Thermistors are pretty cool little items. They convert heat into resistance. By having the temperature available as resistance, you can use the value to control other things like circuits and programs. Photo cells do the same thing with light, and they are in lots of common devices from night lights... Read more »

The iTurn allows you to control a servo via the iPhone’s built in accelerometer. This looks really easy to do, and it could be used in a lot of different projects. Check out the link for more information. The iPhone or iPod Touch has an accelerometer that detects how the... Read more »

This washing machine sends messages to Twitter when the clothes are done… for now a hack, eventually a standard feature :) Read more »

Last time I wrote about a DIY Lamborghini it ended up being a top 10 posts on the MAKE blog in 2008. Now that 2009 is here I thought I might try it again with another DIY Lamborghini. This time it’s a 2001 Lamborghini Diablo VT replica. This is the... Read more »

Stretchable electronics and the strongest material ever were just two achievements of 2008… The Year in Materials @ Technology Review. Read more »

Michelle @ CRAFT points us to these incredible paper illustrations by Russion illustrator and graphic designer Yulia Brodskaya. Read more »

iPod speakers made out of iPods via HackedGadgets. Jordan writes- I took a pair of speakers, and put them in two of the original iPods where the scroll wheels normally were. I was looking through a bunch of old stuff when I came across my original iPod. I had long... Read more »


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