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The challenge of trying to buy everything that is only made in the USA… by Nicole McClellan @ Mother Jones… i had been cursing up and down the aisles at the grocery store for half an hour when I finally found a can of black beans claiming to be “100%... Read more »

I love this knitted horse head by Becca Compton… goes perfectly with an embroidered The Godfather portrait… Read more »

Here are the MAKE elves back from volume 04 by Robert Ullman – I put larger versions up on Flickr if you want to use them in a cool holiday project. If you do use them, put a photo in the MAKE Flickr photo pool – we just might send... Read more »

Built by the British Royal Society of Arts to bring waste and recycling issues to the public eye – Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment(aka WEEE) Man weighs in @ 3.3 metric tons - What is he made of? Firstly, large household appliances, such as washing machines and television sets make... Read more »

Frostedminipete kicked his PT-100 keyboard up quite a several dozen notches by adding the following very effective circuit-bends - Starve pot [simulates dying batteries...low pitch, etc] Lead distortion pot Snare/hihat/bass distortion pot Bass drum distortion pot Chord distortion pot Warbly/wahwah switch Pulse 1 (fast) switch Pulse 2 (warbly/slow) switch added... Read more »

It’s CYBER MONDAY MAKERS! So in that spirit we were able to do up a quick code/sale for all our robot kits for today. It starts at 12:01 am PST 12/1/2008 and ends today at 11:59 pm PST. Use code CYBERM at checkout at the Maker Shed. I’m also going... Read more »

Alex Weber, of Tinkerlog, who’s brought us such wonderful projects as the programmable LED (featured in The Best of Instructables) and synchronizing fireflies, now offers kits for both of these projects in his new Tinkerstore. Synchronizing Firefly kit sells for 11.50 Euros (about $14.40) and simulates a firefly with a... Read more »