld – When you powered up an Apple II, it would make a short beep sound to let you know that it was alive. We thought that the Mac should do... Read more »

If you’ve got a couple milk crates and some fixed rollers, you can build yourself a saw feed roller for cutting long things on a table saw. It’s not clear if this one is for feeding stock in or tailing off, but either way it looks like it could use... Read more »

A simple and portable design for evenly lit object shots – In a quest to build myself a lightbox for some product-type photography, I managed to throw together this little solution using $18 of surgical tubing, doweling, some zip ties, and a dollar store plastic table cover. So far so... Read more »

artrat801’s thorough SX-150 mod/conversion rehouses the analog synth kit as a desktop console along with a ‘sq-150′ homemade sequencer. Nicely done, those wood side panels that just seem to whisper “analog”, don’t they? [via Matrixsynth] Read more »

The Astra synthesizer from Not Breathing – 2 VCOs, 2 LFOs, VCF, noise source, ring modulator all built from salvaged parts the keyboard is from a gutted lowrey wandering genie keyboard. i recycled most of the capacitors in the unit from the genie and a dead tr606 […] i didn’t... Read more »

A high-frequency (HF) start box is a device used in AC arc welding that allows you to start an arc welder without having to “scratch-start” the arc. You used to be able to buy such an add-on device; apparently, they’re now hard to find. William F. Dudley Jr. decided to... Read more »

Power usage monitors like the Kill-A-Watt are pretty cool, but what if you want to monitor usage for your whole house? What if you want to track usage in real time throughout the day, without stepping outside to read the power meter? What if you could do all this without... Read more »


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