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Here’s an lecture by acoustic archaeologist Paul Devereux detailing some of his research into the sound made by the rocks of ancient cave-dwellings. Interesting info – I wasn’t aware of the sonic potential of “rock on rock” percussion. Read more »

The Mucky Wheel electronic instrument turns out the blips, bleeps, and bloops with a satisfyingly sea-going motif. Design and construction photos available here. [via Synthtopia] Read more »

Video technology sure has come a long way in the past 30 years. In the early days the first video recorders used by TV production crews were large quad decks about the size of refrigerator lying on its back and recorded video onto 2-inch wide videotape. Now you can easily... Read more »

Although it doesn’t really work like the real game, some kid turned his neighborhood streets into a Guitar Hero game board where you have to successfully bike over the icons from the game, made in chalk on the street. Although doing this successfully will not actually play the game or... Read more »

“VideoMan”, is a performance / street intervention project by Mexican artist Fernando Llanos where the artist wears a custom built suit comprised of a video camera, projector, large portable battery pack, power inverters, amplifiers, and other noise generators. Walking around city streets, Llanos projects varied imagery of news broadcasts and... Read more »

By way of the Make: Flickr pool comes these awesome junkbot sculptures made by Mario Caicedo Langer from Bogotá, Colombia. Ecodiseño Read more »

Over the past couple of years, the Make: Books team has been coming out with hands-on books covering everything from making wearable electronics to creating your own home chemistry lab. We’ve got all these books up for sale in Maker Shed, but we’ve also got a big selection of books... Read more »