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Rick and Meg Prelinger couldn’t find a library with what they wanted, so they made their own. Read more »


Akio Tanabe creates some of the world’s most sought-after bicycle frames. Read more »

I love these custom Tonka trucks from Testar logistics via DnR… Read more »

From the MAKE Flickr photo pool Feeling nostalgic for the short-lived pop-up toaster action of G4 Cube? Check out Trademarklaser’s acrylic stand which positions a Mac Mini to load discs topside. – Mac Mini Cube More: Mac mini Cube project Big Book of Apple Hacks Read more »

Sean Ragan writes: This is a coffee table incorporating a tiled “space invaders” motif. Several years ago tiled space invader sprites began showing up as graffiti in major western cities–Paris, London, New York, etc. It may never be possible to accurately say who was really first, but the British graffiti... Read more »

The Visible Hand by Dale Dougherty in Welcome. The DIY mindset must again become an essential life skill – Page 13. I wrote this piece about a month ago as the Welcome for Make: 16, which will be on the newsstand soon… As I write this, there is panic on... Read more »