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O’Reilly author Wei-Meng Lee has published a short free PDF that will get you started building iPhone applications with Apple’s SDK: If you have always wanted to learn iPhone development but don’t know how to get started, download my free eDoc on Getting Started with iPhone Development. Try it out... Read more »

After struggling with marred and misshapen metal for his instrument panels, Aris discovered the savior of panel-makers everywhere – the step bit. Making holes for panel pots and switches has always been a major pain in the butt for me. I tried lots of times to make different sized holes... Read more »

Martin documents his experimentation with Arduino and realtime audio signal processing and generation – The first set of examples alter an incoming audio signal and put it back to an audio output. We achieve effects like Reverb, Phasor, Flanger or Ringmodulator. The second set of examples are outputting computed waveforms... Read more »

Dhananjay shares this demonstration of 3D imagery displayed via cathode ray oscilloscope. The circuit responsible is revealed later on in the vid sporting an ATMega644 and two R-2R DACs. More: Oscilloscope art Read more »

One of my favorite web development tools is sIFR, a combination of javascript and Flash that allows you to render elements of a site, such as titles, with non-standard fonts. It allows you to write standard HTML, and the text is replaced at runtime with a Flash embed that renders... Read more »

Lenticular imagery, the types of photos which change depending on the viewing angle, are really common in children’s books and display advertising, but it’s also possible to create a simple lenticular image yourself using your own photography. You won’t need a zig-zaggy plastic lenticular lens to place over your photo,... Read more »

Often finding herself without the ability to swing, Rachel Griffin designed the swing skirt: Equipped with ropes that can be swung easily over any horizontal bar, the Swing Skirt allows for a lighthearted experience in the dreary urban landscape. Using existing city terrain, one can swing on anything from the... Read more »


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