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Bre writes - Zach Smith, fellow NYCResistor and Founder of The RepRap Research Foundation decided that for Lazzzorbattle 2008, he wanted to do something cool. In QCAD, he mocked up a peristaltic pump and after about 5 versions, he had it working and the entire design is cut out of... Read more »

William sent in this page detailing how to replace the bulbs of Christmas light strings with LEDs - I begin by cutting the light sockets off the string about three inches from the socket and I store them in a box. There is usually a wire that goes from one... Read more »

You’ve probably already heard of, the “hyperlocal” news, information, and conferencing service created to serve cities, towns, and neighborhoods throughout the US. John Geraci, one of the co-founders of, has launched a new site called DIYcity. The idea here is to use the crowdsourcing power of the interwebs... Read more »

I love this retro/deco/steampunk-looking desk fan designer/artist Clive Batkin made from a redundant computer cooling and some copper, brass, and wood. He was inspired by the look of the heat sink fins and the overall design of the original fan. He’s got some other really nice pieces on his site,... Read more »

The problem with bleeding edge devices is that they quickly become old and irrelevant. Replaced with the latest gizmo, old smart phones and PDAs tend to find their way to a drawer or a landfill after about 2 or 3 years. It’s not that most of us want a throwaway... Read more »

At the most recent Dorkbot DC, we had a wonderful, extremely informative presentation given by Alden Hart. By day, Alden is an electrical engineer and the CTO of a technical consulting firm, by night, he messes around with LEDs and microcontrollers, especially for elaborate holiday light displays he does at... Read more »

Brennon Williams sent us a link to his blog, BW Science Labs, where he explores science and technology. I really liked this LED constellation project, but you should check out the rest of his entries – he posts about microcontrollers, basic soldering, robotics, lots of stuff! Really impressive work for... Read more »