Siberian artist Igor Verniy creates explicitly detailed steampunk sculptures of animals, from birds to bugs to puffer fish. Verniy has been crafting since he was a young boy, starting with small wooden toys and returning as an adult to work with metal, which he uses to create textures that bring... Read more »

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Here’s a fun toy project that uses another DIY project from a past issue of Make: — the “EZ-Make Oven” from Volume 35. It featured an incandescent bulb as a heat source built into a paint can, for baking plastisol creatures, aka Creepy Crawlers! Here’s how you can make something... Read more »

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A global community is contributing expertise to the InMoov Project Read more »


The Chinese have a saying: “It doesn’t matter if the cat is black or white as long as it can catch mice.” While often attributed to the late Chinese leader and architect of economic reform, Deng Xiaoping, it is older. But it is fitting that people attribute it to Xiaoping... Read more »


Folding clothes is a boring and laborious chore. So speed up the process by making a folding board out of cardboard and duct tape. Read more »

Warhead, a heavyweight BattleBots competitor from 2002.
Image by Daniel Longmire.

BattleBots is coming back to TV — but fighting robots never really went away Read more »


Build your own extendable robo arm from paint stirring sticks! Read more »