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I’m a firm believer that designers are makers at heart, but that might just be because I went to design school. The Core77 design blog just published their gift guide (77 items under $77), and plenty of the fancy designer items would make great remakes for the holidays. Designer products... Read more »

Evan Roth made this totally sweet open-code Jay-Z video! The word “Brooklyn” creates images on screen and it’s the fist rap video where you can download the source code. Via Buzzfeed. More Evan: Metal plates send messages to airport x-ray screeners “New Era” hat Public domain donor Graffiti taxonomy Read more »

Following up on the previous post covering Make: Tokyo Meeting 02, here are more photos and info from this event. This time there were over 60 presenters and over 1,200 people in attendance (twice as many makers and guests as the first Make: Tokyo Meeting). This time the meeting featured... Read more »

This fellow makes chainsaw bayonet rifles and will make your one for about $300 via BuzzFeed. As seen in Gears of War? Read more »

From Holy Scrap Hot Springs, Mikey and Wendy have some helpful tips for anybody considering a solar system: The federal tax credit for residential solar installations becomes uncapped starting January 1, which can mean more rebate if you want to setup your own system! Read more »

Those near Berkeley should make time tomorrow for an excellent speech: Leah Buechley, MIT Media Lab New Craft – A Marriage of High and Low Tech Wednesday December 3 6:00 – 7:30 pm BCNM Commons* UC Berkeley People knit scarves, build furniture, sew clothing, and solder radios together in their... Read more »

Our pal Bonnie Burton has a piece on on how to “Make Your Own Droidel Dreidel,” a paper-crafted dreidel that looks like R2-D2. I wonder how you say “Happy Chanukah” in Droidspeak? Droidel, Droidel, Droidel Read more »


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