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Coco Kaleel and Annika O'Brien, weeks after they first met.

"Having to explain the principles of soldering forced me to reassess my methods and ultimately made me much better at soldering," says roboticist Annika O'Brien, on the mutually beneficial effects of teaching your skills to others. Read more »


With a host of new 3D printers in the Maker Shed, we thought we’d share some cool ideas for things YOU can 3D print to make your summer the best ever! We love the cutting-edge Felix 3.0, affordable and reworked Printrbot Simple Metal (check out our blog post on it... Read more »


Today, June 23, is National Women In Engineering Day as announced by the Women’s Engineering Society. This announcement coincides with the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Women’s Engineering Society. The aim is to celebrate the work that women do in engineering, and to showcase the great engineering careers... Read more »


Maker Faire Kansas City is back for the 4th year! Starting Saturday June 28th, the absolutely gorgeous Union Station will be full of 3D printers, knitting, printing presses, autonomous drones, trash built instruments, robots, games, and even battling model boats. This year, the event is the biggest it has ever... Read more »


It was strangely quiet on the Friday night before the Montreal Mini Maker Faire. The maker participants who chose to set up before Saturday morning were going about their business. The volunteers were putting up signs and moving tables. If you didn’t know Dannielle Dyson you might guess she was the one multi-tasking... Read more »

evan el pulpo mecanico drawing

"I'm proud that he included the propane tank in the drawing. His curiosity led him to figure out what made the thing work," says Evan's father. Read more »

Saturday, the 14th of June, I had the pleasure of displaying at the Columbia, SC Maker Faire.  Although I had a few other projects on my table, I was excited to show off the “MountainBeest” waker that I’d been working on for the last year or so.  It was hung... Read more »