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Jed Berk has a lot of shows going! Jed makes our Blubber bot kit in the MAKE store, if you want to make a autonomous blimp, you can! In the pursuit to evolve and grow the biotopes, some of the species have bred forming 500 hundred new young, The Blubber... Read more »

Wow, Terrie (previous MAKE webmaster) has a great write up on Hertitage turkeys! Warning the page has dead turkey, the source of turkey meat… I like to support the efforts of farmers who are raising heritage breeds of animals. Heritage breeds of livestock are often in danger of becoming extinct,... Read more »

We have a lot to be thankful for this year–but most of all, we’re thankful for our readers and community of makers who make MAKE what it is. Have a great holiday folks, and enjoy this Thanksgiving-themed post filled with projects and more for turkey time… Liquid Nitrogen ice cream?... Read more »

Ok gang, here it is the largest collection of DIY Thanksgiving projects on the web from MAKE past and present – from how-to make a paper turkey, to how to fry one up, a real one that is… First up, how-to on frying a turkey. Check out the comments and... Read more »

Enlightenment in the checkout line. After forgetting the liter of olive oil that I went to the store to get and had to return for, I saw on my return trip, down on the bottom shelf of the rack in the chute to the register was a ratty box of... Read more »

Innovation in America… A gathering storm? @ The Economist- LISTEN to the growing cries of despair coming from some leading business people, and you might imagine that corporate America’s competitiveness could be the next victim of the global financial crisis. But Jeffrey Immelt, the boss of GE, the world’s largest... Read more »

Mikey’s HOW TO – iRobot dead cell battery fix… I have three iRobots which help clean our house. I bought them about two years ago. As the one year warranty was coming up I called iRobot and asked them to help with various issues. They basically replaced all three of... Read more »