sandal test 3@72

Here’s a fun and easy project for summer: Hack a pair of flip-flops so they make designs in the sand as you walk. Just add a bit of Sugru to your sandals and start stamping! First, clean the bottom of your flip-flops thoroughly with some vinegar water to get rid... Read more »


Traditional methods for building cars are full of wasted materials and wasted energy. 3D printing offers a greater level of customization along with the ability to easily make complicated parts. The team from Divergent Microfactories set forth to use the power of 3D printing to help make a car — and... Read more »

Keys have a very clear daily purpose in our lives; they give us access into a particular space, but what about the idea of keys? Within our culture, keys hold a larger symbolic purpose that grants them access to memories, control, explanations, interpretations, and access to whatever is being protected or hidden. The... Read more »


There are very few things that will fire-up the creative minds of the world like a good movie. This summer’s hit, Mad Max: Fury Road, is proving to be full of inspiration to at least a few Makers out there. Here are seven designs inspired by the movie that you... Read more »

A 3D rendering of Casey's BB-8 design.

A team of engineers and artists methodically creates a BB-8 that looks, moves, and sounds like the real thing. Read more »


Build your own extendable robo arm from paint stirring sticks! Read more »


The first annual National Maker Faire was a unique, yet comfortingly familiar, event hosted at the University of the District of Columbia in our nation’s capital. Yes, there were the ever-popular 3D printing projects, robots galore, arts, crafts, and lots of science and engineering based displays, but there were also... Read more »