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Make: television debuts at 7am PST on 1/3 – over the weekend you’ll be able to see it in the following locations on public television (broadcast tv). You can also visit and watch all 4 parts, in HD, DRM free, download them and share them! They’ll also be on... Read more »

I’m not sure if I agree that the Keytar is the world’s sexiest instrument, but this still a really cool project. It’s a keyboard/guitar controlled by an Arduino. The website has a little more information about the build and you can download the Arduino code. Which is the worlds sexiest... Read more »

Image and article via Treehugger Here’s a call for trash to treasure ideas: We are seeking submissions for 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse, an upcoming book by Garth Johnson of, which will feature 21st Century craft and design, all made with recycled, upcycled, repurposed and reused items. We are... Read more »

Every year, some friends of mine throw an “Art Hat” party for New Year’s Eve. We get together and each construct a hat that we wear at the stroke of midnight. We parade around in the hats while banging on their pots and pans. Last year, we had a bonfire... Read more »

Brother’s Quattro 6000D HD sewing machine… via Giz, wow! Read more »

Ryan writes in about several Madison, WI Makers (including Ryan) that were featured in this story in 77 Square, a weekly arts/entertainment section in the Capital Times. Local DIYers reclaim old junk and turn it into functional, useful stuff… When Ryan Bollig got frustrated with the short battery life of... Read more »

Louis Braille became blind aged three. In 1821 he started to devise the Braille system to help people with visual impairments to read and write… Invented by Louis Braille at the age of 15, the idea came from a soldier who had served in the Napoleonic army in Poland and... Read more »


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