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This bench project by Dutch artist Rogier Martens includes a detailed instruction set for how to build this easy to move outdoor furniture. Check it out at the link below and see how long it takes you to build. Mobiele-Bank via Neatorama Read more »

Rhizome has a nice interview / article with Make-friend Mark Allen, founder of Machine Project, an experimental art / exhibition / workshop space in the Echo Park nieghborhood of Los Angeles. Machine has hosted many DIY workshops including building circuits, cooking workshops, sewing, primitive synth construction workshops and many more.... Read more »

Our friend Massimo from the Arduino project wrote in to tell us about this cool competition… I’m writing to tell you about a competition at the school where I teach. Domus Academy is a design school in Milano which has different masters in design, fashion, car design and interaction design.... Read more »

Another “things” video from our pal Bre… Eric Skiff’s back hurt and his neck was strained from hunching over his laptop. He needed to get it up off the table. Can he make his vision for a laptop stand a reality with a little help from a laser cutter?. They’re... Read more »

From the MAKE Flickr photo pool The electronics part-work of Lenny & Meriel, capturing an artful and poetically intimate emotional moment between tiny transistor-diode people … and the dangerous NiMH rechargeables that threaten them – 9V Tragedy Read more »

Massimo Banzi writes over at the Arduino blog: After a couple of years of prototypes, tests and announcements, finally we have produced an ethernet shield for Arduino. This module gives Arduino the ability to open connections to other Internet hosts or behave like a server, for example a simple web... Read more »

Dodecahedron Table Lamp by Charles Platt. Have fun with classic Platonic geometry while building your own dodecahedron table lamp. Page 164 – MAKE 11. Read this article now in the MAKE digital edition. Or get MAKE 11 from the Maker store and/or subscribe to MAKE (use code CMAKE for $5... Read more »