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The Splatbot has 1 mission, and 1 mission only, hunt for objects and give them a good squirt! It’s fully autonomous and robot based on a Picaxe 28×1. I would expect an R/C version to be in toys stores in the near future. This is the Bot08M’s big brother and... Read more »

Recently I have been taking apart and rewiring some remote control cars that I picked up at the town dump or local yard sales. Some of my students have also been in on the fun, and we are aiming to make them into programmable robotic cars. Take a look at... Read more »

I love the Naked Scientists site – they explain things so well. And snot is always interesting. The average sneeze can propel a mucus missile and its microbial passengers at up to 100 miles per hour, hence the saying “coughs and sneezes spread diseases”, and as well as sneezing there... Read more »

Wow, this is a really classy laptop stand for working on your couch, by instructables user cybergap. It uses a bamboo cutting board as a top surface. Read more »

MIDIimplant is an ultra-compact way of adding MIDI control to an analog synthesizer, converting the protocol to control voltage signals. Considering the size and functionality, it appears to be a pretty good deal @ about 100 bucks(80EUR) for those interested in adding digital control to a classic synth – or... Read more »

One of our most viewed and discussed postings of ’08 was Claude Paillard’s stunning triode video where he makes a vacuum tube triode from scratch. While poking around the Web, looking for other videos he might have done, I bumped into this documentary about the 2006 European Triode Festival in... Read more »

ArduPilot – Arduino compatible UAV controller. You’ll need a GPS module ($60) and, for all but the most stable planes, a commercial stabilization unit ($70), but still the least expensive autopilot. it’s also a 100% Open source hardware project, schematics and Eagle files on the site. This sold out in... Read more »


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