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Creating a Maker Course In the next month or so I will have a semester change, and with it an opportunity to restructure the sequence of three courses. Robotics, Building and Repairing Computers and Web Design are three classes that I have taught before, and am looking to streamline the... Read more »

Another installment in Etsy’s Handmade Portraits series – this profile of leather-crafter Allison Sattinger provides a look into her making process as well as how she came to start her own brand, Sunny Rising. Great inspiration for those interested in turning their hobby into a business – Handmade Portraits: Sunny... Read more »

This nifty drum ‘n bass robot is built upon the Picaxe-based “How to Build Your First Robot” project we featured in The Best of Instructables. Lil’ Drum and Bass Bot From the Maker Shed: Best Of Instructables Our Price: $34.99 Sale Price: $29.99 has become one of the most... Read more »

Surprise! A classic pull-toy phone that really works. By Frank E. Yost…. I remember making pretend phone calls on my Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone when I was 7 or 8, and wondering if it was possible to turn it into a real phone. That question stayed with me, and when I... Read more »

If you live somewhere that will have clear skies tonight, look up; NASA says the full moon will be the biggest of the year. The moon will become full just 4 hours after reaching perigee (when its orbit brings it closest to the Earth), and will be 14% bigger and... Read more »

From the MAKE: Flickr pool Flickr member rarebeasts shares this how-to for building a simple sound synthesizer using a a picaxe microcontroller – NoiseTron Read more »

A nice set of hand-carved robot component stamps, posted to the MAKE Flickr pool. More: From CRAFT, Volume 02. Access the Digital Edition here. Subscribe here. Read more »


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