We’re posted in the past about her work, but these “Soft Sculptures” by artist Megan Whitmarsh are a soft jumble of everything from consumer electronics like televisions, cell phones, and Rubix cubes to other everyday products. Will she make a “soft Arduino” next? Megan Whitmarsh via Design Boom Read more »

Last night, Austin had a beautiful, community-grown New Years Eve celebration. Austin Bike Zoo, ArcAttack!, and others came out with improvements to their already-great shows, and the new star was a working, 34-foot wooden clock tower. Filled with resolutions, it later became a work of fire art. Here’s my favorite... Read more »

Here’s something useful for people who do a lot of electronics on the road. This hack shows how to build a USB powered soldering iron from a battery powered iron by connecting a spare cable to the iron. Check out the directions at the link below. via GetLoFi Read more »

New open source hardware business start up coming out in 2009 – Robotics, from Chris Anderson, Wired’s editor in chief. I’m extremely excited about this. Update: Chris posted more about the biz model here. Read more »

Don’t let that dead laptop battery ruin your life. Repacking a old ibook battery with new cells is a easy operation. Within 10 minutes and $30 you can have a battery that lasts twice as long as the original. Here’s the video, complete with catchy soundtrack: Of course, exercise due... Read more »

Go forth and void ye warranties 3G iPhone toting makers! The iPhone 3G unlock is here. Read more »

Awesome slow-mo footage of a butterfly ornithopter from the Shimoyama-Matsumoto Laboratory, University of Tokyo, Japan. [via BotJunkie and Smart Machines] Artificial butterfly wing on a butterfly-type ornithopter Read more »


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