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Chris Williams wanted a small 2-stroke scooter, so he decided to make his own out of a bike and a leaf blower engine. This was one of those projects I couldn’t get out of my head. I had seen, on the internet and in person, the small 2-stroke engine powered... Read more »

In order to present a high resolution map of the entire globe inside an ordinary web browser, programs like Google Maps employ the use of tiles. When the map is prepared, it’s rendered out at each available zoom level, and each zoom level is divided up into a number of... Read more »

Here’s something that never would have occurred to me — using old contact lens cases to hold and organize surface-mount and other tiny electronics parts. Small Parts Tray made from Contact Lens Cases Read more »

Jenny @ CRAFT tips us off to this cool 10,000 gallon water tower cozy video: The project, which was conceived to bring awareness to the educational organization D&AD’s pencil award, used 32 MILES of Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarn! For more information on the project, which took Robyn Love and... Read more »

Spiffy face lift for an old toy… Luis Fernando Espinal Ceballos of Colombia wanted to give his cousin’s son the slot track racing set he loved as a child. But the toy seemed unbearably old-fashioned. So Luis jazzed it up with a new electronic control system. He dumped the old... Read more »

This is a really cool little robotic quadruped based on a Picaxe 28X. Make sure to check out the last video where he demonstrates how it turns. I really like the sound it makes walking along the table. The plans started out as a hexapod with the same basic idea,... Read more »

Can you see the stars at night in your neighborhood? Maybe not, but the Civil Twilight Collective is working to raise awareness and encourage solutions to light pollution. Lunar Resonant street lighting is an interesting way of providing an appropriate amount of illumination to cityscapes. Photographer Christina Seely has been... Read more »


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