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Wanda’s tangible remake of the familiar Photoshop desktop would likely make an awesome them for the popular app were it skinable – as real as it gets… [via Kottke] Read more »

Sparkfun posted a helpful collection of circuit design tips for avoiding problems at the fabrication house. Very handy for reducing the stress and suspense involved with handing over your designs for production – Designing a Better PCB Read more »

Simple but fun, the Major Output pixel art site let’s you create and post your own simple pixel graphic – plus browse through a big collection of other’s work. My resistor and capacitor contrubutions can be seen in the mix above. – Major Output Read more »

Jason writes on Hackszine: The “$1 Recognizer” is a simple gesture recognition algorithm created by Andy Wilson from Microsoft Research and Jacob Wobbrock and Yang Li from the University of Washington. By simple, I mean that it’s under 100 lines of code that you can quickly add to your application... Read more »

Not sure how this could be used practically outside of the lab and human response research, but it definitely looks like a relatively cheap and easy way to gather GSR data in a non-intrusive way. Galvanic skin response computer mouse Read more »

Spotted in the MAKE Flickr pool, nickjohnson writes: I made a strange piece of modern furniture with concrete and LEDs. I built this by first constructing a mold out of MDF, and by embedding LEDs into the surface of the mold. The control/batteries are located behind a panel on the... Read more »

Italian duo Eva & Franco Mattes had a show up in June at Dutch gallery Mu called It’s always six o’clock . It features toys and characters taking over other toys and characters, including the piece above with Winnie the Pooh. More pictures, via Buzzfeed. Read more »