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Braden Stadlman wrote in with a link to the Springatron 3000, a gigantic spring reverb made out of Slinky and cucumber: This is basically a giant spring reverb made from 10 slinkys. I was trying to make the best sounding spring reverb possible, I think I achieved this but it... Read more »

Recently, I had yet another conversation that included a bit of head scratching as we discussed the idea that kids in middle and high school increasingly have to be told exactly what to do, how to do it and what they should do if they have any problem. Basically, the... Read more »

Florian Dussopt & Julie Girard designed this desk clock that’s powered by one of my favorite early chemistry experiments: the Citrus Clock has zinc and copper electrodes under the lemon halves and through oxidation and electrolysis, powers the clock. I bet it makes your desk smell nice, too. Via Core77. Read more »

Instructables has put together a list of suggestions for make-it-yourself gifts. I bet there’s going to be a lot of handmade gifts this year. Great! A wonderful silver lining to leaner times. I have a scarf that a friend knitted me for my last birthday. I was so touched that... Read more »

I don’t generally do a lot of food posts over here, but I thought this was really clever – love noodles, but getting bored with your same old combinations? Consult the Noodlr, the noodle soup idea generator cooked up by Serious Eater Michele Humes. Via Angry Chicken Read more »

There are many Instructables about changing your oil, but only one starts like this: I learned to do oil changes in high school speech class. One of the boys worked in a garage. He gave a really great how-to demonstration/speech about changing oil. He gave another about rotating tires, but... Read more »

The 110208th dorkbot-nyc meeting will take place at 7pm on Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008 at Location One in SoHo. The meeting is free and open to the public. Please bring snacks to share. We’re always looking for (and playing) more dorkbot theme songs! Bring or email one and we’ll play... Read more »