SD Times Blog says Google might be working on their own router- For a long time now, Juniper has had one big ol’ customer floating its bottom line: Google. It makes sense, as Juniper specializes in gigantically powerful boxes for routing traffic, and Google exists as one giant pool of... Read more »

I’ve often considered Electro-Harmonix the coolest mainstream manufacturer of effects pedals and this new product is further proof. The Voice Box is both a vocoder and harmonizer unit with mic and instrument inputs. Along with built in reverb, tone control, and phantom power this unit provides “gender” changing options. From... Read more »

Make: television Episode 2: Maker Cris Benton takes spectacular aerial photographs by rigging remote-controlled cameras to high flying kites. In the Maker Workshop John Park builds a Burrito Blaster, which can propel a burrito 50 yards, and Mister Jalopy shows off his giant iPod. The Maker Channel features vegetable flutes,... Read more »

We’ve just posted a PDF excerpt from our first Craft book, Syuzi Pakhchyan’s Fashioning Technology. The book covers everything you need to know to get started making wearable electronics, smart toys, furniture, and home decor. It’s a very cool book that gives you the skills and inspiration to make some... Read more »

Nyle posted this multitrack recording featuring sounds from a homemade Zinc oscillator circuit - An electronic sound composition is made entirely of sounds produced using zinc negetive resistance audio oscillator circuits. No vacuum tubes or transistors were used to generate the sounds. Several tracks of the zinc oscillator sounds were... Read more »

Not to be outdone by her sister Kris, Carly DeGraeve sent us this link to her latest electrified Monopoly board. It lights up the four props in the center of the board when you land on the appropriate squares. She used reed switches and magnets to complete the circuit. Electrified... Read more »

Designer Jaebeom Jeong built this lovely chair with stainless steel, and walnut, yet it looks like the wireframe 3D NURBS model that you’d see in your design software. It’s not the concept, it’s the final product. I would love to get an entire dining set done in this style, so... Read more »


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