Here’s a useful tutorial on how to harvest a motor from a waching machine, including a section on how to use bridge rectifiers to produce DC from an AC motor. Supposedly these are ideal for driving wind generators, so check out your wind exposure, make an inexpensive generator, and start... Read more »

A lot of folks emailed me about our “Not New Year’s resolutions – What are you going to MAKE? What we are making…” How many startups and projects are going to be doing power usage and metering in 2009? TONS – and now many of them seem to be looking... Read more »

Here’s a brief overview of non-oil light-producing options from the authors of The Carbon-Free Home. In part: Increasing the natural daylight in your home is something to take into consideration if you find from your energy diary that you need to turn lights on during the daytime. We are fortunate... Read more »

From the MAKE: Flickr pool Inspired by previous examples, Flickr member pmilg celebrated his birthday with this confectionary intel mobo cake. (Hmmm … looks like someone already nabbed the cpu) Read more »

(Via Ecofriend) Cool: a company selling a calendar with pages that you plant to grow wildflowers. Cooler: This abstract perpetual calendar: Or, at the opposite extreme, the Martha Stewart take on a monthly tile calendar. Coolest: a Maker creating a gift calendar with weekly seed packets that can be grown... Read more »

David points out the 4bitsynth – a MIDI controllable digital synthesizer using the ATMega48 chip and a resistor ladder digital to analog converter. This simple project produces some nice NES-esque square, triangle, and noise waveforms – code is available here – 4bitsynth Read more »

Joe Hyneck wants to move your charger from the wall to your handbag. On cloudless days, he wanders his neighborhood to test whether the purse, which is plated in thin solar panels and contains a lightweight battery, is absorbing energy from the sun. After three hours of direct exposure, the... Read more »


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