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I traveled to the Twin Cities to shoot the Maker Workshop segments of Make: television, so I needed to bring along a lot of my tools, materials, supplies, and parts. Both for on-screen making, and hotel room tinkering. Sometimes, we figured out how to present our projects at the eleventh... Read more »

In covering DIY technology from Japan, there have been quite a few kits and projects that have come along that would be of interest to makers outside of Japan, but are either not available for overseas ordering, or are available but may be subject to high shipping costs and long... Read more »

Vimeo user Tony gives us a taste of the action at this past weekend’s Blip Festival with a performance by Sulumi. The NYTimes Jenna Wortham also ran an article profiling the event - The third-annual Blip Festival kicked off its four-day showcase Thursday night. Hosted by 8bitpeoples, a New York... Read more »

This Tuesday, we’re going to be holding the second of our joint HacDC/Dorkbot DC meetings called “Birthing Hydra,” where we discuss ways that the various DC-area geek orgs can work together for out mutual benefit. The panel discussion will include myself and Alberto Gaitán, Nick Farr from HacDC, and Katie... Read more »

From the MAKE Flickr pool The Swooftronic SB instrument creates some sweet signals courtesy of light-controlled filter & frequency. The demo gets particularly interesting @ about the 2 minute mark. – SwooftronicSB5 on Flickr From the pages of MAKE The MoofTronic Mini Synth – MAKE: 15: Music, Page 70 Subscribers–read... Read more »

Friend of MAKE Mikey Sklar writes in: Everyone has pallets. Wendy Tremayne explains just how easy it is to convert your standard pallet into a beautiful adirondack chair. The only costs involved is a few dollars in nuts, bolts, washers and screws. Read more »

Over at the Steampunk Workshop, Jake von Slatt posted this brief item: Here’s a dead simple cell phone charging station I installed next to our main entrance. It’s just a pair of hangers of the sort you’d use in the garage to store a shovel or a rake. If your... Read more »


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