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DC Dorkbot Co-Overlord Alberto Gaitán points us to this crazed proposal for a public art project on the Forth & Clyde Canal, near Falkirk, in central Scotland. Artist Andy Scott wants to create these giant sea horse heads that will raise and lower in the canal to displace the water... Read more »

Siemprelaluna posted this fast-action build and installation of a MIDI2600 kit complete with soundtrack made with a Synthcart on the Atari console. [via Matrixsynth] More: Atari 2600 MIDI demo Read more »

Foofers made a button-triggered sample player using Arduino + Wave Shield for use as a sound effects enhancement for costumes - In the example here I’ve got a different animal sound attached to each button on a keypad…but it’s very flexible in that regard, you could use magnetic switches in... Read more »

Maker Media’s Dale Dougherty, still guest blogging on Boing Boing, has posted an appeal to the incoming Obama administration to let travelers take pocket knives onto planes (if things like knitting needles and cork screws are allowed). The following is a special message from American Security Theatre (AST), a group... Read more »

Eric Gradman, the hacker who gave us the awesome TRS-80 bluetooth hack, sent us a link to his NotPocketSimon project. This was a quick and dirty collaborative version of the Milton Bradley Simon game from the ’80s that he put together in just 8 hours. He took it to the... Read more »

All you New York makers can stop reading this right now. However, if you’re a maker who grew up with real NY pizza, then moved to a place lacking it, like, say, Los Angeles, this site is for you. Jeff Varasano, a New Yorker in Atlanta, has spent years figuring... Read more »

Science & the City / New York Academy of Sciences has a few seats left for their upcoming event “The Science of the Five Senses” – if you’re in NYC check it out! In this stimulating series, scientists at the cutting edge of sense research team up with cultural icons... Read more »