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Here’s an interesting article on Nanowerk about coating cotton yarn in carbon nanotubes (CNT) to make it conductive. While still a ways off from DIY use, this is an intriguing step forward for wearables! Looks like they could learn a thing or two about making a sewable LED, though. (Thanks,... Read more »

Models made out of books by Thomas Allen via Buzzfeed. Read more »

The MAKE video podcast is in the iTunes best of 2008 list, I wanted to say thanks to all the viewers, makers and our team who makes it all possible! The MAKE podcast started out almost 5 years ago on my hacked up Linux running iPod that I’d use to... Read more »

Two videos! Print out a shot glass & an iPhone case… Print out a shot glass… And… …print out an iPhone case. Read more »

10 interesting tool chests via BBG. ..lots of beautifully crafted objects that fit intricately into a perfect container. Here are some of our favorites, including the stunning chest which resides in the Smithsonian and belonged to Organ and Piano maker, Henry O Studley at the other end of the scale... Read more »

Mathea’s sterling silver LEGO rings make for some cool modular jewelry possibilities – neat idea! – LIFESTYLE_Schmuck_Noppenringe More: LEGO man jewelry Read more »

Paul of Vacoloco needed an easy way to test out some of his synth projects so he built a basic sequencer based on an ATmega16 chip - It sends MIDI notes and velocity on a user selectable Midi channel along with two MIDI CC’s (user selectable) and of course has... Read more »


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