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Here’s how to build a buck converter using an Arduino Nano (as well as another 28 listed components) to supply the maximum power that you can to your PV cell. This is known as maximum power point tracking, abbreviated MPPT. Photovoltaic (PV) cells produce different amounts of current and voltage depending... Read more »


The tiny, powerful Intel Edison platform has been a bit difficult to interface with. But now two new breakout boards from DFRobot vie to become the robotics community’s must-have Edison connection. Since its debut a few months ago, the most common ways to work with Edison are two breakout boards available from Intel and the... Read more »


How to solder using random objects that you might find lying around Read more »

Make a ledged & braced door

As timber doors go you cannot get much simpler than a ledged and braced door. A ledged and braced door is based on at least three horizontal rails (ledges) on the rear of the door, a diagonal brace (again on the rear of the door) and then as many vertical... Read more »


Alex Dodson is a Brit who makes amazing stoves and fire pits out of spent LP gas bottles. Here is his Witch King of Angmar burner. When not upcycling gas bottles into fiery, characterful creations, Alex teaches technology in a secondary school and tries to inspire the next generation of... Read more »


Computer vision is a processor-demanding task, but thanks to a dual-core Atom processor, the Intel Edison handles it with ease. The Edison ships with a highly custom Linux image, but you’ll only need to add a few software packages and custom code to get OpenCV — a wildly popular approach... Read more »


Maker ingenuity extends pretty far in all directions and interests. Many makers would agree that the garage or workshop is one of the biggest hubs of those activities. Here are 6 projects to improve your workshop and storage. Japanese Toolbox   Where better to start with your storage projects than... Read more »


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