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Interesting article about Honda @ Forbes… At American auto companies, finance guys and marketers rise to the top. Not at Honda… Of all the bizarre subsidiaries that big companies can find themselves with, Harmony Agricultural Products, founded and owned by Honda Motor, is one of the strangest. This small company... Read more »

The Auduino project turns Arduino into a PWM based sound synthesizer - Sound is generated by playing the same noise (‘grain’) repeatedly at very high speed. This merges into a tone that is an audible hybrid of the repetition rate and the original grain. The grain consists of two triangular... Read more »

Brad Fitzpatrick created a garage door application for his G1 Android-based Google Phone. This would be noteworthy enough, but the interesting thing about Brad’s hack is that it opens the garage door automatically as he approaches his home. I got it all working. I now have an Android Activity (GarageDoorActivity)... Read more »

Hannah Perner-Wilson has a few new instructables up, my favorite of which is this one on making neoprene fabric buttons. She fuses conductive fabric on either side of a perforated membrane, making completely soft interface objects. Read more »

I tried out Google’s new voice search for the iPhone – it worked perfectly first try and all the other tries – I was wondering if it would be faster than typing for some things, and it is – so I’m going to likely use this for a bit until... Read more »

Here’s an older computer program I hadn’t seen until today: Cutlist Generator figures out how to make most efficient use of your wood based on the measurements of your pieces. Windows only, but it’s free! I can’t imagine it would be that hard to port to a web app… Via... Read more »

Automatic window shades, Anupam writes- It is nice to wake up from natural sunlight (instead of being jarred awake by a loud buzzer). While there are alarm clocks out there that do this with an artificial lamp, I thought it would be cooler and much cheaper to make my own.... Read more »