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Happy birthday Isaac Asimov! Biochemist and Sci-Fi author Isaac Asimov was born today in 1920, wrote tons of Sci-Fi books capturing the imaginations of millions, and perhaps best known by makers for his creation of the “Three Laws of Robotics”: A robot may not injure a human being or, through... Read more »

I don’t know about you, but every new year, I come out of the gate with a new commitment to be more organized and work-efficient in my never-ending, nerfarious plans to take over the world. In searching out new organizing tools, I found this line-up of eight print, fold, make... Read more »

It seems shouting in the datacenter increases disk latency, fun experiment – we’ve all shouted in the server room, maybe we need to do it outside from now on… or just go all SSD. Read more »

Bob Hickman, Minty Amp maker, sent us a howto on making a jig for small form factor soldering projects. I often have to solder up a bunch of PCBs that are the same size, but have a bunch of fiddly components on them. To save time and frustration, I decided... Read more »

Thermistors are pretty cool little items. They convert heat into resistance. By having the temperature available as resistance, you can use the value to control other things like circuits and programs. Photo cells do the same thing with light, and they are in lots of common devices from night lights... Read more »

The iTurn allows you to control a servo via the iPhone’s built in accelerometer. This looks really easy to do, and it could be used in a lot of different projects. Check out the link for more information. The iPhone or iPod Touch has an accelerometer that detects how the... Read more »

This washing machine sends messages to Twitter when the clothes are done… for now a hack, eventually a standard feature :) Read more »


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