In the dark of night, one of the builders at UsaRCJets took the engine from a dead weed eater, parts from an old R/C banana boat plane, a 1′×2′ board and cobbled them together into this monstrous wacky hack. With no plans and only some beers to guide him, Billy... Read more »


A group of HAXLR8R graduates say that their modular electric vehicle development kit, FlexPV, will be able to turn almost anything into a motor vehicle. The Kickstarter campaign for FlexPV is replete with crisp graphics and slickly produced videos that show users clamping motor, battery, and control modules to a scooter, a bicycle, and even a... Read more »


Last week, Make:‘s Matt Stultz wrote about the new collaboration between MakerBot’s design community, Thingiverse, and the Amsterdam-based 3D Hubs. Eventually, the collaboration could bring together Thingiverse’s 700,000 designs with 3D Hubs’ 15,000 printer locations — though for now, the feature is available only for parts developed by a handful of pre-selected designers. In March, I used 3D Hubs to print... Read more »

M36 TIN bulletin chalk board

Make a simple blackboard/bulletin board that cleverly uses a yardstick to divide the two. It's quick, easy, and makes a great gift too! Another great project from Make: contributor and toy inventor Bob Knetzger. Read more »


Microsoft seems to be getting more and more Maker friendly, and today their courtship moves further forward with the surprise announcement of two new collaborations with microcontroller makers Arduino. Both projects, announced at the Microsoft developer conference Build, involve Windows 10, and both usher in a new level of Microsoft engagement... Read more »

New York artist and designer, Robert Debbane, creates stunning lamps using 3D printing technology. Applying the same technique as variable-depth pumpkin carving, where you don’t cut all the way through and you vary how much skin and meat you remove to let more or less light through, Debbane prints out... Read more »

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 9.05.19 PM

Explore biorobotics — use an Arduino to create a carnivorous plant that bites on command! Read more »