This see-through mini-chip amplifier sounds ridiculously good. Build it with common materials and enjoy music played through a component you made yourself. Read more »

Make - Rancor 1

Check out this Maker's stunningly impressive build of the Rancor from Return of the Jedi that he made for ComicCon 2015. Read more »

wood coat rack upcycled rack

This tutorial will show you how to make a wall-mounted hook system using found objects. When I started designing and building this project, I found that I became extremely observant of objects left out on the street. The process of observing lead to collecting. Once I had a good collection, I began... Read more »

The soutache necklace "Amethyst"

Soutache is a common element in the French art of passementerie (decorative trim). Find out how you can use it to many fancy jewelry pieces. Read more »


We’ve been wondering exactly how open source CHIP, the $9 computer, is. Turns out, it’s really freaking open! These are the files you are looking for… Open hardware files and the general Next Thing Co.docs page. The initial launch of CHIP from the Oakland, California-based Next Thing Co. made big... Read more »


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