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I spotted this on eBay, a 1962 chemistry set from SEARS. And here’s another from the 1950s, The Gilbert Experimental Lab. Love the packaging… “Today’s adventures in science will create tomorrow’s America”. Read more »

While I’m not so sure about getting myself a MAKE: tattoo, I was willing to put my beloved 12″ PowerBook under the laser when Tod offered. We etched a MAKE: logo and a graphic of an espresso portafilter on there. Anyone else want to share their laser etched laptop tattoos?... Read more »

So you want to play motion based games on something other than the Wii product? Try out the Darwin, the latest evolution in gaming. Magnetometers that check the controller’s movement against the earth’s magnetic core. So cool. The result of all these sensors in the controller is that it gives... Read more »

Here are some of my favorite posts from the CRAFT blog this week: Exhibition of Embroidery at the Bard Graduate Center in NYC The Online Museum of Fabric Brain Art Giant Knitwear Furnishings Balsamic Chocolate Truffles Recipe Read more »

Chad sends this on how John Sweeney survived the recent bad patch of weather in the Northeast by using his hybrid car to power many devices in his house. During an ice storm last week Sweeney, of Harvard, Mass., powered his house by hooking it up to his Toyota Prius.... Read more »

This is for a Make: television project Tod Kurt and I built — a Wii nunchuck / Arduino “flight recorder” (more about the project to come). We used Tod’s Epilog laser cutter to cut out a rectangle from the top of a Pelican case, so that I could mount a... Read more »

Annalee @ io9 pointed me towards a story we’ll likely hear again and again until authorities realize that we’re never going to encourage the next generation of chemists if we treat every kid with a home chem lab like a criminal… As Annalee said to me in email… “We should... Read more »


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