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Macula offers a downloadable papercraft of Krampus, a creepy companion of Saint Nicholas. Read more »

The Zeptotools blog posted this demo of an iPhone application they are hoping to release. I haven’t used the application or seen it outside of this video, but I like the idea of adding whiteboard features to the iPhone by sending screen data to a nearby laptop with an attached... Read more »

This huge, wall crushing robot looks like it might disrupt even the most rocking party.With an old school CRT as its head, it might be the ghost that DOS forgot. Super-A Read more »

Artist Gayle Chong Kwan has recreated the ancient city of “Atlantis” using recycled plastic bottles and other food packaging collected from ordinary citizens in London. The project attempts to question “notions of waste, climate change and how this is changing our planet’s climate.” Interesting installation made of objects that will... Read more »

In one episode of the Make: television show I do an Input >> Arduino >> Output demonstration to explain how the microcontroller reads a button press and plays a light pattern on some LEDs. To keep things clear visually, I mounted the buttons in one MAKE Project Tin, the Arduino... Read more »

“Concentric Wave”, permanently located at the Harley Gallery in Nottinghamshire, UK, is another cool kinetic sculpture by Martin Smith that mimics the effect of water droplets falling and splashing on a pool of water by creating a mechanical wave from rings of steel. Check out the video for the full... Read more »

This interesting project by French artist Stephane Vigny, is a combination of a cuckoo clock and a giant loud speaker. When the bass is loud, the largest speaker on the bottom is released on a hinge-mechanism and catapulted into the room, retreating back to the cabinet when the sound softens.... Read more »


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