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Today’s mod pic is the animated Hulk PC mod that advertises Maximum PC. Instead of being a modded case, it’s more like the guts of a computer that got caught in an action sequence. Most of the pictures of construction are embedded in a Flash, so it’s hard to use... Read more »

Here are some of my favorite posts from the CRAFT blog this week: Custom House Portraits in Felt HOW TO – Nearly-Instant Apple Cinnamon Mini-Tarts Periodic Table Mini-Sweaters HOW TO – Expandable Stocking Paper Cuts from Musee des Miniatures Swissmiss Alpenglow Project Read more »

Since I have actually built exactly 1 PC case mod in my life I figured I should show it during this series. It was built in early 2004 when I needed a portable computer to do the looping for my independent film but was too cheap to buy a laptop.... Read more »

Trains, even the paper craft variety, make a great gift for the holiday season. Canon has a cool paper craft model of a GG1-type electric locomotive that you can download for free. The GG1-type electric locomotive was developed and owned by Pennsylvania Railroad, an American company. It was known throughout... Read more »

This instructable will show you how to make a long lasting ‘AA’ battery backpack for your Arduino. Why not use a 9V or lithium battery? Well, here’s why this maker chose to use AA’s instead: I recently bought an Arduino Diecimila board. It’s awesome and the applications, you can use... Read more »

We’ve previously covered the student projects that come out of Cornell’s microcontroller design courses, and I’m always excited to see what’s released each semester. Bruce Land wrote in today with an update on the Fall 2008 FPGA projects: During the last 5 weeks of the fall semester in ECE576, Advanced... Read more »

Ryan is just a college student with his own robot hand and Millenium Falcon, right? Well, Ryan just happened to make his own with the help of a laser cutter and some Python scripting that he cooked up to make his Solidworks and Blender design real. As part of the... Read more »


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