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“Suso,” doing business as Paoson Luthier, is an instrument maker and woodworker in Galiza, Spain. Besides being known for his impressive instrument-making skills, he’s also known for making the cleverly-designed router tables, table saws, and belt sanders that he uses in his woodworking. Paoson Luthier’s most recent project is a... Read more »

The world’s first Android autonomous vehicle

Learn how a team of students created the first Google Android-based autonomous R/C car, able to detect lanes, avoid obstacles, self-park, and more. Read more »

Supported by a giant steel tower, the Skysphere is a passion project to create a space-age Arduino-controlled smart room in the sky. Read more »


While the ostentatiousness of this three million dollar wristwatch might be just a tad over the top, the virtuosity of its craftmanship is undeniable and inspiring. This astounding double-face watch, dubbed the “Grandmaster Chime,” was created to celebrate the 175th anniversary of world-renowned watchmakers, Patek Philippe. Everything in it is... Read more »

Laser Engraved Skateboard Decks

An artist and a laser engraver collaborate to make skateboards with beautiful laser engraved depictions of San Francisco landmarks. Read more »


I’ve been working on a special project for Make: Books that has had me knee deep in the dusty stacks of the Make: archives. I’m going through the entire ten years of content looking for awesome and indispensable shop tips that we’ve published along the way. I’ve always had a... Read more »


This stained glass Claptrap from Borderlands 2 looks fantastic! Read more »