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Stanford released their iPhone programming course—syllabus, lecture notes, assignments, and all—online. It’s what you’d find in any serious software engineering and object oriented design program, but it’s been designed around the iPhone target platform, with Objective C as the instruction language. There are lectures and assignments on a number of... Read more »

MAKE attended the ITP Winter Show 2008 at NYU this evening. It featured over 100 unique projects from the students enrolled in the program. I really enjoy talking to the students at ITP. They are all so enthusiastic and passionate about the work on display. [Pictured above: Living Shade by... Read more »

MAKE continues its in depth coverage of interactive technology projects with the “ITP Winter Show 2008″ a two day exhibition of interactive sight, sound, and physical objects by the student artists of ITP @ NYU. Each year I try and spot the trends of what the students are heading towards,... Read more »

This worm farm is a wonderful reuse of an old bathtub. I especially like how the drain was plumbed for serving up that rich, fertilizing “worm tea”. My wife and I did some worm composting a few years ago in a much less attractive plastic bin. Next time we’ll build... Read more »

Today’s Cool Tool mailing reminded me about one of my favorite year-end publications: the Uncle Mark 2009 Gift Guide and Almanac. Put out yearly (this year and last, anyway) by Mark Hurst, who runs the Gel Conference, this guide is tremendously unglamourous (in a great way). It’s laid out (and... Read more »

The Synthesia “Open Synth Hardware Platform” uses a Gumstix board, FPGA chip to create a anaolog modelling synthesizer with touchscreen interface - The synthesia platform is a project whose purpose isto create an Analogue modelling musical synthesizer; that is, a synthesizer implemented using both analogue and digital components that intends... Read more »

Last year I gave MAKE and CRAFT gift subscriptions to my son’s school – I was in the school library the other day and saw the latest editions on the magazine rack, looking well-thumbed already! The librarian often sends me emails telling me about kids and teachers discovering the magazines... Read more »


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