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Hans writes in – My toaster is hooked to the internet to tell the world when I am toasting and when my toast is done. The system uses the ioBridge module and event widgets and Twitter to echo the feedback from my toaster. I would love to hear your thoughts. Read more »

Not content with the functional-yet-pedestrian-looking hipster PDA (it’s just a binder clip and index cards), GTD practitioner Patrick Ng applied his rather impressive design chops to building this stunning, one-of-a-kind productivity notebook he calls the mind.Depositor. Instead of just inserting plain index cards for random note taking, I created a... Read more »

We did a massive Arduino gift guide this year and a few folks asked if we had a PDF of it, so here it is! Remember the last day of shipping from the Maker Shed is this Friday, December 19th! Read more »

Optigan aficionado Pea Hix created a homebrew sound disc for the awesomely obscure instrument – the first expansion for the instrument in 34 years! It’s the news you’ve been waiting for! We are now ready to release the first in a series of new, high quality Optigan discs. We’ve listened... Read more »

Artist Nancy Wu made a tasty (or disgusting) beef jerky handbag. Read more »

Gorgeous photo set of art made from maps via NOTCOT & store. Read more »

I like “dumb bots” (a.k.a. BEAM robots) as much as the next analog electronics fan, but Baca RoboCup is something entirely different. These baca (“foolish” or “stupid”) robots are meant to be as idiotic as possible and must be “useless to society,” in fact, the biggest chucklebot is voted the... Read more »


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