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Navs built a big ol’ box of birthday noise for a friend - Introducing the Trobetronic40 – my first DIY synth project, built for a mate’s 40th birthday out of parts sourced from a knackered Korg PolySix, Thingamagoop box and various cheap components. Must be a good friend to ransack... Read more »

Model Boat Mayhem is a great resource for model boat builders. The site has a bunch of good info, pictures, advice and more. There is an active forum for builders with loads of tips and help. People on the forum are helpful and civil from what I can see. Here... Read more »

We’ve blogged about the Midify module before here on MAKE, and here’s another good way to use this simple chip that will add MIDI to pretty much anything you can think of. This hack shows to to add MIDI to a GameBoy Advance SP with only basic tools and soldering... Read more »

As a way to raise funds for the 2005 tsunami victims in southeast Asia, Brian Berg built the skyline of NYC with playing cards using 178,000 cards, one for each of the victims. More pics of this project at the link below. NYC’s Skyline made of cards Read more »

This hack shows how to pitch-modify a Casio electronic keyboard using the LTC1799 Precision Oscillator kit. Read more about this interesting build at the link below. via GetLoFi Read more »

These giant web 2.0 pieces of graffiti were not viral marketing, and found in locations ranging from Cambodia, Mali, and Vietnam. Although we’re not sure about their origin, we wonder if they stay true to their web 2.0-isms and are user-customizeable beyond a can of paint. via Kjeft a! Read more »


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