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Meggiecat points us to Cheeky Magpie’s blog, where I found these papercraft reindeer – it looks like a fun holiday project for kids! Read more »

The amazing Habu Textiles has started their annual yarn sale – they have the coolest yarns made of paper, silk, cotton, ramie, lots of strange and wonderful stuff for all kinds of art projects! Read more »

One of the longest standing information systems has got to be the notebook. With a notebook, you can put any idea down on paper, and get it out of your mind. Often this will give you more room for new and maybe even better ideas. Sometimes, the notebook itself can... Read more »

Here is my hacked MAKE gift subscription card I plan on giving this holiday season. I used an Arduino, a 7-Segment display, and a modified MAKE gift subscription card. The recipient gets the Arduino and a subscription to MAKE. It’s the perfect combination! It’s never too late to pick up... Read more »

Today is a big day for shoes, the news is filled with stories of shoes around the world – so on a more constructive and positive note, here are some non-airbourne shoe projects… Learn two ways to mod Converse Hightops: knit one pair and swap the fabric on another. Fashion... Read more »

My friend Tod E. Kurt built this device as a study in using an analog panel meter with an Arduino. If I recall correctly, it is purely self-referential; its only function is to test its own batteries. The case was cut and styled on his laser cutter — it still... Read more »

From the MAKE: Flickr pool Tom is designing a breath transmission system using a PC case fan as a optical interrupter - “Breath” is a breath-over-IP phy2phy system. You blow on one fan (anemometer, whatever you want to call it), that data is sent over IP to the other side... Read more »


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