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This washing machine sends messages to Twitter when the clothes are done… for now a hack, eventually a standard feature :) Read more »

Last time I wrote about a DIY Lamborghini it ended up being a top 10 posts on the MAKE blog in 2008. Now that 2009 is here I thought I might try it again with another DIY Lamborghini. This time it’s a 2001 Lamborghini Diablo VT replica. This is the... Read more »

Stretchable electronics and the strongest material ever were just two achievements of 2008… The Year in Materials @ Technology Review. Read more »

Michelle @ CRAFT points us to these incredible paper illustrations by Russion illustrator and graphic designer Yulia Brodskaya. Read more »

iPod speakers made out of iPods via HackedGadgets. Jordan writes- I took a pair of speakers, and put them in two of the original iPods where the scroll wheels normally were. I was looking through a bunch of old stuff when I came across my original iPod. I had long... Read more »

This remote controlled robot kit called “Tornader” spins around in every direction and seems like a pretty successful way to make your pets go crazy. Best of all it comes in a kit that you can put together in less than an hour. Elekit Kit via DVICE Read more »

We’re posted in the past about her work, but these “Soft Sculptures” by artist Megan Whitmarsh are a soft jumble of everything from consumer electronics like televisions, cell phones, and Rubix cubes to other everyday products. Will she make a “soft Arduino” next? Megan Whitmarsh via Design Boom Read more »


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