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Using a 1px gradient PNG image and a solid background, you can create a snazzy gradient text effect. It looks pretty, but the real beauty is that you don’t need to cut custom titles, and the markup is simple and search friendly. The trick isn’t limited to just gradients, but... Read more »

Brad sends this about his son’s gift project: For Christmas this year, Lucas made his grandmom a battery powered amp for her guitar. This was a big project – first time with a soldering iron. Worked out well with only one minor burn. He did 80% of the soldering and... Read more »

Nikropht writes in - We received a few HTC ExtUSB connectors from PodGizmo. The first thing we thought of, was making the T-Mobile G1 send the audio to an iPod Speaker set we have. There is a sea of iPod accessories, so naturally the dock connector has a well known... Read more »

There’s still time to start making or just watch this week’s Weekend Project: Pole’s Eye View. You can view the video here, grab the PDF here and subscribe in iTunes to get all our Weekend Projects and PDFs delivered each week. Read more »

The holiday break is a good time for 30/40/50/etc.-somethings to take trips down memory lane and dig up games from their childhood. For those of us who either don’t have old systems in their attics/basements or who have grown bored with their contents, there are always emulators. The hassle with... Read more »

Happy birthday Louis! French chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur was born 12/27/1822 pioneered the creation of vaccines for rabies, anthrax and helped developed pasteurization (he helped invent the method to stop milk and wine from causing sickness). Drink up! Read more »

Urban Studies – For Geeks, a Frat House and Lab, All in One –… Great article on NYC Resistor! Diana Eng is one of seven women in the collective. A former contestant on the television series “Project Runway,” she created a sweatshirt with a digital camera embedded in the... Read more »


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