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Americans are rediscovering the fusty fix-it shops and unassuming secondhand stores on their local Main Streets. Reuse is the subject of this story by Ben Arnoldy in the Christian Science Monitor. The economy is creating new business for small, local repair shops, as Americans seek to extend the life of... Read more »

In my classroom, there is a shelf by the sink. Occasionally, I drink a soda and put the empty bottle or can on the shelf. For years, there has been no more than three or four bottles at a time on the shelf. Sometimes, I take them off to the... Read more »

Michelle @ CRAFT points us to instructables user tobias.tankes’ embroidered retro digital watch. If you’ve got access to a computerized embroidery machine, you can use his instructions to make your own. Read more »

An ear-jarringly extensive exploration into what happens when a Thingamakit watches way too much FREAKING TELEVISION! Yeah well, either way the effects of the screen refresh rate produces some interestingly strident tones – and that’s a pretty sweet paint job to boot. Read more »

Once again, Eric demonstrates the intricately beautiful results of mathematics/electronics - The patterns are synthesized with a Lagged Fibonacci Generator (LFG) circuit built with discrete logic chips (CD4000 CMOS). The LFG is an algorithm sometimes used in cryptography to generate encryption keys. I’m exploring it as a pattern generator for... Read more »

Dale recently posted about the similarities between making different fermented foods; now, you can make your cider and cheese with the same tool: Here is how I built my own combination cider and cheese press. After a great apple harvest this year, I was inspired to obtain my own cider... Read more »

This Instructable explains how to use an old electric oven and reasonably-priced kit to powder-coat at home: I’ve seen some cool candleholders around town made from plumbing fittings so this holiday season I made a bunch of powder coated iron pipe candleholders for friends. I’ve always wanted to try my... Read more »


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