If you’re a MAKE subscriber you get FREE access to the MAKE digital edition. The MAKE Digital Edition is a vivid replica of the print edition of MAKE, it offers an experience very much like the print magazine plus many additional benefits, such as online searching, sharing with friends, embedded... Read more »

We have a lot of posts on MAKE (20,000+) and while we have our favorites we like to look at what ended up circulating around the web the most each year – it’s always an eclectic mix of projects and passions. Besides our main blog page, magazine page, video/podcast and... Read more »

2008 was a big year for the MAKE: Flickr photo pool there are over 4,527 members with over 29,190 items! As 2008 ends, here are the top 5 contributors to the pool (that’s all that’s possible to list it seems) along with the most popular tags, enjoy! Top photo makers!... Read more »

In 2008, the top 10 search terms on MAKE using our google search box at the upper right were… LED Arduino Solar Halloween 555 Guitar RFID Steampunk Laser Bike Also in 2008 – the top 10 search terms in the Maker Shed store were…. Arduino starter kit Arduino Make magazine... Read more »

Pedal power to light up Times Square New Year sign… The ritual dropping of the ball in New York’s Times Square on New Year’s eve, seen on television by millions around the world, is becoming a bit greener than in years past. The 2-0-0-9 sign that will light up when... Read more »

We can thank instructables user arcticpenguin for this excellent explanation of cross-head, cross-point, cruciform, and square drive screws and drivers! These screw types have a “+” shaped recess on the head and are driven by a cross-head screwdriver, designed originally for use with mass-production mechanical screwing machines. There are a... Read more »

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a plunger lamp, but this one from instructables user cityup comes with instructions! More: Plunger lamp in the Core77 gift guide Read more »


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