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A follow up our previous post (now with PDF & another)… Pete writes - The FCC is deregulating “white-spaces”, which are the unused bits of the TV spectrum. This is important to us Makers, since RF circuits for the TV spectrum are easy to find and modify for cheap (just... Read more »

Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch’s fascination with alterna-art materials began as a little girl when she’d follow her dad around hardware stores inspecting bins of nuts and bolts…Over the years, the Needham self-taught artist and mother of two has found ways to combine hardware with traditional art materials such as beads and... Read more »

VoIPing the iPod Touch. How makers gave you the feature that Apple held back. From the column Maker By Erica Sadun… Read it in MAKE!  MAKE – Volume 15 Read this article in MAKE: 15: Music, Page 46. To get MAKE, subscribe or purchase single volumes. MAKE: Digital Edition subscribers—read... Read more »

Simon writes in about his SV Chronometer – a GPS based, interactive master clock- This is a little blog post about a device I built to provide me with an accurate time reference I can use to synchronise all the timepieces in my house. It used a GPS module and... Read more »

Mingyu Jeung’s “Math powered” light- Everything we create is designed to respond instantly to our whims but what if our world were set up like the game Myst. You couldn’t do anything without solving a convoluted, yet simple puzzle first. Thats the idea behind this math based lamp by designer... Read more »

I’m happy to announce that the Gakken SX-150 Analog Synthesizer kit is now available in our Maker Shed. This sweet little synth is about the size of a large sandwich but sounds a whole lot more awesome. It sports controls for resonance, attack/decay, cuttoff filter, pitch envelope, has an external... Read more »