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Ok Makers this is the last week to order things to get them before the holidays, below is the schedule of shipping “safe days” and below that we’ve included many/most of our gift guides for 2008 to check out. Times are tight for everyone this year, give a gift that... Read more »

This dress by Ying Gao reacts to it’s environment by integrating proximity sensors. I would love to see this type of clothing being worn on the streets of NYC. More about “Walking City” kinetic dresses Read more »

If you missed our video earlier in the week today is a good day to sit back and enjoy the stylings of Collin with “MAKE presents: The Resistor”… Simple, commonplace and absolutely vital to our electronic world – take a closer look at the current-fighting backbone of circuitry, the resistor!... Read more »

My pick for today’s PC Mod is the Atari 800 ITX, built by Andy Huston. There is a lot of bias at work here as the Atari 800 was my first computer / gaming system, and I actually still have it sitting on my desk. Though it is sad to... Read more »

If you are going to make a Flying Spaghetti Monster, you might as well make it out of Spaghetti. At the very least, use several different kinds of pasta. More about the Flying Spaghetti Monster – Portrait from Self Read more »

GeekDad Holiday Gift Guide #6: Kids’ Games & Building Sets All chores and no play make Jack a dull boy. Kids love games, and parents love games that are smart — or at least engage kids constructively for a spell. For more suggestions look for our list of gift guides... Read more »

Today’s mod pic is the animated Hulk PC mod that advertises Maximum PC. Instead of being a modded case, it’s more like the guts of a computer that got caught in an action sequence. Most of the pictures of construction are embedded in a Flash, so it’s hard to use... Read more »


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