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Project PAM, an open source DLP based 3D printer View on Indiegogo MeU Open Source wearable display View on Indiegogo Nanobeam View on Kickstartter ibox nano 3D printer View on Kickstartter Electric Bubblegum View on Kickstartter Bitalino View on Kickstartter Flowpaw View on Kickstartter Deb View on Kickstartter Zero+ View... Read more »


Anyone that’s a fan of animated Japanese robots has probably dreamed of building one. After (hopefully quickly) realizing that this just wasn’t going to happen, making a model might have been a better option. For those of us that don’t have the patience or steady hand to paint a plastic... Read more »


Sometimes the best way to get started with making in the classroom is to go make friends outside of it! In that spirit, today’s edition of our series on Finding Starter Projects shares some of the many professional development (PD) opportunities out there available to teachers who want to meet... Read more »


This project was inspired by my recent post about packing tape sculptures other people have made. I really wanted to try it out myself and show you guys just how easy it is to do! To make this project you’ll need the following: A large roll of clear packing tape,... Read more »

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Recently, I purchased a casket, and it prompted me to think about making my own. Read more »

Healthcare Workers Fighting Ebola on the Front Line (photo from US AID)

The Fighting Ebola Challenge has hit its halfway mark. Ideas have poured in from around the world with over 700 people collaborating on solutions to help healthcare workers on the front lines. Makers are jumping on board. Some reminders about Challenge design goals from the OpenIDO team: First, ideas should have the potential... Read more »


Scare the wits out of visitors with this pneumatic spook Read more »


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