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Make a high-tech mood light from a flourescent lamp and a bunch of old memory chips. Thanks go to Ross Orr for the original article in Make: Volume 09 View the PDF Read more »

If you’re into building retro gaming cabinets, you probably have a bunch of joysticks hanging around, and look what an attractive coat rack they can make! If you don’t have them around, they’re really easy to get on ebay. Via Geekologie. Read more »

I learned something new today: shaving one Persian cat produces enough hair to make a handbag: I won’t be buying one anytime soon, but one must applaud the ingenuity! (via Inhabitat) UPDATE: this was posted last week by Gareth, sorry! Read more »

The Tap’d Instructables contest is generating some really cool entries, including this soda-bottle-based herb garden: Any suggestions on maximum plant size that will work with this much soil space? Read more »

This Instructable is interesting because it lets you run a gas generator on propane and also might serve as an introduction to adapting fuel inputs more broadly. Anyone know whether this would work as-is with methane instead of propane? Read more »

Here’s a brilliantly simple Instructable on using the sun as your pump for a hydroponics system. According to the Instructable, clouds passing in front of the sun creates enough change in light to make the pump run. Has anyone seen scaled-up versions of this? Seems like it could be a... Read more »

Evil Mad Scientist Lenore has posted a project to zombify a freebie plushie pony from Wells Fargo. Watch Mollie the pretty pony be transformed into MAULIE, the evil zombie pony who eats children that don’t eat their vegetables (okay, I made that last bit up). When I was at the... Read more »


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