Wow: All Power Labs has converted a Honda Accord to run on trash: We may not yet have a flux capacitor for time travel, but we do already have the equivalent of “Mr. Fusion”, which if cleverly applied, will enable you to run your car on everyday “trash”– today. This... Read more »

A little update, there is now a Make: television torrent. Make: television debuted online and on public television (broadcast / cable tv) January of 2009. The series encourages everyone to invent, revent, recycle, upcycle, and act up. Based on the popular Make magazine, each half-hour episode hopes to inspire viewers... Read more »

Passing through the Smithsonian American Art Museum‘s Lincoln Gallery last night, I was drawn to this incredible column of light and text created by artist Jenny Holzer. The Reynolds Center calendar has this to say about the work, titled “For SAAM”: The sculpture, which is approximately 28 feet tall and... Read more »

Erica points out this vid on cat groomer Danielle German – Unhappy tossing all the hair leftover from a thorough longhaired feline shave, Danielle decided to try spinning the otherwise unwanted fur into a “silky yarn” fit for an owner’s purse. If that sounds like creep salad to you, consider... Read more »

Every time I plug my G1 phone into my Mac to download photos, iPhoto shows me only the videos that are on the phone, and I have to manually drag the photos from the Finder to iPhoto. It’s only a minor annoyance,but fortunately the fix is very simple. If you... Read more »

Sam’s Tagtool is a digital drawing tool well suited for live performance. Simplifying basic controls for visual art creation, the device makes use of a Boarduino to process fader/button input for a mini-ATX PC with graphics tablet. Instructions are available for building either a suitcase or mini version – bringing... Read more »

Shawn posted this vid covering the full build process for the ever popular MiniPOV3 kit from Adafruit Industries. Surely helpful for those getting started with the kit – Thanks Shawn! Read more »


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