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The WAMI Dome is a theremin-style musical instrument constructed out of a plastic dome with embedded photocells that detect hand gestures around it. Speakers are placed around the surface of the dome along with LEDs that illuminate based on the sounds it produces. Check out the video for the full... Read more »

Excellent interview with Anthony Dunne (and his work with Fiona Raby) — Design Noir, Dunne and Raby wrote in their 2001 book Design Noir, “Beneath the glossy surface of official design lurks a dark and strange world driven by real human needs.”…. via Beyond the Beyond. In one well-known project,... Read more »

Robodance is a popular robot control program that allows you to control a number of commercially available toy and hobby robots via your computer and a number of control interfaces, including the Nintendo Wiimote and nunchaku attachment. This is probably the easiest way to expand the programming capabilities of your... Read more »

Maya + Python + Arduino + Servo (Part 1) from Dan Thompson on Vimeo. Maya + Python + Arduino + Servo (Part 2) from Dan Thompson on Vimeo. I spend my days using a 3D animation package called Maya, and my nights building projects with Arduinos. Daniel Thompson is a... Read more »

nitro2k01 investigates using the versatile Arduino platform for use as synthesizer modules - The idea of using my Arduino for modular synth utilities started out as a crazy idea that I’m now starting to seriously like. The pictures above shows my first design, an oscillator. (I have plans for other... Read more »

MAKE Gift certificates are available – Can’t decide what to get your favorite Maker, Crafter or Hacker? Give them a gift certificate good for anything from the Maker Shed with the amount you choose. And best yet, you can choose to email it to them and avoid those long postal... Read more »

The Open Reel Ensemble plasticizes voice and instrument recordings by way of USB controlled reel-to-reel tape machines. Sound Performance with Bending Reel-to-Reel Tape Decks. I Remade Old Reel-to-Reel Analog Tape Recorders to Musical Instruments and Enjoyed Music Session with Companion in University. And We Performed Music by Using this Instruments.... Read more »


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