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Tom Jozwiak is a crazed robot and sci-fi movie prop builder who’s built dozens of bots from Lost in Space, Star Wars, Buck Rogers, Short Circuit, Dr. Who, and more. He’s currently working on a life-size Gort (from the original The Day the Earth Stood Still) and Wall-E. Below is... Read more »

There are some photos from the Steampunk show last Friday at 1st Studio over at my Flickr. Above is “Octophone” by one of my studio mates, Damian Johnson. Read more »

Vtol’s added some unique built-in effects to his hollow-body electric Digital Noise guitar is a custom project based on HT-8950 voice changer chip. Small circuit was mounted right in the body. It can process sound like lo-fi ring modulator, 8-bit pitch shifter or simple guitar synth. Mad Selfoscillation is possible... Read more »

I am hoping -- and I know that it's a long shot -- that the economic collapse will give birth new kinds of companies -- ones truly committed to making excellent products again. Let's run the zombies out of town. Read more »

I traveled to the Twin Cities to shoot the Maker Workshop segments of Make: television, so I needed to bring along a lot of my tools, materials, supplies, and parts. Both for on-screen making, and hotel room tinkering. Sometimes, we figured out how to present our projects at the eleventh... Read more »

In covering DIY technology from Japan, there have been quite a few kits and projects that have come along that would be of interest to makers outside of Japan, but are either not available for overseas ordering, or are available but may be subject to high shipping costs and long... Read more »

Vimeo user Tony gives us a taste of the action at this past weekend’s Blip Festival with a performance by Sulumi. The NYTimes Jenna Wortham also ran an article profiling the event - The third-annual Blip Festival kicked off its four-day showcase Thursday night. Hosted by 8bitpeoples, a New York... Read more »


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