It has become cool to build things again, and more companies are trying to manufacture their ideas stateside. Read more »


Ben Uyeda at HomeMade Modern has put together a how-to on creating a set of handsome concrete nesting tables using little more than a Lego brick mold and Quikrete Countertop Mix. And no, you don’t sacrifice the Legos. A little non-abrasive soap and water will have them back in action... Read more »


The team over at the popular wargaming portal Beasts of War has been putting together a magnificent Battle of Hoth gaming table for this weekend’s Salute 2015 (the massive U.K. gaming convention). They ran a contest to create a set of game rules for the board and are bringing the... Read more »


With just a week left in the Pitch Your Prototype challenge, Jose Julio’s entry is more lighthearted than some of the more practical or conceptual submissions so far — though it’s still technologically impressive. Julio’s daughter enjoys air hockey, so he wondered whether he could create a robot that could hold... Read more »

Flextronics (Photo via Stanford University

The world of hardware startups is filled with long trips and longer stays in nations with large manufacturing infrastructures. Electronics manufacturing giant Flextronics, though, wants to bring the process home with a facility just north of San Jose, reports Engadget, that will manufacture your device or even work with you to bring a... Read more »


One of the artists who’s consistently brought some of the most impressive, inspired work to Maker Faire over the years is Christian Ristow. Based in Taos, New Mexico, Ristow has been showing at Maker Faire since 2008 (missing a few years after having a baby). He lives in New Mexico... Read more »

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.29.02 AM

  For a long time now, two major questions have come up around Thingiverse: How can I print things from Thingiverse if I don’t own a printer? How — as a designer — can I get paid for my designs on Thingiverse? Yesterday, MakerBot took a big step forward on both of... Read more »