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This weekend, East Austin’s many studios open up: I’m going to run around like a madman trying to see them all. Here are a few of those that I’m most excited about (images via 1. Metal Arts Coop 2. Bleep Labs 3. Metamorphosis Arte I hope to see you... Read more »

Adrian from Google has an overview of the latest SketchUp, he writes - We’re very excited to announce the new release of Google SketchUp 7. If you don’t already know about the fun you can have with SketchUp, here’s a quick recap: SketchUp is software you can use to build... Read more »

The Scratch Input project explores an interesting very economical method for human-computer interface using a contact mic/stethoscope and a wall. table, or similar – We present Scratch Input, an acoustic-based input technique that relies on the unique sound produced when a fingernail is dragged over the surface of a textured... Read more »

NOTCOT put together one of the best “coupon books” online, it’s filled with *a ton* of MAKE / CRAFT friendly shops and more (including a coupon for the Maker Shed!) — go check it out! Read more »

Fred writes- Thingiverse is an “object sharing” site that enables anyone to upload the schematics, designs, and images for their projects. Users can then download and reuse the work in their projects using their own laser cutters, 3D printers, and analog tools. Think of it as a Flickr for the... Read more »

Image from The Green Microgym in Portland Seems unlikely, but it’s good to see CNN writing about even the more green-washed ends of the sustainability spectrum: Couch potatoes will be horrified, but fresh advances in human-powered technology — where users power appliances through their own motion — could one day... Read more »

The “Speed Fit” is a human powered treadmill system that allows you to run on a stationary platform while your motion drives a small electric powered gear system below to actually propel you across a flat surface. This might be the 2000s version of the Flintstone’s car although we wonder... Read more »