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The winning project from American Maker is now available as a kit – AIRHEADS – AIRDRUMS – Winner of the 2008 MAKE FAIRE Chicago ” The best instrument they have seen since the Theremin” Airheads MINI 4 kit are sensors to be used with midi drum brains and synthesizers or... Read more »

Machine for Making Toy Torpedoes Machine for Sawing Shingles Life-Preserving State-Room for Navigable Vessels Lathe for Turning Shafting Machine for Cutting Diamonds The Rothschild Petersen Patent Model Museum, in Cazenovia, NY, houses an incredible collection of nearly 4,000 patent models. What’s a patent model? Between 1790 and 1880 inventors had... Read more » is a new website about fun, artistic, and experimental Mozilla (mostly Firefox) add-ons. Participating artists include Theo Watson, Aram Bartholl, Evan Roth, Dragan Espenschied, Timo Klok, Jamie Wilkinson, Danja Vasiliev and Tobi Leingruber. I bet Pirates of the Amazon will be there, too, a Firefox add-on that “inserts a... Read more »

Here’s an interesting article on Nanowerk about coating cotton yarn in carbon nanotubes (CNT) to make it conductive. While still a ways off from DIY use, this is an intriguing step forward for wearables! Looks like they could learn a thing or two about making a sewable LED, though. (Thanks,... Read more »

Models made out of books by Thomas Allen via Buzzfeed. Read more »

The MAKE video podcast is in the iTunes best of 2008 list, I wanted to say thanks to all the viewers, makers and our team who makes it all possible! The MAKE podcast started out almost 5 years ago on my hacked up Linux running iPod that I’d use to... Read more »

Two videos! Print out a shot glass & an iPhone case… Print out a shot glass… And… …print out an iPhone case. Read more »


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