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A story in Christian Science Monitor features Oakland, CA teenagers who are remaking ordinary bicycles and turning them into something colorful and cool. His name is Tyrone Stevenson, though most know him by his nickname, “Baby Champ.” He is, everyone agrees, the Scraper Bike King. He wants to change the... Read more »

This week I made the tinyCylon kit from the Maker Shed. It’s a fun little project that has a lot of cool light patterns programmed onto the chip. You can purchase a tinyCylon kit in the Maker Shed. Suscribe to the MAKE podcast | Download for iTunes What you need:... Read more »

What do you do with 27 pairs of used shoes? If you’re like Ingrid Bachmann, you would make them into interactive art. Each shoe has a toe and heel tap used in tap dancing attached to it. The shoes move or dance independently of each other. The mechanical motion of... Read more »

Super Forest has a nice write-up about Michel Bayard, a pinhole camera photographer out of New York. A few years back I was walking through the city and I passed a man selling photos. What instantly caught my eye was that each photo was exactly the size of one frame... Read more »

I plan to begin covering efforts to make change under what I'm calling Remake. I invite you to share your ideas and your projects with me (dale at oreilly dot com) and I'd like to tell others about what you're doing to remake the world. Read more »

The image above is a 1/6 Scale 1932 Duesenberg SJ by Louis Chenot, Model Engineer. It’s just one of hundreds of amazing works on display at the Cabin Fever Expo. It’s a great event that features a lot of amazing work and equipment. If you are a machinist or model... Read more »

Creating a Maker Course In the next month or so I will have a semester change, and with it an opportunity to restructure the sequence of three courses. Robotics, Building and Repairing Computers and Web Design are three classes that I have taught before, and am looking to streamline the... Read more »