Another in my continuing series of behind the scenes photos from the Make: television set. This is the tilt and shoot rig we built for the pole camera. We mounted it on top of a very long pole and used a remote control and two servos to take photos. You... Read more »

The friendly iPhone Dev Team hackers have been hard at work over the holidays and have promised to release the iPhone 3G software unlocking utility, called yellowsn0w, sometime tomorrow for New Year’s Eve. A few details from the iPhone Dev Team blog: We have been working hard on a few... Read more »

How to tap a phone – Mechanix Illustrated, March 1957 – fun for the whole family. THERE are many ways to tap a phone; most of them against the law. Our little gadget, however, is quite legal and can be used to great advantage at home or in the office.... Read more »

This morning, Ed Baafi, Amon Milner, Jacob William, and a number of the youth leaders at Learn 2 Teach, Teach 2 Learn developed an idea of how to teach electricity to youth with a new kit idea. What we are looking to do is reinvent the Alternative Energy module in... Read more »

Modern Hobo code… The legendary “hobo code”was a set of covert markings used to warn other hobos about danger or to clue them into good situations. As times have changed, a new set of code symbols have emerged to alert other hobos to circumstances in modern America. Perhaps you have... Read more »

Sam from Octopart sent along the top 10 electronics parts that were searched for in 2008! Hitachi – HD74LS04P Skyworks Solutions – SKY77340-13 Texas Instruments – SN74LS74AN Atmel – ATMEGA168-20PU PanaVise – 201 Sanyo – STK392-150 AVX – TAJA105K016R Hitachi – HD44780A00 NEC – 2501 Intel® 82371EB (PIIX4E) Read more »

If you’re a MAKE subscriber you get FREE access to the MAKE digital edition. The MAKE Digital Edition is a vivid replica of the print edition of MAKE, it offers an experience very much like the print magazine plus many additional benefits, such as online searching, sharing with friends, embedded... Read more »


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