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In order to protest global climate change, this man from Red Cross Argentina turned himself into a puddle and handed out information on ways to protect the planet from imminent climate disaster such as reusing plastic bags, conserving water, and buying energy efficient cars and appliances. We just wonder how... Read more »

Dave sent us this tasty step-by-strep for homebrewing root beer - When I asked them about the yeast, the man behind the counter gave me a dreadful warning that making root beer with yeast is like making bombs. He said it was too dangerous as the bottles have a high... Read more »

Phil Clandillon saw a recent post about sparebots, and was moved to show his own work. Asked about his technique to make the animation, he responded with great detail and technical clarity: It was a very DIY operation. I’ve been doing these interactive flyers for around 6 years in my... Read more »

I just finished a series of knitted pelts, made from all animal-free materials (cotton, acrylic, wooden frames, etc.). I look up images of particular animal pelts (the one above is a squirrel) and hand-knit the shapes before mounting. They’ll be on display at the ASU sculpture show, Flirting with Disaster,... Read more »

Here’s an lecture by acoustic archaeologist Paul Devereux detailing some of his research into the sound made by the rocks of ancient cave-dwellings. Interesting info – I wasn’t aware of the sonic potential of “rock on rock” percussion. Read more »

The Mucky Wheel electronic instrument turns out the blips, bleeps, and bloops with a satisfyingly sea-going motif. Design and construction photos available here. [via Synthtopia] Read more »

Video technology sure has come a long way in the past 30 years. In the early days the first video recorders used by TV production crews were large quad decks about the size of refrigerator lying on its back and recorded video onto 2-inch wide videotape. Now you can easily... Read more »


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