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The idea of the “MAKEcation” is slowly making the rounds, here’s a cool case my friend made for an upcoming clock kit – she made this on her MAKEcation! If you take a day off, a vacation and choose to just “make something” – toss a photo up in the... Read more »

This art installation called “Beacon” creates a kinetic light space that has integrated AI so that it interacts with visitors and its surroundings. Consisting of hundreds of modified emergency beacon lights, the project aims to create an immersive space that is navigable to visitors by sensing their position from the... Read more »

“Walleye” is an interactive light installation that can generate large-scale light patterns based on the movements of visitors in a space. The project is built with an array of phototransistors and incandescent bulbs spaced on a 10 foot grid where the bulbs face the transistors on a 1 to 1... Read more »

Here’s an interesting alternative design for a skateboard by Loren Kulesus. With this much space between wheels, it should make for some interesting shock absorption when doing tricks. via Neatorama Read more »

Here are some of my favorite posts this week on the CRAFT blog: Museum of Unnatural History Make your own Yarn at Yarnia Free Waving Chevron Scarf Pattern Credit Crunch Sampler “Kniitiing” for the Wii Star Trek Embroidery Saras Sock Vati “Neck Sausage” Scarf Melanie Bilenker’s Hair Jewelry Read more »

I really like the resolution the maker was able to obtain using the surface mount LEDs. Check out the whole video for several different clock variations. At the end they even display a rotating cube. Cool! Unfortunately, there isn’t any more information about the build, but I will keep scouring... Read more »

Goldenrod Foundation has created this nifty animated map to show how migratory birds use Plymouth Beach in Massachusetts. Check out their interactive map showing the migratory path of some of the birds that pass through Plymouth. It is fairly amazing to see that the birds seem to fly to specific... Read more »


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