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I had a chance to check out Dream Squawk & The Shadow Puppet Sequencer at the ITP Winter Show 2008. Amy Khoshbin & Michael Clemow of Semiotech created these interactive instruments and have used them during live performances. They are both really interesting pieces that worked well together. SemioTech was... Read more »

Before Christmas this year, there seems to be plenty of neat holiday themed stuff with good parts about to go unsold. Anything with an overt holiday theme will be marked down the day after Christmas, so it is possible to think ahead and provision yourself for some maker fun for... Read more »

“Portal” is another interesting lighting installation by James Clar, that is currently on display at the Roger Tator Galerie in Lyon, France. The project “creates a doorway from a diffuser screen and has abstract lines of light that travel back and forth through the door, bouncing around the room.” A... Read more »

This wireless MIDI guitar by Hojun Song from Studio HHJJJ in Seoul, Korea is a pretty nice build that uses a PIC16F87A microcontroller, battery, 3-axis accelerometer, FSR sensor, and others connecting to Ableton Live to create some noise. Check out the video to see it in action. Wireless MIDI Guitar... Read more »

I’ll admit that I’ve got NERF on the brain. Perhaps there’s something about the holidays that makes me want to shoot foam darts at people… This is a fantastic steampunk NERF modification by Professor Oliver Shagnasty, Maker to the Queen, World Traveler, Custom builder of Gadgetry. He used late 1800’s... Read more »

For craft sales, the recession is a help @ The NYTimes… Feeling the pinch of the economic downturn, some holiday gift-givers are saving money this year by making their own presents or — for those who lack the time or talent — buying handmade gifts from others. Craft stores, from... Read more »

Alan sent in a link to his Art deco LED desk lamp that he made. I really like how he made the base for the lamp from scratch. Check out the link for more about the build. [Thanks Alan] I built a stylish energy-efficient desk lamp, entirely from scratch. I... Read more »


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