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In Australia QR codes are used mainly in advertisements, but check out this take-back-the-medium piece by one of the folks at Radical Cross Stitch: I’ve been working on stitching QR Codes for some time now. I’ve been doing them on regular Aida fabric (14 count mostly) and they’ve been working... Read more »

André simulates what might it might be like if the elements of a video test pattern suddenly broke rank and became free of their eternally monotonous task. It’s worth mentioning that the video was created entirely in FinalCut and the music was recorded by Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Read more »

Keeper of the Robot Room David Cook put together an excellent collection of workbench tips, covering a variety of situations and materials familiar to circuit makers out there. Even if you’re perfectly content with your current methods there’s likely at least one little trick/technique the article can show you. Great... Read more »

I say again unto you noble blog-reader – take heed of a gathering born from sonic discovery and construction, best known by its moniker “Handmade Music”. Signals will be sounded and noises will be nurtured in the name of all musical makers – and there’s gonna be free beer! See... Read more »

It’s funny how you can use a technology countless times and the knowledge of how it works can still rank somewhere between very little and zero. In the spirit of taking things apart and in the interest of getting to know everybody’s favorite media format in more intimate detail, Björn... Read more »

In response to yesterday’s post about creating lenticular images by splicing two photos together, MAKE reader Benedikt Seidl sent us a utility that makes the slightly tedious job a bit easier. Some years ago i made a php-script for Lenticular images. You can also make one Lenticular image from three... Read more »

Today we’re starting a new feature on Make: Blog dedicated to tools, those technical appendixes we like to lord over the lower kingdoms as something unique to us, or at least something we’re a whole lot more invested in than any other critter. The Make: Blog Toolbox will try and... Read more »


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