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Here it is!! MAKE Volume 16 – Spy Tech (m4v video). No mission is impossible when makers put their minds to it. Make Volume 16 will help you get smart with a special section on spy tech. Learn how to build and use tiny surveillance devices, and how to know... Read more »

Kill A Watt – Take apart @ SparkFun- Plug the Kill-a-watt into a standard 110V US outlet, then plug the device (like a TV, air-conditioner, computer, etc) you want to measure into the Kill-a-watt. The KAW will measure voltage, amps, watts, Hz, kWhr, and elapsed time (since plugged in). The... Read more »

In response to my posting of the DIY hobby o-scope item, Ken_S sent a link to his “Minimalist Oscilloscope 08M Project,” which uses a PICAXE 08M chip and a Nokia cellphone screen to create a… well… minimal oscilloscope. Given that he got the phone for a buck, he was able... Read more »

NgeokNean made this very cool LEGO Mindstorms NXT walker – I’ve never seen this kind of pivot-mechanism used for turning, it’s very creative! Via NXT Step blog Read more »

I understand Maker Faire Austin is done and gone, but I’m still thinking about how much fun it was. Over the next week or 2, I’ll continue to share some highlights from the most make-tastic event Austin’s ever seen. Recycling Biking Globe from the town of Chelmsford In addition to... Read more »

Dean Kamen is working on a Stirling engine car and it’s on the road… The same day that Ford and General Motors announced catastrophic third-quarter losses, Dean Kamen was showing off his new electric car. The prototype vehicle, a zippy two-seat hatchback designed with more than a passing resemblance to... Read more »

Yesterday I bought the first cellphone of my life. I had been using the junker phone that my niece lost two years ago when she was in 7th grade. It resurfaced when she finally cleaned her closet. The phone was already on the plan and they had replaced it Tmobile... Read more »