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Here’s a useful primer on whole-house rainwater catchment systems: In many areas of the country, a water-conserving household can provide for all its water needs from what it can catch off its roof. If the graywater and potentially the blackwater/humanure is also recycled for landscaping, each home can become an... Read more »

This is truly aggressive upcycling: The De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel in the Netherlands salvaged four wine casks from Switzerland and converted them into rooms. Formerly filled with 14,500 liters of Beaujolais wine from the French chateau, each now holds a modest two-person room with standard amenities and even an... Read more »

The Purple Pedals project consists of 20 solar-powered, geotagging, photo-taking, flickr-uploading bicycles called the ybike. It’s also a really interesting look at why a major sponsor would fund such an unusual project. There is a great list of assets at the end of the post that you might want to... Read more »

This is a great instructable from the people over at oomlout that documents their process of getting an Arduino powered robot kit to the market. There are a lot of things to consider when setting up a ‘tabletop factory’ and this is a great resource for getting started. They cover... Read more »

Congratulations to Antti Seppänen, whose Beagle Board-based robot is the winner of the first Beagle Board design contest. What’s more, Antti also created a very cool expansion board for the Beagle Board, and made the design available under a CC license: My Beagle bot required building an expansion board. Some... Read more »

In Australia QR codes are used mainly in advertisements, but check out this take-back-the-medium piece by one of the folks at Radical Cross Stitch: I’ve been working on stitching QR Codes for some time now. I’ve been doing them on regular Aida fabric (14 count mostly) and they’ve been working... Read more »

André simulates what might it might be like if the elements of a video test pattern suddenly broke rank and became free of their eternally monotonous task. It’s worth mentioning that the video was created entirely in FinalCut and the music was recorded by Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Read more »


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