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If you use the Command+Shift+3 or Command+Shift+4 commands to save screen captures, you know how quickly your desktop gets cluttered with mysteriously named PNG files. A post on the Sneak blog points to a solution to this problem for Leopard users: To change the default save location, open up Terminal... Read more »

What will be big in 2009? Leather keyboards via Giz. Read more »

This installation by Australian artist Ivan Argote is called “Tourist Trap” and consists of a large handmade wooden cage perched on a leg over a city pathway. When “tourists” walk underneath it, it traps them, although we think it’s probably too easy to escape this beast. Ivan Argote via Aram... Read more »

Simone Bardi makes these interesting pictures/sculptures made form recycled PC parts. I would like to see these in person and try and identify the sources of the electronics. It’s all about inspiration. Dismantling everything that can be disassembled just for the pleasure of changing perspective. Imaging and re-inventing a new... Read more »

I was doing a little research about Creative Commons, Public Domain, and Open Source Hardware, when I came across a great article at Core77 about a book called “The Public Domain: Enclosing the Commons of the Mind” by James Boyle. The book explores the plight of Public Domain and why... Read more »

How do you make the tour of holiday houses extra special for your Christmas-crazed son? Pull him in a little red wagon that’s lit up with its own strand of 60 LED Christmas lights, like Rob Readings did. He powered it with an old motorcycle battery and a cheap power... Read more »

imp558 at the Hacked Gadgets forums writes- …I tend to do some wierd things being a long time technician and closet robotics enthusiast. Hopefully you guys will appreciate my portable desktop. After stuff I had laying around it cost me about $300. These pics don’t show the chrome trim around... Read more »


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