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A bright task light + customizable ambient light

Amanda Williams is a talented designer and now adds manufacturing experience to her skills, a potent combination. Read more »

Heather helps data practice interacting with humans in Washington Square Park, NYC.

Social roboticist Heather Knight spreads the good word of human-cyborg relations. Read more »

Angelica cooking with a little help from Naoki.

Angelica Lim's passion is to improve the reputation of robots and make them more approachable and friendly. Her work and scientific publications address how robots interact with humans through musical performance, body language, speech patterns, and more. Read more »


How do we get more people to learn engineering? AnnMarie Thomas wants to make engineering more playful. Read more »

Camille and Genevieve with one of the Mars rovers they developed for NYSCI.

Camille and Genevieve Beatty have already accomplished a great deal as young engineers. They are a wonderful inspiration to engineers, makers, and creators of all stripes. Read more »


If you don’t know who Becky Stern is, it’s not her fault. She’s prolific. She’s worked at Make:, Adafruit, places of higher learning, and given talks all over the nation. Any decent write up of her work could easily take up a small novella, or a shelf worth of alternative yet... Read more »

Annika pilots Game Over, her giant fighting robot

Annika O'Brien is a roboticist with quite an online following. She is the founder of the LA Robotics Club, appeared in SyFy's Robot Combat League, and works full time making cool robots and encouraging kids to learn technology. Read more »