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DIY Security systems @ NYTimes… via /. If you want to build your own, check out our archives… WHEN Ken Jongsma built his new house, he found that the builders had already installed a basic security system — sometimes called a prewire. A tinkerer and engineer, Mr. Jongsma, 50, decided... Read more »

Rooting the Googlephone round up… via HaD. What with its open source operating system and developer-friendly nature, cracking open phones running Google’s Android was always going to be easier than the full-on assault that was required to hack the iPhone, but we’re still impressed by the speed with which hackers... Read more » looks pretty cool, anyone use them? CircuitBoardsToGo produces single layer circuit boards from your design. This service is typically used by students and hobbyists who need 1 or more simple boards for a project or testing. More: Printed Circuit Boards from MAKE: 02: Home Entertainment – Step-by-step instructions for... Read more »

I have 2 really cool projects for this weeks How-to Tuesday. The first one is the Drawdio developed by Adafruit Industries and Jay Silver, the other build is a modification of the Drawdio that I call “Unruly”. These are great projects to make with your kids. Although, when you are... Read more »

Since when can fish mix music better than I can? OK, they always could! Submersed Songs is a sound installation that generates mp3 player remixes through the movements of four live fish. The animals’ movements and the proximity among them work as a parameter for mixing and spatializing the audience’s... Read more »

I really like automatons, and this piece by Pablo Lavezzari is no exception. Some day I have to try and make one, although I doubt it will be as good as The Death Trick. More about The Death Trick automaton In the Maker Shed: More on our Designing Automata Kit Read more »

Relays are used in a lot of electronics projects, but did you ever actually think about what makes them work? This website has a ton of information on various relays and how they work. Read All about relays In the Maker Shed: DIY Design Electronics Kit Read more »