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GeekDad Holiday Gift Guide #4: GeekMoms! Mom needs presents too! The GeekDads have come up their best holiday gift ideas for GeekMoms. Hey You Guuuuyyyys! A New Electric Company Starts in January! Once upon a time, before he became a brilliant movie actor with an Oscar and dozens of films... Read more »

The iPhone dev team, hard at work as usual, announced a successful iPhone Linux port today. It’s still at a very early stage, but the kernel boots on first and second generation iPhones and the first generation iPod touch. A framebuffer driver and a working Busybox installation point to an... Read more »

Sakura Koshimizu’s waveform jewelry uses actual audio as its source - Waveform Series is the laser-cut shapes of the waveform of the sound in sound editing software environment. I used some human sound such as yawn, atchoum, giggle, wow, and the sound of church bell. – Waveform Series Read more »

Over at the Cool Tools blog, Kevin Kelly just reviewed How to Build an Igloo: And Other Snow Shelters by Norbert E. Yankielun. I really wish I had this book as a kid; snow forts are so much fun! Read more »

Here is an interesting piece by Bram Knaapen, Eva Hopma, Floris Kimman and David Menting. “Interactive Skateable Objects” tries to bring even more interactivity to skateboarding, an already interactive sport. The website has more videos and pictures of these interactive skate-able objects. As part of the “User Master Class” me... Read more »

Rachel @ CRAFT points us to Virginia Fleck‘s artwork using recycled plastic bags to create amazing (and really big) patterned mandalas. From the pages of CRAFT:09: Betz White’s fused plastic creations and how to make them! Read more »

Do you have an extra mp3 player or four in the house? Do your kids like to hear your bedtime stories? How about archiving them and setting up your kid with an audio player that will allow him or her to play them back at any time? With a couple... Read more »