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As part of the promotion around The Best of Instructables Volume 1, PT offered me a guest blogging spot at Makezine, which I naturally jumped at. This is the first of my periodic posts In the best talk of the 2008 Web 2.0 Summit Al Gore called for president-elect Obama... Read more »

Here is another great piece by Amorphic Robot Works. The website has a lot more information on the build and a cool video. Skeletal Reflections is an autonomous, humanoid robot that engages its audience by enacting art historical interpretations of the viewer’s physical stance. In exhibition, human participation determines the... Read more »

I really enjoy large-scale robotic sculptures like Sixteen Birds. The website has a lot more information about the piece, including fabrication details and a nice video. Sixteen Birds is the first multi-sculpture installation using Amorphic Robot Works’ (ARW’s) new Inflatable Bodies technology. The work consists of 16 large, white fabric... Read more »

Heart shaped box, sorta – papercraft… Kirigami – heart shaped paper craft. Open heart kit – The Open Heart is an LED matrix of individually addressable LEDs. It can be used to create a brooch or bag light with highly customizable animations. It can be configured so that you can... Read more »

Henrique sent me a link to this cool DIY light that he built from traffic cones. I asked him to post some shots of the build process so our readers could easily make one, and he did! Thanks Henrique, it looks like a really cool light that is really easy... Read more »

Here are some of my favorite posts from the CRAFT blog this week: Felt Germ Pins David Bowie Ken Scrabble-Inspired Cushions Custom Marie Antoinette Pumps Super Easy Stovetop Popcorn Instructables Thanksgiving Dinner Homemade Board Game Read more »

Medix’s hard drive laser shutter via Hacked Gadgets. Read more »