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Mikey writes - I recently ordered a $37 battery desulfator kit. It looks like a pretty simple device that sends pulses to lead acid batteries to help clean the battery plates. There are many success stories on the net about resuscitating essentially “dead” lead acid batteries. Since we have two... Read more »

The election is over, I think everyone was holding their collective breath over the last year or so until it was… Congratulations to our new president and to everyone who cared so deeply about each of their candidates and issues that they got involved, that’s what mattered – but the... Read more »

LEGO Kitchen crafts @ Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, I like the Brooklyn Bridge napkin holder… Read more »

At a London fashion show, Manish Arora created this “visible human” outfit with Swarovski crystals; I love bones on clothes! Via BB. Photo by Gareth Cattermole. More: Skeleton Cardigan – CRAFT Video Podcast part 1, part 2, pattern Read more »

Here’s a design for a sturdy table using just glass bottles and glue for the base. I wouldn’t think glass bottles glued together would give you a table capable of supporting 200 pounds, and I’m glad to be proven wrong. Glass bottles are one of the few ‘recyclables’ that my... Read more »

Check out this Instructable on converting an army surplus bag into a bike pannier. $5 at a flea market is a bit cheaper (and cooler) than the commercial panniers I’ve seen. Here are some other DIY panniers we’ve covered: Bike pannier from messenger bag DIY panniers from ammo containers Read more »

During tonight’s election coverage, CNN pulled out some deep tech, displaying Jessica Yellin live via hologram. I looked closely and wasn’t even able to see the R2 unit behind the scenes. <update> My original impression of how this works is below. A comment from Eric suggests that this might actually... Read more »