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This evolving mouse by Jose E. Rivera is a hybrid between a normal computer mouse and dragonfly-like creature with a seperated shell. Interesting way to transform this ubiquitous technological object into a natural artefect. José E. Rivera’s Videos via Next Nature Read more »

This “FetchBot” was built from an old computer scanner and will keep your dog endlessly amused, ideally without the need for you to be there. Unfortunately, as this video shows, the dog wasn’t really clear about how to reload the bot, thus causing its owner some grief. via Hacked Gadgets Read more »

This umbrella stand by Beligan designer Vandenhecke Mélanie would be a pretty easy weekend project. Simply attach half of a metal frame to the bottom of a planter. When you come in from the rain, deposit your umbrella on the stand and its drips will water your plants. via Design... Read more »

Rakesh Reddy gives an old toy a modern twist – it records your works of art… One of the frustrations of the Etch A Sketch is its temporary nature. You put in all that time learning to draw and your little brother (or spouse) bumps you and it’s all gone... Read more »

Nice and simple laser cut project, a chess set – part of Bre’s “things” series… Read more »

RjDj is a sound application for the Apple iPhone* that allows users to access “scenes” that transform sound that comes in through the microphone and allows additional tweakage via the the iPhone’s accelerometer and touch screen. But did you know that RjDj’s scenes are made with PD (PureData), a free,... Read more »

What do Google Reader engineers read? by Mike Knapp @ Google (MAKE is on the list, woo!)… He writes… We are all passionate feed readers on the Google Reader team. For us, working on Reader is a dream job. Why? Because we have the perfect excuse when we’re caught browsing... Read more »