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Ryan writes in about several Madison, WI Makers (including Ryan) that were featured in this story in 77 Square, a weekly arts/entertainment section in the Capital Times. Local DIYers reclaim old junk and turn it into functional, useful stuff… When Ryan Bollig got frustrated with the short battery life of... Read more »

Louis Braille became blind aged three. In 1821 he started to devise the Braille system to help people with visual impairments to read and write… Invented by Louis Braille at the age of 15, the idea came from a soldier who had served in the Napoleonic army in Poland and... Read more »

A panel used by [script] 25C3 is underway and includes excellent presentations. Via hackaday, here’s some coverage of “Solar-powering your Geek Gear:” [script] selected a four segment folding solar panel after some research. he pointed out that solar is currently more of a necessity technology than money saving since the... Read more »

Here’s the winner of the quick “What you’re making in 2009″ contest, send me a note Brent to collect your prize, a Maker’s Notebook! Posted by: Brent on January 1, 2009 at 11:07 AM Resolving to Complete my Solenoid Project I’m resolving to complete my solenoid project this year. Scavenged... Read more »

Looking for a better reason to have that high powered phone on your hip? How about saving the world, or saving yourself? The applications are designed to change people’s behavior for the better, said Sunny Consolvo, one of UbiFit’s creators. In a three-month field experiment, people using UbiFit with the... Read more »

John is working on a one wheeled self-balancing skateboard project and he’s just posted a how-to! After reading a Make magazine article on the self balancing unicycle of Trevor Blackwell I thought about trying to build a one wheeled skateboard style device. I then found a self balancing skateboard on... Read more »

Only one more day until the Make: television show premieres! These photos of me and Bill Gurstelle are from the VCR Cat Feeder we built for the first episode. Here’s a look at how we scripted the segment: The process of writing the scripts for the Maker Workshop segments was... Read more »


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