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With the launch of its centimeter-precision drone platform, PreNav is bringing quadcopter flight into highly technical arenas, both outdoors and in. Read more »


This DIY hanging wall art takes the pixelated fun of Minecraft off of your computer and displays it in your living room. Read more »


This Maker wanted something a little different from Google Glass — he built a wearable computer completely from scratch and uses magnets to attach it to his glasses. Read more »


When we published the Tooth and Nail brain teaser here on Make: back in February, it got a large and enthusiastic response. Apparently, others love this kind of wooden head-scratcher as much as I do. So, here’s another easy-to-make brain teaser, the Golf Ball in a Block of Wood. It... Read more »


Researchers at MIT recently introduced MultiFab, a multi-material printer technology capable of print in ten different materials at once. Read more »

Stand on a Skybar, and play pong on the LEDs on the Rockheim museum.

Roll up, roll up, once again for the greatest show (and tell) on Earth, and Maker Faire in Trondheim, Norway, this weekend. Read more »

All photos: Hep Svadja, Make:

Escape room games, or mystery rooms, or puzzle rooms, are trending, and many rely on Makers and Maker tech to make them work Read more »