This is not your typical grade school paper mache project. In fact Cindy Williams, had not sculpted anything since high school. Over 10 years later she is inspired by the work of Jonni Good of Ultimate Paper Mache, to take on this incredible project. Time in total was 8 months... Read more »

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If you live in or around Atlanta, Georgia, or will be there on the weekend of October 4th and 5th, you should consider attending Maker Faire Atlanta. It will take place in downtown Decatur, and parking and other information on attending the event can be found here. If you’re wondering... Read more »

Western Front Show 40th anniversary resize

Vancouver maker, George Rahi of Publik Secrets, and members of the Gamelan Gita Asmara, here in BC (yep, that’s in Canada!) created quite the spectacle at this year’s Vancouver Mini Maker Faire. Not only did they make beautiful sounds, but George and others built all of their own instruments out of old... Read more »

printing with legos

Chris Ware, of cWare Studios, is a graphic designer, print maker and artist from central Florida. At Maker Faire Orlando, he'll be hosting a Maker booth focused on LEGO Print Making, which was selected as an Educators Pick at the event. Read more »

3.027 troy oz 
Cast .925 Sterling Silver 
2 1/2” x 1 1/4” x 3/4” 
Limited Edition of 10 

Sculptor, Maker, and artist Rebecca Rose creates metallic wearable narratives that are meant to be worn. Rose handcrafts “Sculpturings” out of bronze and silver, spending up to 140 hours on a single piece. She first collects and arranges tiny objects and then begins to work her magic through the casting... Read more »


The Detroit fire department is dreadfully underfunded to the point that they've had to devise their own DIY emergency alarm system until they receive the funding to install a proper one! Read more »

maker ed flyer

Maker Faire Orlando is inviting educators to "Harness the Maker Movement in Your Classroom" with a special Educators session September 13th that will feature Dale Dougherty, Jay Silver, and Mark Greenlaw , all founding board members of the Maker Education Initiative (MakerEd) that seeks to create more opportunities for all... Read more »


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