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Last week, Mister Jalopy started out to write another one of is fine entries on D+R about “shackitecture” and ended up penning a proposal for an “Urban Homesteading Act,” a new generation of homesteading laws. As discussed on D+R previously, the local zoning and building departments represent an impregnable, byzantine... Read more »

Time has a cool slideshow and interesting article about vertical farming. See the article for a focus on the now, like this experiment in El Paso: And more futurism in the slideshow. My favorite: Even if they’re not always the most efficient, you’ve gotta love those Savonius turbines on top…... Read more »

I just published my Instructable on getting my Arduino to take care of my plants. Specifically, Garduino waters the plants when their soil resistance level drops too low and turns on supplemental lighting to make total light daily equal 16 hours regardless of outside conditions. It’s not pretty, but it... Read more »

Will These Vehicles Run? Modern Mechanix, 1932. HERE’S a real brain tickler for puzzle fans—study the drawings above, figure out whether the lead balls and the water motor will move the vehicles or not (and why), send in your less than 300 word letter giving your reasons, and you may... Read more »

Kyle Fokken makes amazing mixed media sculptures. Check out the gallery section on his website to see a lot more of these beautiful artworks. My work is based on a love of antique toys from the late 19th and early 20th centuries as viewed from a modern perspective. We are... Read more »

Popular Mechanics has a nice project explaining how to build a backyard pergola. It might not be the best time of year to start such a project, but you could get all the parts ready for the spring. More about How-to build a backyard pergola Read more »

Here’s a simple holiday project that recycles parts from old hinges. The maker uses epoxy to hold it all together, but you could tack weld it for a more permanent solution. More about Hardware angel ornaments Read more »


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