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Thanks to Robin for pointing me to this experiment in winter bicycling with skis: Here’s a downhill-only version by another Maker in action: Here’s Ktrak, the fancy commercial version: Read more »

Best-selling author William Gurstelle (Backyard Ballistics and MAKE Magazine contributing editor) blends science and humor into an explosive new instructional DVD. It’s the hobbyist’s ultimate video guide to all things that go boom. Bill shares the origin, historical significance and simple step-by-step instructions for safely creating high-voltage experiments including the... Read more »

Thanks to Berend for pointing me to my new favorite thing in the world: a bicycle-based beer bar. Originally in the Netherlands, there’s an American version, too. The only way I can think of for this project to become cooler would be if people can ride up to it and... Read more »

”Zero Worship” is an art installation consisting of 14 metal measuring tapes positioned with their magnetic tips touching at a single point. The tapes are held together by their own structural integrity where zero is the highest point. The piece was built by Irish artist Ivan Twohig who uses everyday... Read more »

Here’s a great way to increase the sunlight you bring indoors: SunTrack The SunTrack system can reflect the sun in my house and keep the reflection all day. That way it is possible to have a lot of light in my living room witch is facing east. With a KlikAan... Read more »

While it may not be a masterpiece of information design, Jeff Breakey’s complete sprouting chart does tell you what you need to know about sprouting everything from Aduki to Wheat. Here’s an excerpt: And here’s the full version. (via Mother Earth News) It is from 1981, so expect prices to... Read more »

This interesting art project, entitled “m/e/m/e 2.0 (dreams of the 21st century)” by Danja Vasiliev is an interactive installation that provides an ironic twist to the world of web 2.0. The project consists of 28 old CD/DVD-ROM drives which open and close through a web based interface. Each tray is... Read more »


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