checkered cutting board wooden featured image

Network engineer Peter Brown decided to make a cutting board that resembles a swirly chess board out of two sheets of maple and walnut. Read more »

wooden game boy advance

This wooden Game Boy Advance created by Ryan Bates of RetroBuiltGames is the solution to hipster gaming on the go. Its 9″ screen is 300% bigger than the original Game Boy Advance. Bates has named his creation the “GBA XXL.” Bates says that the CAD file was an expansion of a... Read more »


MacroFab builds prototype circuit boards uploaded with a slick online tool and then lets customers order a full production run. Read more »

This weekend, I happened upon the recent re-release trailer for Blade Runner (The Final Cut). The Final Cut version of the film, the only one where director Ridley Scott had full artistic control, was first released in 2007, but this spring, theaters started showing it again and this new trailer... Read more »


Shields are great for connecting external circuits to your microcontroller board. In this project, you'll learn to make your own custom shields for Arduino. Read more »

6 pi custom case

There’s just something about the low price of a Raspberry Pi that compels people to buy them by the handful. The next logical step, of course, is to link your Pis together into a poor man’s supercomputer. To showcase his 6-Pi, Kim Sung-Taek created a custom enclosure out of acrylic with enough room... Read more »

laser cut speaker enclosures

These speakers and their enclosures are very beginner friendly and are a great way to combine soldering and laser cutting. Read more »