Behind the Scenes at the permiere of Make:television @ Geekdad – Dan writes – MAKE:television invited GeekDad to their premiere event in Minnesota this week. GeekDad John and I played with some of the projects they built on the air, met the host, John Park and got a preview of... Read more »

Selectism did an interview with American commuter bike makers Freeman Transport on the importance of feeling the hand of the maker in their product (bikes). It’s all around inspiring! …We wanted people to know how important it is for us to support US manufacturing and the lack thereof. If things... Read more »

Plustek is showing this $700 Book Reader V100 at CES 2009. It scans books directly into MP3 audio files using optical code recognition (OCR) and a tiny little man with a mellifluous baritone voice trapped inside. Or some kind of text-to-speech program. I’m not sure which. Given the choice between... Read more »

Jenny @ CRAFT found these little gems in the CRAFT Flickr pool: soap made to look like dentures! These wouldn’t be too hard to make yourself using a mouth-safe alginate to make a mold, then cast two different colors of soap into it! I’ll keep this one in mind for... Read more »

This is a really simple project that would fun for anyone getting started with an Arduino. Check out the ‘more info’ section for a link to the source code. There aren’t any schematics, but the code is well documented. More about the Imperial March on an Arduino In the Maker... Read more »

Roboduino is an Arduino compatible micro controller that has some extra features that make it great for anyone making robots. I really like the power buses along side the pwm and analog pins so you can easily plug in a standard servo. The Roboduino is a Freeduino (Arduino software compatible)... Read more »

SparkFun has a really interesting article about what a prototype means. The article includes a lot of interesting information on the development cycle that started SparkFun Electronics and the progression of the BlueSMiRF module. Clearing out various boxes here at SparkFun Electronics, we come across piles of old prototypes. You... Read more »


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