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The Benicia Mini Maker Faire opens its gates for the first time on March 28 and is already becoming the talk of the town. Dale Dougherty will be speaking at the faire along with a host of robots, electric bicycles and cars, clean sustainable technology projects, and steampunk favorites. Kids... Read more »


Inspired the by the 90s movie Never Been Kissed, the folks at Mathery Studio have devised a way to celebrate the plight of the teenage loner with a clever work called “Josie, the chair that pops.” Josie is the protagonist of the 1999 hit high school romcom Never Been Kissed.... Read more »

With the material pinched in the vice, begin heating at one end. Once red hot, twist the piece clockwise. Progress down the workpiece, heating and twisting.

This project was commissioned to me by a local wedding decorator. My goal was to create a lightweight, portable, wrought iron sign that was elegant and complemented the wedding theme. Here are 4 methods used in this video. It may take some practice, but ultimately, the final product is worth... Read more »


Looking for a weekend project that’ll get you back into the wood shop? Transform a reclaimed wood block into a unique storage box—and hone your bandsaw skills while you’re at it—with this fun and versatile project! Making a bandsaw box is a great starter project for learning how to expand... Read more »


As a Southern California native who now lives in the Northeast, the only thing I miss more than the weather is the local taqueria and their endless supply of spicy, pickled carrots. Luckily, I can still enjoy those taqueria-style pickles wherever I go with the help of Master Food Preserver... Read more »

DSC02779 (Medium)

  You can find these interesting looking old lanterns in many antique shops and flea markets. Typically they’re rusted beyond use, but a quick modification turns them into a fantastic lamp for that rustic looking room. Read more »