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Don’t let the limited features of your car’s dashboard get you down. Here are nine projects that will help you customize your cockpit. Read more »

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When historians of the future look back on the history of giant mechanized robot warriors, they'll say it all started with BattleBots. Read more »

Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh, inventor of Sugru

Sugru is a “moldable glue” that has found a place in many Maker toolboxes. Inventor Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh talks about finding her product’s niche. Read more »

Kailey Shara, 
Danna Torio, 
Jaimie Hadden, and Amogha Srirangarajan pose with Carbon Origins’ Phoenix 0.3 test rocket on the morning of its first — and last — launch.

The founders of Carbon Origins moved to the desert to launch rockets. It was harder than they expected. Read more »


3D print and snap together this little race car with a brushless motor, Flutter wireless microcontrollers, and a few bucks of filament. Read more »

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Backyard games like Cornhole are a lot of fun. But you can make them even better by adding lights and sounds. By hooking up some simple electronics, you can make the board light up and play a victory fanfare whenever someone scores. Here is how to make it. Read more »


Looking at historical inventions is a way for students to interact with technology and understand it. Read more »