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Medix’s hard drive laser shutter via Hacked Gadgets. Read more »

Retro Tennis for Two on display at the Brookhaven Lab in celebration of its 50th anniversary @ The NY Times… “I BRAG to people that I was probably the first kid to play a video game,” said Robert Dvorak Jr. That happened half a century ago here at Brookhaven National... Read more »

Bunnie (Chumby engineer and all around hardware hacker) got a Nintendo DSi… and took it apart… I couldn’t help myself from buying one of these…and taking it apart. The DSi is pretty cool: it has not one, but two, cameras embedded in it. One faces forward so you can see... Read more »

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories released a new version of their AVR breakout board… We’ve just released a new version of our super-handy business card sized target board for programming 28-pin AVR microcontrollers like the ATmega168 and ATmega328. These are just the thing for programming these chips through an ISP programmer... Read more »

AskPang has an thoughtful reflection on Tinkering as a Mode of Knowledge: Production in the Digital Age, a conference presented by The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Tinkering isn’t so much a specific set of technical skills: there tends to be a pretty instrumental view of knowledge. You... Read more »

Sea-Urchin chair – made with 8,000 zip ties via NOTCOT. Read more »

Andy Wilson of MS Research—a name you may recognize from yesterday’s $1 gesture recognition post—is responsible for a number of pretty unbelievable projects involving image processing and human computer interfaces. It’s the sort of stuff that really blurs the boundaries between real and digital environments. I was blown away by... Read more »