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My PC mod pic of the day was built by a young German modder named “Froop”. It’s an awesome Chernobyl-based PC case he calls “Unit 4″. It also has some themes from the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. For a closer look at all of the painstaking detail he put into this, see... Read more »

Chiaroscuro case mod by Nick Falzone @ bit-etch via Gizmodo. Nick, or Greensabbath as he’s also known in some modding circles, is renowned for his incredible mastery of all woods that grow. While you’d think trees would fear him coming, we’d actually guess they’d be proud to end up in... Read more »

In just four weeks, Make: premieres on public television stations nationwide. But you can watch a preview right now. Here’s Cyclecide’s Paul Da Plumber and his Bicycle Rim Shot made out of recycled parts from the SF dump. View the clip above, get the M4V and/or subscribe in iTunes. And... Read more »

What’s the quickest way to add the capabilities of iPod Touch to your guitar? – try mounting 2 of them to your ax’s body! (hey, I said ‘quickest way’, not ‘cheapest’) The ipod closest to the guitar pick ups is running Itouch Midi’s Martix app which im using to send... Read more »

Youtuber sycmuzak posted this demo/explanation of his breadboarded sound circuit - My homemade 555 timer synthesizer. I made it in about 2 hours from 2 555 timers, 4 capacitors, 1 resistor and 3 potentiometers. Schematic can be made available if demand is high enough. This is one of my first... Read more »

GetLoFi posted detailed info on using their LTC1799 Precision Oscillator kit for pitch control on a Casio SA-39 Keyboard - The kit oscillates at frequencies from 1KHz to 30Mhz and its output frequency is controlled with a potentiometer. The oscillation frequency from this kit can be substituted for the constant... Read more »

Every year when I go home for the holidays, I wind up setting up new computers, printers and cameras, as well as troubleshooting and de-lousing all the old ones. For most of my relatives’ desktops, total computer meltdown takes about 3 months from time of install. So by December, most... Read more »


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