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For her Masters thesis at the MIT Media Lab, Anita Lillie created a music library visualization tool called MusicBox. The project will analyze the songs in a music library and group them based on a number of different dimensions – stuff like song length, tempo, ID3 genre information, and more... Read more »

Sean Ragan has put his old soldering iron to good use: The upgrade left me with a surplus soldering iron and the opportunity to try a modification which first occurred to me when I was 10 or 11 and still playing around with Dad’s tools in our old garage, which... Read more »

This holiday video card installation by AKQA uses 49 microwave ovens stacked in a dark space and timed to sequentially turn off so that the only thing left is their blinking, unset clocks which resembles twinkling stars in the night sky (you need to watch the video until the end... Read more »

Nice hack! Emmanuel Florac and the rest of his officemates had a bit of a problem: while they could freely leave the office as they pleased, none of them could get back in. Undoubtedly, it had something to do with the new ironclad door and accompanying electronic locking mechanism that... Read more »

Hans writes in – My toaster is hooked to the internet to tell the world when I am toasting and when my toast is done. The system uses the ioBridge module and event widgets and Twitter to echo the feedback from my toaster. I would love to hear your thoughts. Read more »

Not content with the functional-yet-pedestrian-looking hipster PDA (it’s just a binder clip and index cards), GTD practitioner Patrick Ng applied his rather impressive design chops to building this stunning, one-of-a-kind productivity notebook he calls the mind.Depositor. Instead of just inserting plain index cards for random note taking, I created a... Read more »

We did a massive Arduino gift guide this year and a few folks asked if we had a PDF of it, so here it is! Remember the last day of shipping from the Maker Shed is this Friday, December 19th! Read more »


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