If you are in the New York City area (or if you can get there easily), come out the rest of this week and check out two big 3D printing events: Inside 3D Printing/3D Print Week and The New York 3D PrintShow. This is the third year running for both shows.  Combined, they... Read more »


If you’re preparing to weed your garden this spring, then you might consider making an art project from the invasive plants that you remove, just like Detroit-based artist Megan Heeres did with The Invasive Paper Project. This project creates awareness around invasive plant species and their effect on our ecosystem,... Read more »

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Walkalong gliders are designed from phonebook or other light weight paper (tissue or waxed tissue papers from florist shops work well, too). The point is to make the building of the airplane as simple as possible so one can focus on developing the piloting skills to master sustained and controlled... Read more »

Oven modified with ControLeo2

Peter Easton and Gary Tietz are both semi-retired engineers, but still enjoy tinkering with software and hardware projects in their spare time. Together they set out to solve a big challenge for those designing small form factor electronics boards: soldering surface mount components. Soldering Techniques There are two basic approaches... Read more »

Image credit: PCH

Highway1, the two year old accelerator from Ireland-based manufacturing solutions company PCH International, has expanded its operations at a new San Francisco California location, upping its startup enrollment cap from 12 to 19. What used to be a marijuana growing operation — yes, really — in the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco... Read more »

Keating gives a presentation on how he found his brain tumor

$10M to Carbon3D Last week, we featured a University of Buffalo student who printed a 40×40×100mm Eiffel Tower in just over 12 minutes. That same day, VentureBeat reported that Carbon3D — another startup working on speedier 3D printing — received $10M from Autodesk’s 3D printing fund. Carbon3D calls the technology Continuous... Read more »

Researchers demonstrate Stanford's new aluminum battery

Scientists at Stanford University announced a breakthrough in creating a bendable aluminum battery last week, unveiling a new prototype that could change the face of both hobbyist and professional hardware development. The new battery charges rapidly, can withstand over 7,500 charging cycles without a drop in capacity, and can generate two volts of electricity—stats that... Read more »