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This interesting project by French artist Stephane Vigny, is a combination of a cuckoo clock and a giant loud speaker. When the bass is loud, the largest speaker on the bottom is released on a hinge-mechanism and catapulted into the room, retreating back to the cabinet when the sound softens.... Read more »

This week I made the open source Trippy RGB Waves Kit by Mitch Altman. I like this kit because it’s perfect for someone learning to solder, yet it has programming headers so the advanced user can hack it up. The original video was about 18 minutes long. Too long in... Read more »

RumblePhones uses an Arduino and a pair of parabolic hand mics to allow the wearer to physically feel sound in a busy environment. This looks really interesting, too bad there isn’t any video of the final work. I’ll keep you updated. RumblePhones consist of a pair of noise canceling -20... Read more »

This is a really interesting interactive project that uses skateboards and MAX/MSP along with Ableton Live to create some really cool audio. There is a lot more information about the hardware and software used on the website. Make sure to check out the videos, they are really amazing. More about... Read more »

This is a simple way to make an Arduino compatible circuit on a breadboard. The only additional components needed are a 0.1µF capacitor and a 1k resistor. This is amazingly simple. I have to try this out for myself. Here is a recipe for using the atmega168 as a standalone... Read more »

This looks like it could be useful technique for your next build. At the very least, it is an interesting electrochemical experiment to try out. Just remember, copper sulphate is extremely poisonous, so keep your kiddies away. More about How to electroplate with copper Read more »

Here is another nice decoration you can make out of recycled materials. It’s a little more 2D compared to the one I posted about last week, but it’s still a nice addition to your holiday decorations. Learn How to make paper star ornaments Read more »


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