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My robotics team refers to our design method as “C.A.D.,” nerd code for Cardboard-Aided Design Read more »


Creative Manager for Aleph Object (makers of LulzBot printers), Ben Malouf, unveiled some of his own amazing 3D printed art pieces last month at 3D Print Week New York. Using the process known as lithophane for creating three-dimensional images you can only see when backlit, Malouf created portraits of actor Gary Busey,... Read more »


Build this surprisingly resilient structure, then make it move. From our new book, Making Simple Robots. Read more »

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas has gotten a makeover for the DARPA Robotics Challenge and no longer needs a tether to remain powered.

Rockstar Robots make up the cream of the crop in the world of robotics. These are the bots that will turn heads with just their name being uttered. Even those who don’t stay on top of who’s making what should recognize a famous robot or two when they see it. For the... Read more »


Bernie Rohde became obsolete as a TV repairman almost 30 years ago, having only gone to school for analog appliance repair. To catch up to a growing tech world, he decided to teach himself how to build digital circuits. He liked to play around with components, so he built exploded... Read more »


Jones creates custom-made dioramas full of bits and pieces that reference important milestones in his clients’ lives Read more »

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In the month of April, robotics teams participate in competitions such as FIRST in St. Louis and Vex in Anaheim. I met Kate Azar last summer and heard her talk enthusiastically about FIRST robotics. While her experience was positive, she realized that young women struggle to gain respect as competitors... Read more »