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Landon Fuller put together a secret message passing system that exploits a feature of DNS servers. It’s based on a hack first conceived by Dan Kaminsky, which allows you to set a single bit of data by caching a wildcard zone on a cache server: In each DNS query, 7... Read more »

About a year ago my town started moving seriously towards Single Stream Recycling and Pay as You Throw for trash. These were initiated as a way of giving people an incentive to recycle instead of tossing everything in the trash. The trash was a pretty big part of the budget... Read more »

Paul Romein and Greg Radzimowsky have created an incredible stop action animation of their building of the Millenium Falcon in Lego. I suppose that if you go through the effort of making your own Millenium Falcon, you have to take it for a test drive, right? Have you built your... Read more »

Machine Project Electron Wranglers- Synthesizer workshop from machine project on Vimeo. Looking for something MAKE-ish to do in Los Angeles? My friend and hero Mark Allen will be teaching an Introduction to Soldering / Build Your Own Synth Workshop on December 20th from 3pm – 5pm at Machine Project (the... Read more »

MAKE: television is right around the corner! Check out the countdown clock on the MAKE: blog page. January 3rd online – hitting Public Television shortly after! In this week’s smashing video post, Walter Kitundu and Luigi Anzivino rig a baseball bat to a camera that captures flash photos at the... Read more »

Dug North has posted a two-part Mechanical toy gifts for holidays 2008 on his Automata / Automaton Blog. Mechanical toy gifts for holidays 2008, Part 1 Mechanical toy gifts for holidays 2008, Part 2 Read more »

One of the great things about Maker Faire is the opportunity to meet clever people and their fascinating projects. Often you have a conversation with a person who is highly skilled in an area you have never really considered before. This was the case when I met up with Jerry... Read more »


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