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This is a really interesting project that uses an AVR micro-controller to create a 1-key keyboard. I can think of a thousand uses for this type of device. The idea for a 1-key keyboard comes from the need as an interaction designer to make “cheap, quick and dirty prototypes.” When... Read more »

George DeCell got scared, then when he didn’t get the support he needed from the government or industry, he got Making. Many parents go around the house and kidproof their digs. Child locks on knobs, latches on drawers and cabinets, and outlet plugs are all supposed to make children safer... Read more »

It seems like a lot of people still have a bunch of old diskettes lying around collecting dust. Why not make them into a geeky holiday ornament for your tree? It’s the perfect gift for your hacker friends. More about DIY: Old diskette ornaments [CraziestGadgets] In the Maker Shed: The... Read more »

I know Halloween is over, but I really wanted to share this project that Todd emailed us. The honking pumpkin was inspired by my How-to Tuesday: Scariest Pumpkin ever build. This is exactly why we do the builds for the blog. We want our readers to be inspired to make... Read more »

This week I made a project with parts from the Arduino Starter Kit. I skipped over building the Proto Shield from the kit, since I made a how-to a while back. Otherwise, it’s a simple build that doesn’t require any soldering. Arduino is a tool for making computers that can... Read more »

This is a really cool robot made from an Arduino and a tin can. The best part about the project is a Father and his 3 & 6 year olds built it together. What a great way to spend the Thanksgiving weekend! This blog post will show you how to... Read more »

Mechatronics writes - This is a set of musical bells which are driven by solenoids and controlled by an Arduino microcontroller. There are 8 bells covering one octave. The bells are controllable from a PC, or the tower can stand alone and play pre-programmed melodies. Read more »


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