Ten years ago this spring, on April 22 and 23, the staff of a scrappy new “technology on your time” magazine called Make: descended upon a very spacious and suddenly sparse-looking San Mateo fairgrounds. No one was actually sure how many people would attend, or how all this was going... Read more »

A bit of fog machine sets the mood for a round of Laser Equipped Annihilation Protocol.

Laser Equipped Annihilation Protocol (L.E.A.P.) is a live-action game installation that challenges players to reach the back of the room in a set amount of time without coming into contact with an alternating pattern of lasers mounted every few feet. Read more »

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a home appliance hackathon at GE’s FirstBuild facility in Louisville, Kentucky. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering how anyone really could go about “hacking” an appliance. I was pleasantly surprised, and I think you will be too. Lets start... Read more »

Under the skin of Hasbro's creations

We had the pleasure of being among the exhibitors at last weekend’s Robot Block Party (produced by Rhode Island Students of the Future) in Providence, Rhode Island. Brown University’s Pizzitola Center was packed the whole day, with some great exhibits and lots of attendees. Our immediate neighbors, XactSense, attach LIDAR... Read more »

Arvind Sodhani is pictured in a photo by Dow Jones Events (Flickr)

Intel Capital President Arvind Sodhani said Monday that he believes the venture-backed tech may be overvalued —but that among current ventures, hardware startups are some of the most accurately priced. “We are going to need a lot of hardware companies if many of the disruptions and innovations that we are... Read more »

The improving face of human — robot relations. The open-source 3D printed life-sized robot from InMoov.

That's a wrap for this year's Saint-Malo Mini Maker Faire. Bigger and better than last time. See you all next year! Read more »


If you are in the New York City area (or if you can get there easily), come out the rest of this week and check out two big 3D printing events: Inside 3D Printing/3D Print Week and The New York 3D PrintShow. This is the third year running for both shows.  Combined, they... Read more »