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An ear-jarringly extensive exploration into what happens when a Thingamakit watches way too much FREAKING TELEVISION! Yeah well, either way the effects of the screen refresh rate produces some interestingly strident tones – and that’s a pretty sweet paint job to boot. Read more »

Once again, Eric demonstrates the intricately beautiful results of mathematics/electronics – The patterns are synthesized with a Lagged Fibonacci Generator (LFG) circuit built with discrete logic chips (CD4000 CMOS). The LFG is an algorithm sometimes used in cryptography to generate encryption keys. I’m exploring it as a pattern generator for... Read more »

Dale recently posted about the similarities between making different fermented foods; now, you can make your cider and cheese with the same tool: Here is how I built my own combination cider and cheese press. After a great apple harvest this year, I was inspired to obtain my own cider... Read more »

This Instructable explains how to use an old electric oven and reasonably-priced kit to powder-coat at home: I’ve seen some cool candleholders around town made from plumbing fittings so this holiday season I made a bunch of powder coated iron pipe candleholders for friends. I’ve always wanted to try my... Read more »

Here’s a great design for a solar tracker, using bicycle wheels and a linear actuator (salvageable from an old satellite dish): Even simpler, this tracker uses an old clock to drive a gear for the tracker: What other useful designs have you found? Read more »

Attention Ann Arbor makers – GO-Tech will be gathering this eve @ a new earlier time of 7 pm. Dale writes – We’ll have the Five-Minute Timer Contest (see below) and a talk on EMC2, the open source CNC software that many of us use. We’ll also have our usual... Read more »

It seems like one of the trickiest components in a wearable computer is coming up with a wearable display device that’s usable, not overly intrusive, and preferably inexpensive. Last November, I posted about Raif Ackermann’s Nokia-based wearable that uses a hacked Myvu Crystal headset as a head mounted display. Meant... Read more »


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