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This giant octopus was spotted in the Shoreditch area of London. Inflatable and made to catch passing wind drifts, the octopus moves in sync to appear as if it’s alive and grappling the building. Interesting idea that definitely scared a few locals as the comments at the link below suggest.... Read more »

This physical version of an MRI scan is built with 60, 1-inch wooden cubes of which 94 of the outside faces are varnished and the 266 internal faces feature a square slice of the MRI. Pretty interesting way of visualizing the body in physical space. via Info Aesthetics Read more »

CDM points out this video demo of and iPod Touch running TouchOSC software alongside a Novation keyboard controller. Much more than a novelty, some of these new apps from independent developers can add much needed enhancement to a pre-existing setup. The ITM suite of MIDI applications also come to mind... Read more »

Mr. Book sent in his strategy for controlling Arduino from a MIDI controller through Processing - My implementation uses a single DAC IC chip, the MCP4921, which sells for about 2 bucks from Mouser. The current version uses the Arduino, only to read one byte, as a midi note, from... Read more »

I’m not an iPod Touch owner, but from what I understand, the recent 2.2 firmware update killed the Street View feature in the Maps app (even though it’s available in the iPhone update). Weird. Turns out there’s already a 2.2 Jailbreak released from the iPhone-Dev team, and as you can... Read more »

What happens when the spider car drag races the big wheel… who will win? Read more »

Jed Berk has a lot of shows going! Jed makes our Blubber bot kit in the MAKE store, if you want to make a autonomous blimp, you can! In the pursuit to evolve and grow the biotopes, some of the species have bred forming 500 hundred new young, The Blubber... Read more »